Asus Transformer Mini T102
A few days ago, GetConnectedMedia held an interesting giveaway contest that would reward you a free Asus 2-in-1 hybrid laptop if you won the sweepstake. The device that the company is giving away is Asus Transformer Mini T102, a Windows 10 tablet that can turn into a laptop with detachable keyboard. The good new is, now you can buy this Asus laptop officially from Microsoft.

So just a few hours ago, Microsoft Store US just opened up the door for people who want to buy Asus Transformer Mini T102 laptop from its store. The company is only asking you $249 if you want to bring this laptop back to your house.

Considering its affordable price and also the other great things that this Asus laptop has to offer - like long lasting battery life, lightweight design, bright screen and good sounding speakers (according to some reviews) - we totally believe that Asus Transformer Mini can be a good purchase for you.

On paper, Asus Transformer Mini T102 actually doesn't look really disappointing at all as a productivity-focused laptop. As a starter, it's powered by a quad-core Intel Atom X5 (z8350) Cherry Trail processor and 4gigs of RAM. So it's surely capable to perform well for some basic tasks like typing, editing spreadsheets, etc.

But of course, with this type of hardware package, you just cannot expect this laptop to be powerful enough to handle today's PC games because that's not going to happen. But for doing some basic tasks, you can definitely count on it.

Asus Transformer Mini features a 10.1-inch display sporting the HD 1280x800 pixel resolution. It's running on Windows 10 Pro OS so you can run any Windows-based software without any problem, especially thanks to its huge 4GB of RAM.

The coolest thing is, ASUS is also offering you a free digitizer pen or stylus within the package. We do hope that it also comes with Windows Ink feature which will make the writing experience more pleasing and realistic with this pen.

But the awesomeness of this hybrid laptop apparently doesn't stop there yet my friends.

There's also fingerprint reader equipped on this laptop. And thanks to the support of One-touch login and Windows Hello, you'll surely find it really easy and fast to unlock this device by using your fingerprint or even your voice.

In terms of design, this laptop is actually pretty superior in that department, despite being an affordable laptop. It comes with magnesium-aluminum alloy materials and it's also really thin and light in weight. So you can conveniently use this device on-the-go anywhere without a problem.

On the back of this device, there is this step-less kickstand that helps keep this laptop steady when put on the table in laptop mode. The coolest thing is, you can arrange this kickstand to what angle that suits you best (for up to 170 degrees). This kickstand actually kind of reminds us with the same type of design that Microsoft is using on its Surface Pro tablet.

One of the best things you'll get to enjoy from this laptop is that, this laptop has long lasting battery life. In fact, according to some review we stumbled up on internet, Asus Transformer Mini is indeed really impressive in battery life.

It even could last around 11 hours in video playback. So basically, this Asus laptop is more than capable to last all day long when used for doing basic tasks.

Well, if you're interested of getting this affordable-but-impressive hybrid laptop from Asus, be sure to head over to Microsoft Store US now because Asus Transformer Mini T102 will only cost you $249.99.

The package includes a detachable keyboard case, a pen (stylus) and this model comes with 64GB of Solid State storage.

But of course, we totally don't recommend this laptop to you if you're looking for a gaming laptop because Asus Transformer Mini is definitely not that kind of laptop. Based on the review, this Asus laptop is pretty sluggish in performance.

However, if you only want a laptop that can accommodate your basic productive needs, like typing or editing Office works, then Asus Transformer Mini can be a good option for you.

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM laptop
In the past, it seemed impossible to get a great performing laptop in the price range of $300. But now it's not impossible anymore. By paying only $350, now  you can pick up one good-grade Acer Aspire E15 laptop that comes with a full HD screen, Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and 1TB of harddrive. Can you believe that?

Well, you better do because this kind of laptop apparently exists. And it's now actually available to buy at Amazon. It may not be the most powerful laptop in town, but if you're looking for a notebook to accommodate all of your productive needs, this Acer Aspire E15 (2017 model) can still be a great purchase for you.

It's got an 2.4GHz Intel Core i3-7100U Processor 7th Generation, 4GB of DDR4 RAM and the best of all, it's powered by an Intel HD Graphics 620. So we believe you're definitely in the right hands here if you want a good performing laptop.

