PlayStation Now: Yay! Now you can play PS4 games on your Windows laptop/PC
Hey guys, did you know that you can now play Sony PlayStation 4 games right away on your Windows laptops? Yes, we're not lying. That's actually happening right now. So a couple of days ago, Sony just made it official that Windows PCs (laptops and tablets too of course) and PS4 console can now enjoy a wide range of PS4 titles on PlayStation Now.

So basically, now you can play many PS4 games straightly on your Windows laptops. isn't that awesome, huh?

Well, it's actually as expected because earlier this year, Sony already promised to us that the company would be bringing PS4 games on PlayStation Now subscribers on Windows PC and PS4.

Well, if you cannot wait to try out any of these PS4 games on your Windows laptops, now hear us out!

So in total, currently there are 20 new games that are available right in the first launch. They actually have been available to 'test-drive' on July 6, which was around 11 days ago.

Here's the list of games on PlayStation Now that you can play on your Windows laptop right now.
  1. Killzone Shadow Fall
  2. Broken Age,
  3. Resogun
  4. Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky
  5. Evolve
  6. Re-Elected
  7. God of War 3 Remastered
  8. WWE 2K16
  9. MX vs ATV Supercross Encore
  10. Tropico 5
  11. Ultra Street Fighter IV
  12. Grim Fandango Remastere
  13. F1 2015 ,
  14. Darksiders II Deathfinitive Edition
  15. Broken Age
  16. Helldivers
  17. Nidhogg and Super Mega Baseball.
  18. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition
  19. Akiba’s Beat
  20. Saints Row IV
  21. Castlestorm Definitive Edition
They may not be the latest games on the market right now, but it's actually still quite fun to play many of these titles on your Windows PC.

PlayStation Now: Yay! Now you can play PS4 games on your Windows laptop/PC

"Killzone: Shadow Fall"

Killzone Shadow Fall can be a decent game if you love sci-fi FPS, Saints Row IV is pretty awesome if you happen to be a huge fan of GTA and it goes the same with God of War 3 Remastered and many more.

The good news is, according to Sony, the company will be adding new titles every monthly content updates.

PlayStation Now: Yay! Now you can play PS4 games on your Windows laptop/PC
The question is, how exactly to play these PS4 games on Windows laptops/tablets?

Well, if you want to enjoy these games on your laptop or PC, first things first, you must register yourself to become the subscriber for PlayStation Now. The rate is actually pretty appealing especially considering most of these games are PS4 premium titles that are superior in graphics and overall quality.

So if you want to subscribe, you're gonna need to pay $19.99 per month, but you can also pay the full 12 months for $99.99. But if you are a new subscriber, you can enjoy these games by paying $9.99 monthly for the first month, but for the remaining 11 months, you'll need to pay $19.99 every month.

Thankfully, if you are an existing subscriber of PlayStation Now, you can enjoy these new PS4 games with no additional cost.

Hey gamers! Now you can snatch all Bioshock games for only $19.99 on Amazon (67% off)
Just a couple of weeks ago, we passed along the news about all Bioshock games that were offered 70% off from the regular price. Unfortunately, that interesting deal was only available in the UK. Thankfully, if you are living in other countries, this similar deal is now available through a giant retailer - Amazon. This "Bioshock: The Collection" bundle is now offered 67% off on Amazon.

This holiday season, Sony will cut the prices of PS4 and PS4 Pro down to $249 and $349 respectively
Hey guys, if you are planning to buy a new gaming console this holiday season but you're still confused to pick which one between PS 4, PS 4 Pro or Xbox One X for you, we have great news here. So according to Michael Patcher, who is Wedbush Securities analyst, Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro will likely get their price slashed during this holiday (yay!).

So Michael Patcher said that, in order to counter the arrival of Microsoft's latest and greatest Xbox One X this holiday season -, Sony will likely reduce the prices of both PS 4 and PS4 Pro this holiday season. He guessed that the 'classic' PlayStation 4 will go down to $249, while its more powerful sibling will get its price slashed to $349.

This is actually much cheaper than Xbox One X that will cost $499. Xbox One X itself will be released officially this November 7, which is around holiday season.

This is really important thing to do for Sony because its main rival now is not only Microsoft, but also Nintendo that has been getting such a massive success with its Nintendo Switch. And not to mention, Switch will have many exclusive titles coming out this holiday season like Super Mario Odyssey, Elder Scrolls and many more. .

