Let's be honest. The GTA Trilogy Remaster released several months ago was a total mess. But Rockstar wouldn't be Rockstar if not apologizing and dedicating all resources to fixing bugs and polishing the project. As of now, it seems playable, and it's a perfect moment to give high poly Claude, Tommy, and Carl a second chance.

What's the difference between cheating and boosting?
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Lenovo Tab M8 HD 2nd Gen Is this the best Android Pie tablet under $120?
Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen): Is this the best Android Pie tablet under $120? - There are tons of cheap Android 9 tablets spreading out in the market right now. Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen) is one of them. But the question is, is it worth it to buy this tablet right now?
In the past, most of Android tablets really sucked especially compared to Apple iPad back then. They were really sluggish, the hardware were not sufficient enough to run smoothly and Android operating system also didn't have a lot to offer to users, in terms of features as well as functionalities.

Thankfully, the situations have been quite different in the past few years. Now Android tablets are much better in performance and the latest Android OS is also much improved than before, offering better features and smoother experience to users.

Well, if you ask me, there's actually a plenty of great Android tablets that you can find today. And the great thing is, vast majority of them are packed with a sufficient set of hardware and they already come with the latest Android 9 OS out of the box.

One of the Android 9 tablets that I find really interesting to discuss here is Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen).

Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen)

Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen)

Currently, you can get this tablet for only $120 right now, which is really affordable especially for such a decent Android 9 tablet like this. And compared to what you're gonna get from this device, this Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen) can be a great investment for you long term.

In fact, if you currently have a Samsung old-gen Nougat/Lollipop tablet lying around in your home, you might want to SELL it right now and get this Lenovo tablet instead.

But you might be wondering, what's so special about Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen) tablet, right?

Well, first of all, as a cheap affordable $120 tablet, this Lenovo Tab M8 is running on the latest Android 9 OS. And this is a real deal because if a tablet comes with Android 9, then it surely must excell in performance department.


That's because in order to be able to run this latest Android OS, any device must firstly have adequate CPU, GPU and RAM that are sufficient enough in order to run smoothly on this platform.

Android 9 also offers a lot of great jumps in many areas, like the visuals, the smoothness, the simplicity, the efficiency of battery life as well as features. And all of these really make Lenovo Tab M8 such a well rounded device that can give such great satisfaction to most of the users out there.

Is Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen) good for gaming?

Well, if you ask me, I believe this Lenovo Tab m8 tablet will be pretty decent for gaming, especially for playing some casual 2D or 3D games. But I believe it can also do well on other heavy games such as Asphalt 8 or Dream League Soccer game.

Well, first of all, it's powered by a quad-core 2GHz Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22 processor, 2GB of RAM and an adequate PowerVR GE8320 GPU. Well, you have no idea how powerful it is when an Android device has this set of hardware. It's gonna fly in performance for sure. I personally have been a big fan of Helio processor for a long time as well as PowerVR GE series GPU because I know how powerful they are especially for handling games. This is also why Apple always uses PowerVR GPUs on iPads until now because it's so powerful.

So I believe, this tablet will be sufficient enough to handle even the latest games that you see today on Google Play Store.

Reviews about Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen) tablet

Based on the reviews of this Lenovo tablet, most of the people who have bought it were quite happy with the tablet. And it can be seen from the rating and great reviews that it has been getting until now.
review score Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen)

Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen) tablet currently has been reviewed by more than 5.193 people at Amazon website, with the overall score of 4.5 stars out of 5, which means vast majority of people who have purchased this device are satisfied with what this tablet has to offer.
Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen)
Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen)
Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen)
What strikes me the most is actually the price. I mean, for an Android Pie tablet that is coming from a well-known and trusted manufacturer like Lenovo, this tablet is only selling at $120, which is considered as 'affordable' for an Android 9 tablet.

And if you search for other offerings that are coming from well known brands such as Samsung or Asus, most of their Android 9 tablets are sitting in the mid to high-end price tags around $200 to $500, which is really costly for some people.

Is Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen) excellent in performance?

On paper, Lenovo Tab M8 tablet looks promising to me, especially considering its low $120 price. And since this Android 9 tablet is manufactured by a popular brand, not to mention it’s got great reviews at Amazon, then you can totally count on its quality overall. I believe this tablet is not gonna suck for sure.

Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen) is running on a quad-core 2GHz CPU Hellio processor. And it also comes with 2GB of RAM and PowerVR GPU. So it definitely flies in performance. There’s also 32GB of internal storage provided to please your storage needs. But you can also throw an extra microSD card if you want to get more space for your movies or music.
lenovo tab m8 tablet specs
Lenovo Tab M8 is an 8-inch tablet using an HD resolution display (1280x800 pixels). So I believe this can be quite good especially if you mainly use it as media consumption device for watching Netflix, browsing the web, reading books or playing some casual games. And this tablet excells in that department.

One other great thing about this tablet is that, it is powered by a huge 5000mAh battery inside. And this means a lot especially if you are going to use this device intensively everyday. And thankfully, this Lenovo Tab M8 only sports an HD resolution display, so it’s not going to drain a lot of juice from its battery.

Not to mention, thanks to battery saving features and improvements found on Android 9 Pie, I believe this tablet can last all day even if you use it regularly every day. However, if you are a heavy user, you’re probably gonna need to recharge it once in a while.

Besides performance and battery life, Lenovo Tab m8 Tablet is also superior in terms of build quality and design. The tablet has stylish look and feel, and it also has great build quality overall. So it’s not gonna look cheap for a $120 tablet.
Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen)
Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen)
So what are you waiting for? If you are currently looking for decent Android 9 tablet that doesn’t dig deeper inside your pocket, then Lenovo Tab M8 tablet might be a great option for you.

It’s got a crisp HD display, great battery life, decent performance, stylish looking design and on top of that, it’s running on Android 9 out of the box, which means you’ll get all the productivity features and also attractive looking UI which definitely will get you hooked all day on this tablet.


Lenovo Tab M8 HD (2nd Gen) tablet is currently selling at $120 at Amazon. If you have a budget to buy this tablet, I strongly recommend you to get this Android 9 tablet than other cheap tablets from unpopular manufacturers. It’s got great reviews at Amazon (4.5 stars out of 5) and it has been purchased by more than 5000 people. So the quality will not be disappointing, especially for a cheap $120 tablet.

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6 Cheapest Android 9 tablets under $120
6 Cheapest Android 9 tablets under $120 - With more and more Android tablets getting better and smoother in performance, is it worth it to buy an Android tablet today?
In the past few years, iPad has been a definite choice for most tablet hunters out there in the market. It's just really popular - especially in holiday season.

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