And yes, it comes with a 1TB of harddrive, which is really huge for this affordable laptop. So if you want to keep a lot of media contents alive on this laptop, like movies, music or even games, you can totally do that.

Besides great for doing productive tasks like video editing or typing, this laptop is amazingly reliable enough to do some heavy lifting stuff like gaming. In fact, we have seen how capable it is to handle one of the most graphically-demanding PC games today - GTA V.

The laptop itself features a 15.6-inch display with full HD resolution (1920x1200 pixels) and it's running on Windows 10 Home OS. And thanks to its good grade hardware, we're pretty much sure it can handle many heavy software without any problem.

According to some review we checked out around the net, this Acer laptop apparently is not disappointing at all. In fact, for a $350 laptop, Acer Aspire E15 is definitely one of the best deals you can get right now on the market. Its performance is solid, it has nice build quality and its battery life also lasts really long.

This 2017 edition of Acer Aspire E15 will only cost you $349.99 if you grab it now at Amazon today. This is definitely a good purchase especially if you're looking for a great productivity-focused laptop on the market right now.

Well, what more could you ask for?

It's got an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, 1TB of harddrive, a sharp full HD display, solid performance, long lasting battery life and on top of that, it only costs $350.

HP Pavilion 560 desktop
2 days go, there was an interesting deal from HP which was HP Pavilion 15t Power Laptop that cost only $650 ($200 off) if you're looking for a powerful gaming laptop at affordable price. But apparently, that was not the only deal that's worth checking out. Today, you can get a powerful gaming desktop, HP Pavilion 560-p015HVR at the same $650 price tag. The coolest thing is, this is a VR-ready desktop.

First of all, you need to know that, HP Pavilion 560 is a desktop, NOT a laptop. And keep in mind that desktop consumes a lot of power from the electricity of your house. So if you don't want to significantly increase your monthly electric bill, you might want to skip this offer and get a laptop instead.

Okay, so HP Pavilion 560 desktop will get its price slashed down to just $650 today. But this offer is only available for limited time. So if you don't want to miss this deal, you better act fast and make a purchase.

But in order to get the $150 discount for this awesome desktop, be sure to apply the promo code "HVR200" on the checkout page before you make a payment.

In regular days, this HP's desktop is originally priced at $800. So a $150 discount price surely makes this desktop look more appealing to desktop hunters out there.

But what's so special about HP Pavilion 560 desktop that makes us want to recommend this bad boy to you?

Well, HP Pavilion 560 is a powerful desktop, especially when it comes to performance. In fact, with the internal hardware that it comes with, this desktop is definitely more than capable to be your next gaming desktop.

It's powered by an Intel Core i5-6400 processor, with the memory of 8GB and ATI Radeon RX480 (4GB) VGA handling all the graphical tasks thrown on this device. So for today's standards, this hardware package definitely looks really impressive on paper, right?

Basically, with this type of hardware, you can run many latest next-gen games released today like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and many more. And these 2 games were just released around 2 to 3 months ago. So we're are more than sure this HP Pavilion 560 is well-equipped for playing most of today's PC games, if not all.

There's more.

So HP Pavilion 560 comes equipped with 128GB SSD (solid-state-drive) as well as a huge 1TB hard drive on board. So if you want to keep many of your media files like movies or music, yes, you can totally do that on this machine.

HP Pavilion 560 desktop
When it comes to design, HP Pavilion 560 actually looks quite elegant and classy. And it's also pretty compact as a desktop, measuring around 14.3-inches tall and 6.5-inches across.

The other great thing about this HP desktop is, HP Pavilion 560 is well-prepared for VR gaming. So if you happen to own a Virtual Reality device like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive at your disposal, you're totally allowed to use it on this desktop to play VR-supported games - like Edge of Nowhere (a third-person horror/monster game), Dead and Buried, and many more.

HP Pavilion 560 includes all integral components of a desktop. You'll get USB ports, USB-Type-C ports and there's even DVD burner equipped on this device, allowing you to burn blank DVDs for your data or media files like movies, music, etc.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you're currently still wondering what desktop to buy for your home, look no further, HP Pavilion 560 desktop can be one of the best options out there.

It will cost you $650 ($150 off from regular price), but this deal is for limited time. So act fast, head over to HP official store and apply the promo code "HVR200" on the checkout page.