Patcher said:
‘I don’t think Microsoft is all that competitive. Xbox One S is priced the same as the PS4, and I don’t think they are competitive at all with the Xbox One X, currently priced at $100 more than the PS4 Pro, and highly likely to be priced $150 more than the PS4 Pro by Holiday. My guess is, Sony will cut the everyday PS4 price to $249, and the PS4 Pro price to $349 this Holiday, and Microsoft will be too expensive, so Sony will keep its price advantage this Holiday.’

But despite having a fierce competition from Microsoft and Nintendo, we think Sony will still be in a great shape during the holiday, mainly because its PS 4 consoles have been selling like hot cakes so far, way better than Microsoft's Xbox One consoles.

And besides, in the next few months and next year, there will be hordes of highly anticipated games that will be exclusively released on Sony PlayStation 4, like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the new Spiderman game, Days Gone, Evil Within 2, Last of Us and tons of other great games.

This holiday season, Sony will cut the prices of PS4 and PS4 Pro down to $249 and $349 respectively

So we believe Sony PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro can be a decent option for you especially if you want to play many awesome games this holiday season. We totally recommend you to snatch this machine instead of Xbox One X.

Telltale Games announces Batman: The Enemy Within, the next Walking Dead and The Last of Us series
Yesterday, we passed along the rumors about Telltale Games that would be announcing the new series of its Batman at San Diego Comic Con held this week. This developer was also expected to unveil the next season of "The Wolf Among Us". Well, apparently all of those rumors were true. So just a few hours ago, this studios just made the new "Batman: The Evil Within" official, along with "The Wolf Among Us" game and Walking Dead series.

Right on the first day of Comic Con in San Diego, Telltale Games announced that the developer is indeed working on the next season of The Wolf Among Us. According to them, this game will be released officially in 2018.

There is also the fourth and final season of Telltale's Walking Dead series. This zombie surviving game is slated to arrive next year as well.

And what about the new Batman series? Well, this game is also announced today by Telltale Games and it will carry the title "The Enemy Within", exactly just like what we told you yesterday.

The new Batman series from Telltale Games called The Enemy Within will be announced soon?

The new Batman series from Telltale Games called The Enemy Within will be announced soon?

The good news is, this Batman series from Telltale Games will arrive soon on August 8. Hopefully, it will be available straightly on all gaming platforms, including Android tablets.

According to this developer, this new series of Batman will consist in 5 episodes, which is similar just like the first series - Batman: The Telltale series".

The first episode will go by the title "The Enigma" and in this episode, we finally get to see another Batman's enemy, The Riddler.

Besides The Riddler, other Batman's enemies like Joker and a ruthless federal agent will also be involved in this episode. Interestingly, this time, you will also get to choose which of Batman's enemies that you can trust and even make him into your allies.

Anyway, if you've been playing this Telltale's Batman series, you certainly know that in this game, all of your choices you make will be kept in the game and later will heavily influence the direction of the storyline. And apparently, it still applies to the next series.

So all of your decisions that you've made in the first 'Batman: The Telltale series' will still play a huge part in the storyline in Batman: The Enemy Within.

Thankfully , Telltale Games allows you to start fresh with the game and reset all of your decisions. This is actually good because this will allow you to follow the real storyline of the game without any changes.

We actually are really excited to see the next episode of Walking Dead and of course the next season of Telltale's Batman series. As for The Wolf Among Us, honestly we don't really follow this game so we have nothing to say about this game.

Anyway, the next episode of Walking Dead will arrive next year in 2018, along with the next season of The Wolf Among Us. Meanwhile, Batman: The Enemy Within will be available soon on August 8. So if you're interested to know more about these new games, be sure to stay tuned on this website!

Interesting deals on PlayStation Store this week. Big discounts on games
Hey guys, if you happen to own Sony PlayStation 4 right now and you're currently looking for some new games to play on your console, there are some pretty appealing deals available right now on PlayStation Store. And if you indeed want to play some new games, in a promotion called Totally Digital, there are some interesting games that get their price slashed from the regular price.

It's worth noting that in this "Totally Digital" promotion, the discounts are only available on some download-only games. Interestingly, from all of these games, there are 2 familiar names - Superhot and Superhot VR - which are new games and actually haven't been released yet officially, although they are available right now on Steam.

Anyway, if you're interested to buy new games in this Totally Digital promotion, here are some titles that are offered with discounted prices:
  • Superhot - $20 (down from $25)
  • Superhot VR - $20 (down from $25)
  • Superhot VR Bundle - $32 (down from $40)
  • The Long Dark - $28 (down from $35)
  • Pyre - $18 (down from $20)
  • Sundered - $17 (down from $20)
  • Nidhogg 2 - $12.74 (down from $15)
  • Absolver - $27 (down from $30)
The good news, if you are PlayStation Plus member, you can get much bigger discounts from all of these games. We're actually interested to know how big the discount that is offered for Superhot and Superhot VR considering that these games are still new and haven't been released yet.

