The render of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 table
Samsung Galaxy Tab S series has been one of the most popular tablets for those looking for a high-end tablet to enjoy media and entertainment contents. The good news is, rumor has it that Samsung is preparing the new generation of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Will this be a true challenger for Apple iPad Pro?

Samsung Chromebook Plus Pro
Despite being a great alternative and a more affordable option for laptops, too bad Chromebook never gets to the hands of many consumers, especially the productive ones. There is a huge chance that you don't like or even hate any Chromebook laptops. The good news is, what Samsung just introduced recently at the CES 2017 might change your mind.

Perception logo
Have you ever played a video game called Bioshock Infinite on consoles or PC? Well, if you have, I've got great news for you. Recently, the team behind this game is about to debut a new horror title. Are you excited?

Google Pixel C
Despite being a great and premium tablet PC, it's unfortunate that Google Pixel C doesn't sell really well on the market. This is probably why Google recently has decided to remove the 32GB model of this tablet and only offers the biggest 64GB variant to the consumers.

Nvidia Shield Tablet
If you are a proud owner of Nvidia Shield Tablet, then you're in luck now as Nvidia just announced that this tablet is going to be upgraded to the latest and greatest Android operating system, Nougat.

nova legacy logo
Hi guys, have you ever played a game called N.O.V.A 3 on your tablet or smartphone? Well, if you happen to be a huge fan of this game, I have good news for you. Recently, Gameloft just announced that the new N.O.V.A game is about to arrive soon on Google Play Store. .

Watch Dogs 2 logo
Hey you gamers! If you happen to be a huge fan of GTA series and you currently have a PC lying around in your room, there is one cool GTA type of game that you probably want to check out this weekend. This one is called 'Watch Dogs 2'.

The game called 'Solitaire' definitely has been in the hearts of many users out there who love playing simple card-based mini games on their Windows-based laptops and PCs. In fact, this game has been the main component of Windows OS.

GTA Liberty City Stories
Earlier I just showed you how to play Grand Theft Auto games on your Android tablet or smartphone. So if you are a huge fan of GTA series and you also happen to have a well-spec'd tablet or smartphone, then you definitely should check out that post.

Firefox app icon
Having a reliable device that can last really long in one day is definitely the dream of any smartphone or tablet user.









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