HP Pavilion 15t Power Laptop
Most of gaming laptops these days usually fall in the price range of $1000. And that's really pricy especially for vast majority of PC gamers out there. The good news is, there's actually one affordable but powerful gaming laptop that you can get today if you have a really tight budget. This one is HP Pavilion 15t Power Laptop.

Priced at only $650, this HP laptop can be the best deal you can get right now if you're looking for a powerful gaming laptop.

Normally in the regular days, it actually will cost you $850 if you want to pick up this bad boy back to your home. But thanks to HP's generosity, this company today decided to slash the price of this laptop down to just $650. And that's $200 off guys! Can you believe that?

HP Pavilion 15t Power Laptop
However, you really need to act really fast as this offer is only available this March 18, which is today. And when the sale is over, HP usually will deduct around $20-$50 from its $200 discount price.

But what's so special about HP Pavilion 15t Power Laptop that makes us believe that this laptop is a great gaming laptop worth recommending to you? How powerful is it to handle today's modern games?

Well, those are very good questions.

As a starter, this HP's laptop is powered by a quad-core Intel Core i5 Kaby Lake processor. And it is the 7th generation version of the chipset. So you can imagine how powerful this thing is in terms of performance.

But if this still doesn't impress you, then you should hear us more.

Okay, being the one that's handling the graphical performance on this HP laptop is no other than NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (2 GB GDDR5 dedicated). If you're a heavy PC gamer, then you already know that this Nvidia graphics card is one of the most powerful GPUs in today's standards.

HP Pavilion 15t Power Laptop
So with Intel Core i5 processor, GeForce GTX 1050 GPU plus 8GB of RAM taking care the memory department, you can totally be sure that this laptop ticks off all the requirements of modern PC games on the market today.

Even the latest games like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard or Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will undoubtedly run perfectly on this machine. Intel Core i5 processor, GTX 1050 GPU and 8GB of RAM are more than adequate to handle these 2 games.

HP Pavilion 15t Power Laptop is running on Windows 10 Home (64-bit). So besides for playing games, you can also count on this laptop to accommodate all of your productive needs everyday, from simple Office Word typing to even heavy video editing.

And if you're a type of user who loves to keep many of your movies or music on your laptop, then you will be glad to hear that HP Pavilion 15t already comes equipped with a huge 1TB of HDD storage.

The screen of HP Pavilion 15t is also pretty impressive. It is 15.6-inches and it's sporting the full HD 1920x1080 pixels.

It's probably not the sharpest, but for a $650 laptop with powerful performance, a full HD screen is actually more than enough for most of gamers. Of course, you can go all the way up to 4K display on this laptop, but the price is going to skyrocket really high.

So if you're still wandering around the street looking for a reliable Windows 10 laptop to accommodate your gaming needs, look no further, HP Pavilion 15t Power Laptop is definitely the best deal you don't want to miss.

But you really need to act fast because this deal is only available today on March 18. And when the sale is over, the discount price will likely be deducted by HP.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out HP Pavilion 15t Power Laptop ($650) on HP's official store.

Nintendo Switch logo
As a gaming handheld, Nintendo Switch can be considered as a pretty awesome device. Thanks to Nvidia powerful Tegra X1 processor inside this bad boy, Nintendo Switch totally has the possibility to become the best gaming handheld in the future. However, have you ever wondered about the components that Nintendo crams inside the Switch?

Well, lucky for you, today you can finally have the answer right here, right now.

Recently, a website focused in technology - TechInsight - just performed a teardown of Nintendo Switch to find everything inside this gaming handheld. But the main focus here is more on the processor of the Switch, not all the components.

Nintendo Switch uses stock Nvidia Tegra X1
As it turns out, the teardown was showing a pretty surprising result. So the Tegra X1 processor found inside Nintendo Switch apparently is the stock version of NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, not the custom version.

This totally is pretty shocking given that back in October last year, Nvidia stated that Nintendo Switch - goes by the codename "Nintendo NX" - was going to be powered by its "custom Tegra processor".

So this totally contradicts with what Nvidia said last year:

Nintendo Switch
"Nintendo Switch is powered by the performance of the "custom Tegra processor. The high-efficiency scalable processor includes an Nvidia GPU based on the same architecture as the world's top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards." Nvidia said.

