ASUS VivoBook S15 and S15 Pro can be great Apple Macbook alternatives at only $499
So in the few days, Asus has been introducing new laptops and tablets at Computex press event, which was held in Taipei. From all of the devices, there are some interesting laptops that caught our attention here. Two of them were Asus VivoBook S15 and Asus VivoBook Pro 15. Pricing starts at $499, these 2 laptops offer a great value for heavy users out there.

Kodak Tablet 7 and Tablet 10 are two company's low-end Android Nougat slates
Kodak has been widely known for its great and sharp quality cameras in many many years. But apparently, this company now wants to spread its wings on other market. After releasing its Ektra phone, Kodak today just announced 2 new tablets - Kodak Tablet 7 and Tablet 10. The good news is, these tablets will go on sale in low-end market and they both will be running on the newer Android Nougat.

Interestingly, in developing these tablets, Kodak is working together with Archos, which has already released a bunch of Android tablets in the market.

Back in February, Kodak told the press already that it would be developing new Android tablets together with Archos. And their promise finally came to fruition today.

Kodak Tablet 7
Speaking about both devices, Kodak Tablet 7 and Tablet 10 are both low-end Android tablets. However, despite being released by a camera manufacturer, these 2 Kodak tablets apparently will not take advantage of Kodak's camera tech. This is totally different with Kodak Ektra phone which has a huge rear-facing camera from the company.

So if you're expecting great and sharp quality pictures out of these devices, they're probably gonna leave a lot to be desired. And that's because both tablets will only feature average 8MP rear and 2MP front cameras.

But despite having average cameras, the company still has some little efforts to make them look good in camera department. So these Kodak Tablet 7 and Tablet 10 will come pre-installed with some apps related to photography, like Cyberlink photo apps and Google's photo editing app - Snapseed.

Kodak Tablet 10
As far as the specs goes, of course you cannot expect anything spectacular from these 2 low-end tablets. Kodak Tablet 7 comes with a 7-inch display which has low resolution of 1024x600 pixels. Meanwhile, the 10.1-inch display on Kodak Tablet 10 is sporting 720p resolution.

In terms of performance, both tablets also don't look really impressive on paper. Each of these tablets comes with a quad-core Mediatek MTK8321 processor, accompanied with low 1GB of RAM. So playing heavy games on these devices is definitely not ideal. But this is still acceptable given their low prices.

The storage provided here is 16GB for Kodak Tablet 7, while Kodak Tablet 10 gets a much bigger 32GB of internal storage. But they are expandable through microSD card slot for up to 64GB. So you can always bump up the storage if you need more space for all of your stuff.

There's 6000mAh battery found inside the Kodak Tablet 10, while the smaller Kodak Tablet 7 comes with a smaller 2500mAh battery. Thankfully, these 2 tablets will be running on Android Nougat out of the box.

And this is a good thing because Android Nougat OS comes with many great improvements especially on power consumption, like Doze for example. Hopefully, they both are capable to deliver solid battery lives all day long to users.

These tablets will be available in yellow color option, which has been Kodak's iconic color for many many years. But you can always pick up the black variant if yellow doesn't match with your personality.

Kodak Tablet 7 and Kodak Tablet 10 will soon hit the stores shelves later this month. The Kodak Tablet 7 is gonna cost you €79.99, while the bigger model can be yours for €199.99. Unfortunately, they both will only arrive in European market, or at least for now.

But once they are finally released globally, we will surely keep you updated about that. So stick around on this site!

Hear us out! 5 SEGA Retro Games including Sonic the Hedgehog will launch tomorrow on Android and iOS
For many gamers who used to own SEGA console in the past, Sonic the Hedgehog has been a huge part of their lives. It was SEGA's most prominent character that used to make this gaming console really popular back then. The good news is, SEGA is reportedly planning to bring Sonic game along with other best retro titles to Android and iOS. 

Today, this company just launched a new service called SEGA Forever. This service basically contains a lineup of SEGA's classic games that will soon arrive on tablet and smartphone. All of these games will be free to download.

However, there will be advertisements all over the gameplay, which is kind of annoying for some people. But thankfully, you can get rid of them. And that's by paying $1.99 to grab the ad-free version of each app. SEGA stated that you can still pay each game offline without needing internet connection.

But that's not the only benefit you can get from the paid versions. The paid version of each game will also be added with some cool features like Bluetooth controller support (which is really awesome!), cloud saves and you'll also be able to see the online leaderboard of each game. So you can compete with other gamers all over the world.

When officially launched, there are 5 SEGA Genesis games that will be available to download here. Some of them are Sonic the Hedgehog (of course!), Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, Comix Zone and Phantasy Star II.

The company said that,
"As the Sega Forever collection expands through months and years, it will include both official emulations and ported games that pan all Sega console eras, each adapted specifically for mobile devices while remaining faithful to the original games."
The coolest thing is, SEGA also stated that new titles will be added on Sega Forever every 2 weeks. Isn't that awesome, huh?

Well, if you really want to play these classic games so bad on your tablet, be sure to check out Google Play Store and App Store soon because SEGA will officially launch all of these classic games tomorrow on Android and iOS.

Spotify app now available on Windows Store. Is it available for Windows 10S?
A few days after Microsoft released its Office apps on Windows Store, now there's another high-profile app being added to this application store. And that is Spotify, which is a widely popular online music app in the world.

At Build conference held last month, Microsoft already promised that this online music app would be coming to Windows Store. And turns out, the promise delivered today. Unfortunately, despite being released on Windows Store, Surface Laptop and other Windows 10S notebooks won't be able to download and install this Spotify app.

So if you want to use this app on your Surface Laptop, you might want to upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro first.

