Top 5 mini-games fans would love to find in GTA VI

Written by B Johnson September 06, 2023
Top 5 mini-games fans would love to find in GTA VI
Here are the top 5 mini-games fans eager to see in GTA VI
We’ve heard it and seen it all over the media about rumors on the upcoming GTA game. Though we wish Rockstar would just show us a glimpse of their latest game, we still wish to speculate some features Rockstar might put in their GTA VI game.

Now is the right time to fantasize about what mini-games Rockstar could feature in GTA VI. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 mini-games fans eager to see in GTA VI.

Top 5 mini-games fans would love to find in GTA VI
Without further ado, here are the top 5 mini-games fans eager to see in GTA VI
1. 90s arcade games

Most of us have been through the arcade era and we would trade anything to visit those memories back. Though GTA VI might not get the license for the exact game, what they can do is make similar arcade areas where we could play minigames made by Rockstar company. It would bring a new twist to the GTA franchise and players would have something to do when they want to cool off from doing hardcore missions. That would be really cool.

2. Poker

We all know that GTA has its own money earning system and we can easily earn money just by doing missions and heists. That’s why many are anticipating GTA VI to introduce high-stakes poker to its franchise. Poker is already very popular in GTA online and it gives the players a high-risk high reward opportunity. It is one of the most popular minigames in Red Dead Redemption2 also. According to Exycasinos team, the game variation presented in GTA Online is Three Card Poker and the one from RDR2 is Texas Hold’Em. It is expected that both games might be featured in GTA VI.

3. Boxing

Have you seen the news lately? Boxing is actually in trend again and it’s about time GTA VI got into the hype train and gave us the opportunity to professionally box people and our friends online. After the recent boom in boxing, people have taken interest in the sport and would love to know more about it. Having traditional boxing or an underground bare-knuckle boxing ring would bring a real spice to GTA VI.

4. Skating

We have always seen skate parks in GTA games but never have we been given the chance to skateboard or roller-skate. While we know it is not a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game, still we would love to see some skateboards that players can ride in the future just to spend some time chilling with their online friends. While it is not the best look for a drug-dealing crime boss to be skating, it is still something that the fans would appreciate getting.

5. Karaoke

After playing Yakuza games I have made my mind that having a karaoke minigame is a blast when you are playing casually. It is also the best way to get excellent memes about your game. So basically, free marketing. It’s a win-win. If GTA VI could somehow find a way to include characters playing instruments or singing using controls across platforms then the fans would really appreciate it.

Finally, we hope GTA VI comes out as soon as possible and give us another banger of a game like GTA V. These were the top five mini-games that fans would like to see in GTA VI. Let us know which mini-games you would like to see in GTA VI.

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