The teardown by TechInsights also revealed that the stock Nvidia Tegra X1 processor inside Nintendo Switch comes equipped with GM208 Maxwell GPU, which has staggering 256-cores.

Nintendo Switch uses stock Nvidia Tegra X1
With this teardown, we finally find out also that the Tegra X1 processor of Nintendo Switch is likely similar with the one powering Nvidia Shield Android TV, which also comes with a Tegra X1 processor and 256-core Nvidia Maxwell CUDA GPU.

Nintendo Switch is using fan and heatsink

This teardown is actually not the only teardown performed on Nintendo Switch. So earlier a few weeks ago when Nintendo Switch was first released to the market, there's actually another teardown conducted by some tech guys on the internet.

That also showed a surprising result. Nintendo Switch apparently is using a fan and heatsink on its Tegra X1 processor. And this is quite surprising given that Nintendo Switch is just a tablet, not some high performing devices like Xbox One or PC that obviously need heatsink to quickly reduce the heat out from the chipsets (CPU and GPU) in order to keep all the internal components cool on the inside.

But it appears that, the Tegra X1 processor inside the Switch requires a fan and a heatsink to release the heat out from the GPU. This actually reminds us with what happened to most of Tegra 4 tablets like HP Slate7 Extreme or Xiaomi Mi Pad that are plagued with overheating problems. And these tablets are not equipped with heatsink and fan.

About the Tegra X1 on Nintendo Switch

For those who are not familiar, so Nintendo Switch is powered by Tegra X1 processor, which is manufactured by Nvidia. And this processor is really superior when it comes to performance and graphical power. Nvidia even calls is as "Tegra X1 Super Chip".

Alongside Nvidia Shield Android TV, Nintendo Switch has become the most powerful Android tablet on the market right now, mostly thanks to this Tegra X1 processor that comes with a staggering 256-core Maxwell CUDA GPU.

So this is one of the reasons why Nintendo Switch can be a huge threat for Sony PlayStation Vita in the near future, especially when we also know that this gaming handheld is well-received on the gaming market.

One of its A-rated games - "The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild" - even managed to become a hot-selling game and reach a huge fame lately around the internet sphere.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Yesterday, we told you about Samsung Germany that just started accepting the preorder for its new upcoming tablet - Samsung Galaxy TAB S3. However, if you happen to live in the US, starting today on March 17, now you can finally pre-order this tablet.

This device actually will be sold on Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers, starting this March 24. But you can also get this tablet right away from Samsung itself through

Talking about the price, this is actually the very first time Samsung finally unveils the official price for Samsung Galaxy TAB S3 tablet globally. So this Android tablet apparently is gonna cost you $600, which is considered as pricy for an Android tablet. And this is way more expensive than what Samsung was asking for the predecessor - Samsung Galaxy TAB S2, which was only $400.

But given its high-grade specs and how awesome it is in many ways, we believe this price is still acceptable. Besides, this Samsung Galaxy TAB S3 will come supported with the S Pen, and this is the first time this Samsung official stylus arrives to this tablet series.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 image
Besides the S Pen, there's also the Pogo keyboard case that is officially made for this tablet. But this one will be available to buy starting this March 24 and it will cost you $130.

This is completely different with what happened in Germany recently where Samsung is giving away a free Book Cover keyboard case for those buying Samsung Galaxy TAB S3 in Germany. And the device, including the free keyboard case, will cost you €679 (WiFi) and €769 for the LTE model.

Anyway, for those of you who have been living in the cave lately (just kidding), so Samsung Galaxy TAB S3 is a tablet running on Android OS. It was just announced recently at MWC 2017 last month. The great thing about this device is, this tablet comes supported with Samsung official keyboard case and also the S Pen, which is the official stylus from Samsung Galaxy Note line.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 image 2
So besides great for watching movies or playing Android games, you can also turn this tablet into a laptop by using the keyboard case. And with the support of S Pen, many creative artists and designers out there will definitely feel at home when using this tablet, especially when knowing that this S Pen is now much improved than the previous-gen S Pen styluses on Note series, allowing for more natural writing experience.

If there is one thing that really stands out from Samsung Galaxy TAB S3 is definitely its spec sheet. So its display is 9.7-inches and it comes with the screen resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. And yes, this tablet is using Super AMOLED screen, Samsung's advanced screen technology. So everything that you throw on the screen will look super crisp, vibrant and pleasing in the eyes with well-saturated colors.

