How to backup the saved game data and setting of PPSPP?

Written by B Johnson November 24, 2017
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Today, we can do a lot of things with our smartphone or tablet. We can browse the web, we can watch movies, we can take photos or record videos, and we can even play PlayStation Portable games on our Android device.

Anyway, talking about PlayStation games, I personally love to play PSP games on my smartphone. There are many PSP titles that I’m still playing on my smartphone until today, like Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, Splinter Cell: Essentials and Prince of Persia: Rival Swords (which is the exact port of PoP: Two Thrones on consoles).

I actually already wrote a post about how to find PlayStation Portable games around the net and play them on your Android device using a PSP emulator called PPSPP, which you can get it for free on Google Play Store.

Today, however, I’m going to explain to you about how to backup the saved data of PPSPP emulator, including the saved data of PSP games on your Android device.

#1. Open your file explorer

First of all, if you want to backup the saved data of PPSPP app/emulator, then you’re gonna need to use a file explorer. So you’ll be able to find the folder that contains all the saved data of PPSPP emulator, including the saved data of PSP game, the general setting, etc.

You can actually use the stock file explorer that already comes pre-installed on your Android tablet. Basically, what you’re about to do is copy the folder that contains the saved data of PPSPP emulator and paste it somewhere else, like on flashdisk or other folder. And I believe the stock file explorer of your device can do all this.

However, if you are looking for a great file explorer, my recommendation for you is an app called ‘X-plore’. I’ve actually been using this file explorer for a very long time and it’s been great and useful for me. This app is free by the way so if you want to get it, you can download it on Google Play Store.

#2. Open the external storage

After opening your file explorer, now open the internal storage on your device. This actually depends on where the PPSPP emulator is installed. I mean, if PPSPP emulator is installed on external storage, then the one you should open now is external storage or microSD card.

But normally, most of Android tablets out there are set in default to install all the apps and games on internal storage. So this is why the folder that contains the saved data of PPSPP can be found on internal storage.

#3. Scroll down and find the folder named ‘PSP’

After opening the internal storage, now scroll down and find a folder named ‘PSP’. As I said above, inside this folder, all the saved data of PPSPP emulator, including saved data of PSP games, the basic setting, etc, are placed in the folder ‘PSP’.

#4. Copy the folder ‘PSP’

Now that you have found the saved data folder of PPSPP emulator. To backup the saved data of PPSPP, it’s actually really simple to do. You’ll only need to copy this ‘PSP’ folder.

But bear in mind that, if you have made a lot of saved data of PSP games on PPSPP emulator, then this ‘PSP’ folder will contain a lot of data in it. So this folder will be pretty huge in size.

#5. Paste the folder elsewhere

After copying the ‘PSP’ folder, now paste this folder on other folder or your USB flashdisk. So if you accidentally remove ‘PPSPP’ app on your tablet, you can still restore all the saved game data of this app.

#6. How to restore the backup?

Okay, now that you already backup of the saved data of PPSPP emulator. But the question is, how exactly to restore this saved data if you accidentally remove/delete PPSPP app from your tablet?

Well, if you want to restore all the saved data of PSP games on this emulator, including the basic settings of this app, it’s actually really easy to do that.

So after re-downloading the PPSPP emulator from Google Play Store, the next thing to do is open this app and close it again.

After that, open file explorer > remove the default ‘PSP’ folder on internal/external storage> and then replace it with the old ‘PSP’ folder (the one which you have copied earlier on flashdisk).

Once you open PPSPP emulator , all the saved data of this app will be restored again just like it used to be, including the saved data of PSP games which you have played on this app.


Well, there you have it guys, my tips for you if you want to know how to backup of the saved data on PPSPP emulator manually. I suggest you to keep doing this backup regularly in order to save the last progress of any PSP games on this emulator.

I actually also wrote another post which talked about how to find PSP games around the web and play them on your Android tablet. So if you’re currently having a problem to find PSP games around the internet, you might want to check out that post.
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