Division 2: What’s the Best Build for Solo and PVP?

Written by B Johnson February 04, 2024
Division 2: What’s the Best Build for Solo and PVP?
Division 2: What’s the Best Build for Solo and PVP?
Players that have found solace in Division 2 are finding a lot of choices in multiple builds. Depending on your play mode, some builds work better than others. Know the strengths of each, and the in-game challenges will be a walk in the park.

Time Is Everything

There are players that spend more time looking at menus instead of playing the game. This is www.kboosting.com has become so popular among Division players. Your time is important, especially during gaming. It is a no-nonsense way to get to where you want in a game without wasting hours of time grinding.

As an example, the grinding in Division 2 has been compared to Destiny 2 – that’s not good company to be in for playability! Both games are fun, but there is a reason so many guides are posted that provide shortcuts to leveling up. You can have fun when grinding, but once you hit a wall, sometimes a little help will make all the difference in the world.


For a solo build, your loadout is a lot more complex than PVP options. Survivability is a priority since things will be a lot harder on your own. It’s not too hard, but the difficulty will definitely start to eat away at your confidence level without the proper build. Don’t let the small things overwhelm you, and pay close attention to how you set things up.

Kingbreaker Striker Build

The Kingbreaker Striker Build is one of those meta builds that has gone through a couple of changes. It is high offense that creates a character with a permanent chip on their shoulder. Instead of saving the city, you could technically burn it down with your firepower. When using this build, there is more room for strategic mistakes and recovery.

Build Details

Kingbreaker, ACS-12 Shotgun with "Flatline" talent, Technician, 4x Striker + 1x Ceska + 1x Gruppo Sombra, Press the Advantage, Risk Management, Crusader Ballistic Shield, Reviver Hive


Glass cannon of destruction. Melt anything that comes within your sights.


Relies on the player understanding how to use all of their skills. There is a lot of wasted potential if you don’t understand the specifics.

Heartbreaker Build

If you like firepower but want a little bit of survivability, then the Heartbreaker build is a nice compromise. It has all of the strengths of the Kingmaker Striker with some of the benefits of the Shield Solo. There is less of a learning curve here, and a lot of opportunity for advantageous moments.

Build Details

Kingbreaker Assault Rifle, ACS-12 Shotgun with "Flatline", Technician (for the Laser Pointer and +1 skill tier), 4x Heartbreaker + Memento Backpack + Picaro's Holster, Max BPM (from Heartbreaker Chest), Kill Confirmed (from Memento Backpack), Crusader Ballistic Shield, Reviver Hive


High firepower with some good defensive options.


You’ll miss some key abilities from the other Kingmaker builds.

Shield Solo Build

This one is old but still viable in the current iteration of Division 2. Solo shield builds are underrated, and a bit hard to play if you don’t understand the skill system. For players with intermediate or higher understanding, this is how you make a Shield Solo build.

Build Details

Liberty, Forge holster, Driver Excursion Pack, Heft Grade A Mask, Ross Hand Protectors, Pointman vest, Sheridan Kneelers


High defense, you are a literal walking tank.


Offense, of course. There is no spraying and praying with this build. Be precise, and don’t try to be Rambo.


PVP is the bread and butter of the Division series. While things are more restrictive on the solo side, PVP is a lot more flexible. Keep in mind that you want true synergy when playing with teammates, and a jack of all trade is a master of none.

Whether playing with randoms or friends, these are the builds that will always give everything to the team. Weaknesses are omitted since PVP is completely different than PVE when your teammates can cover your bad spots.

Hunter’s Determined

Truly the God tier if you use mouse and keyboard. This is one of the most feared builds, and for good reason. If you are a gamepad user, then the effectiveness of your accuracy will take a slight hit.

Build Details

1886 Rifle with "Determined" talent, Nemesis Sniper, Sharpshooter, 4x Hunter's Fury + Chainkiller Chest + Memento Backpack, Perfect Headhunter (Chainkiller Chest), Kill Confirmed (Memento Backpack), Decoy, Defender Drone


Can hit anything, from anywhere. Surprise your enemies and get your team out of a tight jam.

Ninjabike Messenger

There is no doubt that style is the main reason this is such a popular build. Vanity aside, it features some of the coolest content from the game. Multiple variants in this build make it one of the most flexible PVP types of all time for the newer content.

Build Details

Kingbreaker, ACS-12 Shotgun with "Flatline" talent, Technician (for the laser pointer), 3x Striker + Closer Chest + Picaros Holster + NinjaBike Backpack, Perfect Spotter (Closer Chest), Resourceful (Ninja Backpack), Crusader Ballistic Shield, Artificer Hive / Defender Drone


If you’re fast, then there is a good chance you will take out everything before it has a chance to even react.

Assault Rifle

Assault rifle builds are still one of the most popular available in Division 2. Like the Ninjabike Messenger, there are plenty of variants. The big difference is that Assault Rifle builds are made to be accessible to players of all styles.

Build Details

FAMAS with "Optimist" or "Measured" talent, Scorpio Shotgun, Orbit Pistol, Gunner, Coyote's Mask + Fenris + Ceska/Gruppo + Picaro's + Contractor's + Fox's Prayer, Unbreakable, Vigilance, Crusader Ballistic Shield, Reviver Hive or Decoy.


Tried, and trusted. Any player of any level can be successful using this build.

The Best Build Available

When Division 2 came out, it took a while for current players to see all that it had to offer. With the current information, builds are now more optimized than ever. Pick your mode, and save either your teammates or the city against all odds.
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