In terms of performance, Samsung also brings its A-game when manufacturing this device. It's powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor, accompanied with Adreno 530 and 4GB of RAM. So gaming is going to be really awesome on this device, especially thanks to Vulkan API support from Android Nougat 7.0 which will magically improve the graphical prowess of Android games.

The internal storage of Samsung Galaxy TAB S3 is 32GB, but as usual, it's expandable through microSD card for up to 256GB (So yeay!).

Meanwhile, if you love photography, then you'll definitely love to use this tablet a lot, thanks to the 13MP rear and 5MP front cameras of this device that offer nothing but great sharpness and top notch quality of the photos and videos.

Samsung Galaxy TAB S3 is powered by 6000mAh power battery, but thankfully Samsung also equips this device fast charging capability using supported USB cable. So if you're in urgent situation, this feature definitely will come in handy.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
At the recent Mobile World Congress 2017, Samsung announced a bunch of new Galaxy devices. One of them was Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet, an impressive-spec'd tablet aimed at productive users. The great news is, for those of you who are living in Germany, this tablet is now available for pre-order.from Samsung official store.

The coolest thing is, if you get this tablet in Samsung Germany, the company is also giving you away a free Book Cover keyboard that's made specifically for this device.

However, you need to act fast as this deal is only valid until March 23, 7 days from now. So if you want to get this keyboard case for free, be sure to pre-order Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 from Samsung Germany.

The Book Cover of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 itself was actually announced at the same time Samsung unveiled the tablet at MWC 2017. It's not cheap though as Samsung is asking you around €130. But it's still a good addition for the tablet especially to make it more versatile as a productivity-centric device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet will cost you €679 if you're planning of getting it from Samsung Germany. But this is the price of the basic Wi-Fi only version. Meanwhile, the one with LTE connectivity will require you to pay €769.

Anyway, if you're not familiar with this tablet, so Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is an Android tablet and it's a powerful one. In fact, it's probably the best tablet on the market right now, in terms of specs.

It's got a 9.7-inch display sporting the 2048x1536 pixels and it's using Samsung's Super AMOLED screen. So everything on the screen looks super crisp, vibrant, colorful and pleasing to the eyes. Meanwhile, the performance is also one of its greatest strengths, thanks to Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM and Adreno 530 GPU.

So Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is definitely more than adequate to handle any Android games on the market right now, even the highest most graphics-intense titles like Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8: Airborne and many more.

The coolest thing about this tablet is, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 also comes with its own S Pen stylus. So if you love creating sketches or maybe take simple notes, then you'll feel at home when using this device. 

Unfortunately, there's no specific slot for the S Pen on this tablet. So when not needed, you'll have to store this stylus somewhere else (like in your pocket, maybe?).

Besides for watching movies or taking notes, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is also a really great machine to do a bunch of productive tasks. And that's because Samsung is also releasing the keyboard case called "Book Cover" which is specifically made for this device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet will soon be available to buy on the market this March. But you can pre-order it now from Samsung official stores.

The tablet itself will start shipping this March 24 in Germany. So if you happen to live in this country, be sure to pre-order this device from Samsung Germany especially if you want to grab its Book Cover keyboard case for completely free (Until March 23).

The tablet will be available in 2 variants: the LTE model which costs €769, while the WiFI-only version will be priced at 679.

Asus Transformer Mini T102
One of the greatest things about internet is, it's filled with a lot of exciting giveaways that usually involve electronic computing devices, from smartphones to laptops. This is definitely one of them. So recently, GetConnectedMedia held an interesting contest on internet. And it's giving away is a pretty solid device - Asus Transformer Mini T102, a hybrid laptop running on Windows 10.

HP Notebook 15 is now only $500 at Staples
If you're still wandering around the street looking for a great performing laptop, then you might want to check out what Staples has in its store right now. One of its most interesting offers is HP Notebook 15. And guess what! This powerful laptop now only costs $500, down from its regular price - $650.

Nintendo Switch logo
Back in August 2016, Nintendo announced that the company was developing a new portable gaming console that would come out later in 2017. That gaming device was called Nintendo NX back then. And right now in the present, that rumored device is finally here in front of us. It's called Nintendo Switch.









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