Speaking about the app, Spotify actually has developed the mobile apps for Windows Phone in the past. 

Now on Windows Store, the company decides to convert its desktop app by using Microsoft's Centennial Desktop Bridge Tool.

Anyway, this Centennial Desktop Bridge Tool is a tool that can help make it easier for developers to convert their desktop apps to Windows Store. This tool is actually one of Microsoft's latest efforts to convince more developers to bring their software to Windows Store so there will be more popular apps available on Windows Store.

This app is identical with the desktop version which is available online. The difference is, from now on, Spotify will be updated regularly through Windows Store. 

It's also worth mentioning that this Spotify app is not a Universal Windows app, so it cannot be installed and run on Windows Mobile or Xbox One console. 

So what are you waiting for? If you love listening to music online, be sure to check out this Spotify app on Windows Store.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 launched India. Here's why this tablet is way better than iPad Pro
As expected before, today Samsung has officially launched Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet in India. If you want to bring this iPad Pro killer back to your house, it's gonna cost you Rs 47,990.

This MSI powerful gaming laptop has GeForce GTX 1050 and it only costs $649
It's not everyday you can find a powerful gaming laptop with GeForce GTX 1050 GPU that costs only $649. But apparently, this is happening right now. So today, Newegg has one interesting deal that you might wanna check out. This powerful laptop from MSI is offered at only $649 on Newegg and yes, it's got Nvidia GeForce 1050 GPU!

How to downgrade your Surface Laptop from Windows 10 Pro back to Windows 10S again?
Earlier a few days ago, we just showed you how exactly to upgrade your Microsoft Surface Laptop from Windows 10S to Windows 10 Pro. The method is actually really simple to do, but this is irreversible. So you cannot go back again to Windows 10S - like forever. Thankfully, Microsoft just announced today that your Surface laptop can now be downgraded from Windows 10 PRO to Windows 10S again. (yay!)

This iPad Pro killer expected to launch tomorrow in India (Samsung Galaxy TAB S3 Tablet)
Just a few days ago, Alcatel just launched a new tablet in India. That tablet was Alcatel A3 10 Tablet, a pretty solid purchase for those looking for an Android Nougat tablet at low cost. However, this is not the only new tablet that will arrive soon in this country. Tomorrow on June 20, Samsung is also expected to release its top-end device, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in India.

This ASUS Transformer Pro T304 is Microsoft Surface Pro killer
No doubt that the new Microsoft Surface Pro is one hell of a great computing device. However, this new Surface Pro including the Pen and keyboard is gonna cost you more than $1000, which is really expensive. Thankfully, there's an alternative for this laptop. In fact, we believe this laptop can be a Surface Pro killer. This one is ASUS Transformer Pro T304.

Yes, that's right. If you happen to be looking for Surface Pro alternative, this ASUS Transformer Pro T304 can be a decent choice for you. It comes with almost identical specs with the new Surface Pro and on top of that, this ASUS laptop can be yours for only $999.

And the coolest thing is, this already includes the detachable keyboard and also the pen. Isn't that awesome, huh?

This ASUS Transformer Pro T304 is Microsoft Surface Pro killer. ($999, pen and keyboard included)
But you might wonder, what's so special about ASUS Transformer Pro T304, especially compared to the new Surface Pro laptop?

Well, as a starter, this ASUS Transformer Pro T304 is also a really premium quality laptop with solid build quality. Its chassis is dominated with all-aluminum materials and finished in a cool and sophisticated Pure Silver color. So this laptop looks unbelievably gorgeous.

One of the best things you can get from this ASUS laptop is probably its ports. So ASUS Transformer Pro T304 comes with complete set of ports which are missing from the new Surface Pro, from HDMI, USB Type-C, USB Type-A and also other standard ports.

As far as the performance is concerned, this ASUS Transformer Pro T304 is equally powerful with the new Surface Pro. It features the Core i7-7500U processor, which is the latest-gen Kaby Lake processor from Intel. And there's also a huge 8GB of RAM to support its performance. So you can basically do some heavy stuff on this machine, even gaming.

The display of this ASUS laptop is slight larger than the new Surface Pro. However, the resolution that it's sporting is lower here. ASUS Transformer Pro T304 comes with 12.6-inch screen with 2160x1440 pixels resolution.

This ASUS Transformer Pro T304 is Microsoft Surface Pro killer. ($999, pen and keyboard included)
Meanwhile, the keyboard of this laptop also deserves the spotlight here. It comes with sleek charcoal grey finish all over it. So it looks quite elegant and it also feels really comfortable to type on. According to ASUS, this backlit keyboard is designed so it can deliver the best experience of ultra-slim keyboard to the users.

ASUS Transformer Pro T304 will be available in varied storage configurations. So the base model with 8GB of RAM will come with 256GB of storage as well as Windows 10 Home out of the box. Meanwhile, the higher-grade model with 16GB of RAM will feature 512GB storage and Windows 10 Pro pre-installed.

Well, if you're interested of getting this bad boy, you can grab this ASUS Transformer Pro T304 for $999. And this is the base model. And as mentioned above, the detachable keyboard and pen is included here in the package. So you don't need to do additional purchase for these accessories.

Meanwhile, the higher end model (Costco exclusive) can be yours for $1399, with pen and keyboard included as well.

Yay! More Chromebook models added to get Android Nougat support and Google Play Store
Great news for all of you the owners of Chromebooks. So real time soon, more and more Chromebooks will be added by Google to get the support to run Android Nougat OS. This is actually the continuation of Google's effort to bring Android Nougat OS to Chromebook laptops. So if you happen to be the owner of Chromebook, your laptop will probably be getting it soon.

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