Interesting deals on PlayStation Store this week. Big discounts on games

The Long Dark

Interesting deals on PlayStation Store this week. Big discounts on games


Interesting deals on PlayStation Store this week. Big discounts on games

Superhot VR

Anyway, if any of the games aforementioned above doesn't interest you at all to purchase, you can actually come back later next Tuesday because some other games will be added in Totally Digital promotion. So be sure to stick around on this site for more updates!

The new Batman series from Telltale Games called The Enemy Within will be announced soon?
Telltale Games has been really successful in bringing movie tie-in games to gaming platforms, from Walking Dead the series, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more. And if you've been following Batman series from Telltale Games, we have great news for you. So there's a huge possibility that the second Batman series from Telltale Games called "Batman: The Enemy Within" could be announced soon at San Diego Comic Con this week .

There are some speculations believing that Telltale Games will be announcing a new game at San Diego Comic Con this week. Telltale Games recently teased us on its Twitter page that the studios will have something big to announce this week at SDCC. Unfortunately, they didn't give more details regarding what announcement they're gonna make.

Some people speculated that Telltale Games will be unveiling a new The Wolf Among US series. And that could come to fruition because one of the actors that are involved in this game, just retweeted Telltale Games' tweet on its page.

But the other possibility also comes from the Film and Labeling Body of New Zealand that recently published a rating for a game called "Batman: The Enemy Within". And it's more believable this time because it also lists Kent Mudle in its description.

For you information, Kent Mudle is actually the director of Telltale Games. Well, if Batman: The Enemy Within indeed is the one that will be announced this week, this would be the second Batman series from this developer.

The new Batman series from Telltale Games called The Enemy Within will be announced soon?

The new Batman series from Telltale Games called The Enemy Within will be announced soon?

The first Batman series has already been released by Telltale Games since 2 years ago in 2016. And it's actually available right now on any gaming platforms, from consoles, tablets to even smartphones.

The game consisted in 5 episodes. We've actually been following this series intensively from the first to the last one.

So basically, in this first Batman series, Telltale Games is trying to take players deep down to the history of Batman and Bruce Wayne personally along with many of his enemies. It also explains a lot about Bruce Wayne's company - Wayne Enterprise - and how it used to do some nasty sh** and operations in order to generate money from people in Gotham City.

Speaking about the game, so Batman series from Telltale Games is not like Arkham Knight on gaming consoles. In fact, it's nothing like Arkham Knight games. The game basically puts more focus on storyline and less on open-world gameplay.

But even so, players can still control the character either as Batman/Bruce Wayne and it still offers some intense cut-scene gameplay especially where players are required to push the right buttons or otherwise get Batman or Bruce killed.

It's still uncertain what announcement Telltale Games is gonna make at that conference. But we certainly hope that the second series Batman: The Enemy Within indeed will be announced at Comic Con in San Diego this week (fingers' crossed on that!).

Jackbox Party Pack 1 and 2 will arrive soon on Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch has been nothing but an amazing gaming handheld because it offers a lot of possibilities to players to play any kinds of games. And if you love throwing party or family gathering at your house, Nintendo Switch has got you covered. There's a new awesome game that can be perfect for this occasion. And they are Jackbox Party Pack 1 and 2.

IDC Global tablet sales have declined 8.5% every year. But convertible Windows tablets are selling well
As many of us already know, in the recent years, the global tablet sales have seen such a massive decline every year. The number of people buying tablets are becoming smaller and more tablet shoppers are migrating to Windows convertible tablets. And apparently, this is still happening. According to IDC's last reports, total shipments of tablets have declined 8.5% year over year with only 36.2 million units of tablets shipped during the first quarter of this year.

A simple looking FPS, Superhot and Superhot VR finally launches on PS4
With many new awesome games available for Sony PlayStation 4, it becomes pretty hard to pick which game to play on this console. But if you happen to be a huge fan of first person shooting game, you might want to check out a game called "Superhot". Recently, this game finally launched on PS4 on Friday. Superhot VR is also available if you want to get a more immersive experience out of this game.

Ubisoft teases the new upcoming games for Nintendo Switch, including Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle
With Nintendo Switch selling like hot cakes on the market, now everyone wants to get on board. Ubisoft is one of them. Recently, during Ubisoft's quarterly financial conference call for investors and analysts, Ubisoft through its CEO, Yves Guillemot, spilled some news about upcoming games that will soon arrive on Nintendo Switch.

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