WWDC 2017: Apple makes the new 10.5 iPad Pro official. It's more powerful and it brings some major upgrades on iOS 11

Written by B Johnson June 07, 2017
WWDC 2017: Apple makes the new 10.5 iPad Pro official. It's more powerful and it brings some major upgrades on iOS 11
Amidst the decline of tablet sales globally, it apparently doesn't hold back Apple from introducing the new iPad model this year. 2 days ago, this company just announced a new iPad Pro at its recent WWDC 2017 event. This one is going to carry a 10.5-inch display and of course, there will be many improvements here and there on hardware and software.

Probably one of the biggest changes found on this new iPad Pro is actually on its software. So this 10.5-inch iPad Pro comes with iOS 11 out of the box and it is the latest update of Apple's mobile operating system. So there are many new stuff that Apple brings to the table here.

iOS 11 comes with some new interesting features that totally make this iPad a worthy upgrade to the predecessor. First, let us start with the multitasking dual-screen mode.

Multitasking dual-screen mode

WWDC 2017: Apple makes the new 10.5 iPad Pro official. It's more powerful and it brings some major upgrades on iOS 11
So as you probably know already, this feature has been available since the iPhone 6S Plus as well as the previous-gen iPad Pros.

But this feature has been improved much further now. So on iOS 11, now you can use this feature to open multiple screens at once when composing email.

So for example, when you're trying to compose a reply, the first screen on the left is gonna be used as the email navigation (like inbox, sent, draft, etc), the second screen will show you the content of the email, while the last third screen on the right can be used to compose the new reply.

The Dock

There's also another interesting multitasking feature called Dock on iOS 11. This is totally different with the app dock on previous-gen iPads. So when opening any apps, this app dock usually will disappear and can be found only on the homescreen.

But on iOS 11, you can activate this Dock simply by sliding up from the bottom of the screen. And then from there, you can drag any app icon and then release it on either right or left area to activate the dual-screen mode.

4-finger gesture to open "Recent Apps"

Now iOS 11 also lets you open all the running apps simply by using 4-finger gesture. But according to what we've seen on YouTube, this feature doesn't seem to be working properly in the demo. It's probably because iOS 11 is still in beta stage. So that's why.

Drag and drop feature

On iOS 11, now you can also drag some web contents like images or text directly from the website itself and then move them to the text field when composing email. So for example, if you are opening Gmail and also Wikipedia page together in dual-screen mode, you can drag any image on the Wikipedia website and move it to Gmail text field.

Apple Pencil

iOS 11 is not the only thing that gets major improvements from Apple, the Apple Pencil also gets upgraded to the next level this year. Thanks to the new feature called Pro Motion, this increases the refresh rate of the iPad Pro from 60Hz to 120Hz and as a result, it makes writing or sketching with Apple Pencil feel more natural than before.

What about hardware?

WWDC 2017: Apple makes the new 10.5 iPad Pro official. It's more powerful and it brings some major upgrades on iOS 11
Besides the software, the new iPad Pro also gets major updates in terms of hardware. It comes with a much brighter 10.5-inch True Tone display sporting the 1668x2224 pixels resolution. It's also available in much bigger 12.9 screen with 2732x2048 pixels resolution. 

The screen features much wider color gamut, Ultralow reflectivity, 600 nits brightness and you can also throw HDR videos on it. 

On the sector of performance, this new iPad Pro is now powered by Apple A10X Fusion hexa-core processor. It contains 3 high-performance cores and 3 high-efficiency cores. And all of these cores are managed by Apple's designed performance controller.

The graphics performance also packs a lot of punch here with 12-core GPU. So it's going to be really awesome to play console-quality games on this machine.We assume that Apple is still using PowerVR GPU on this new iPad Pro because this GPU has been found powering all the iPads.

Apple claims that this new A10X processor brings 30% much faster CPU performance and 40% faster graphics performance than the predecessor. But the most impressively is, even with all of this powerful performance and everything, this new iPad Pro is still capable to deliver 10.5-hour battery life.

When will it come out?

This new iPad Pro has been available to buy since 2 days ago and it will cost you $648 if you wanna bring this bad boy back to your house. However, this is the base model with 64GB storage. So it will cost you more if you want to buy the bigger 256GB or 512GB model.
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