How to rotate mp4 video 180 degrees on your Android tablet?
How to rotate mp4 video 180 degrees on your Android tablet? - Have you ever seen a video that you just downloaded from YouTube, Instagram or Twitter, but that video is not showing in correct position or it looks up side down? Well, that certainly can be pretty annoying, right? This is why today I wanna show you how to rotate mp4 video 180 degrees.
In the past, it used to be a pain to edit videos using an Android tablet. But that has changed a lot today. With more and more Android tablets getting better in performance and software experience as well as features, now editing videos can be such a breeze on your Android tablet.

Earlier in my previous post, I've already showed you How To Convert Mp4 To Gif Offline using an app called 'VideoCutter'.

Today, I'm going to show you how to rotate mp4 video 180 degrees using this app. So if you currently have a video that is not showing in correct position or up side down, you might want to rotate it using this app so you can watch it properly. Below I'm going to show you how exactly to rotate mp4 video 180 degrees.

1. Go to Google Play Store

Okay, if you don't have the Video Cutter app on your tablet, now go to Google Play Store and then search for this Video Cutter app.

2. Download Video Cutter

video cutter logo

Once you have found the app on the Play Store, now download it and install the app on your tablet. We're gonna use the app to rotate your video.

3. Open the app

I assume that right now, you have installed the Video Cutter app on your tablet. Now open the app. Usually, the app is gonna ask your permission to get the access of your storage. Click 'allow' so the the app can crawl all of your videos on your device.

4. Select the option "Rotate"

As you can see on the screen, once you open the Video Cutter app, there will be a bunch of options that you can choose from to edit your videos. Now select 'Rotate'.
video cutter menu rotate

5. Find your video

After you click the 'Rotate' option, the app is gonna show you a bunch of folders that contain all of your videos on your device. Now you need to find which folder and locate the video that you want to edit, or in this case, you want to rotate.
video cutter find video

6. Select your video

Okay, I assume that you have found the location of your video. Now select that video or tap on it to rotate mp4 video 180 degrees.
video cutter select video

7. Choose how would you like your video to be rotated

After choosing the video on your device, a new window is gonna pop up on the screen. As you can see, the app is going to ask you which rotation you would like to apply on your video.
video cutter choose rotation video

There are options you can select here: 90 degress, 180 degress, 270 degress, horizontal flip and vertical flip. Now pick one of them that you believe is going to rotate your video in correct position.

8. Enter the new filename of your video

Besides choosing the rotation, the app is also asking you to enter the filename of your new video. But you can also use the default name that the app is giving for your video.
video cutter Enter the new filename

9. Press OK

Okay, now you're all set. Press OK to start converting your video to a brand new video in a new rotation.

10. Wait until the process of rotating is finished

Now the process of converting your video will start. This usually will take a couple of seconds or minutes, depending on the duration of your video and the resolution as well.

11. Play the new video

Okay, once the process is finished, now you can start seeing the result here. Now press 'Play' to watch your video that has been rotated. If you feel that the rotation is still not correct, you can start all over again and pick the other rotation from the beginning.

12. Open your file explorer

Anyway, if you want to know where is the location of your new video, you can go to your internal storage using your file explorer, and then scroll down to find the folder named "VCutter". You can find the video inside that folder.


Well, there you go guys, my tips for you if you want to rotate mp4 video 180 degrees or vertically. If you find this article helpful, please consider to share it to your friends or family through Twitter or Facebook. This might be helpful for them as well. Anyway, check out also my other article that covers the similar topic like this:

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Lenovo YOGA 720 and YOGA 520
If the recently-announced Lenovo Miix 320 laptop doesn't attract you at all with its cheap $199 price tag, and you're also looking for a perfectly capable Windows 10 laptop to accommodate all of your productive and even gaming needs, then Lenovo YOGA 720 and Lenovo YOGA 520 are probably the ones for you.

So at Mobile World Congress 2017 held in Barcelona, a Chinese tech giant - Lenovo - just revealed a bunch of new computing devices. Two of them are Lenovo YOGA 720 and Lenovo YOGA 520. Both devices are running Windows 10 OS and they are hybrid laptops.

Lenovo YOGA 720 and YOGA 520
So they are regular Windows 10 laptops, but they are designed by Lenovo with flipping hinge which allows them to be flipped over 360 degrees to enter the tablet mode, similar just like what HP is offering through its HP Spectre x360.

However, unlike the cheap $199 Lenovo Miix 320, these YOGA 720 and YOGA 520 are NOT detachable to their keyboards.

One of the best things that users can get from any of these laptops are definitely their specs. And their specs are amazingly good. In fact, both Lenovo YOGA 720 and Lenovo YOGA 520 totally have what it takes to be the Surface Pro killers.

Anyway, both Lenovo YOGA 720 and YOGA 520 consist in 2 models - the one with 4K display and the second one is more affordable with full HD screen.

Lenovo YOGA 720 and YOGA 520
First of all, let us start with Lenovo YOGA 720, which is the highest-end variant in this series. This laptop brings some of the best on the market to the table. It's got a 15.6-inch display sporting either 4K UHD (3840x2160 pixels) or full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels).

And then, its performance will be handled by a powerful Intel Core i7 7th-gen processor and 16GB DDR4 of RAM, with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card handling all the graphical tasks thrown on this device. So gaming is definitely going to be really awesome on this hybrid laptop. 

This laptop is also well-equipped in storage department, thanks to its huge 1TB PCIe SSD/512GB SSD storage inside. And we believe this is more than enough to store many of your favorite media contents like movies, music or photos as well as documents into this laptop.

As stated by Lenovo, this YOGA 720 is capable to deliver 8 hours of battery life to users. But this is the one with 4K resolution display. Meanwhile, the other variant with full HD display could last longer for 9 hours.

Lenovo YOGA 720 laptop will be priced at staggering $1099 for the basic option with full HD display and 512GB SSD storage, so the 4K variant with 1TB storage will be more expensive. However, if you happen to not have a huge budget, you can also pick up its sibling - Lenovo YOGA 520.

Lenovo YOGA 520 comes with a smaller 13.3-inch screen. But just like its sibling, this laptop is also available in 2 variants - the one with 4K (3840x2160 pixels) and also the full HD (1920x1080 pixels) screens.

On paper, this Lenovo YOGA 520 is actually as impressive as its sibling. So it's also powered by Intel Core i7 7th-gen processor and 16GB DDR4 of RAM. So this one definitely will scream a lot in performance.

However, this model comes with Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU, instead of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 found inside its sibling. So when it comes to gaming performance, this model definitely won't be as powerful as Lenovo YOGA 720.

For the rest of the specs, Lenovo YOGA 520 is basically similar with Lenovo YOGA 720. It comes with 512GB SSD/1TB PCIe storage, 2 JBL speakers, a camera that's capable to shot 720p videos and the battery that can deliver around 7 hours (4K variant)/8 hours (full HD model) of battery life.

Lenovo YOGA 520 will cost you $859 if you want to bring this device to your home. But this is the price of the full HD variant with 512GB storage. Meanwhile, if you want to go with 4K model and 1TB storage, the price will surely be more expensive than that.

The coolest thing about these Lenovo YOGA 720 and Lenovo YOGA 520 is, these guys support Lenovo Active Pen or stylus with Windows Ink. So if you love creating sketches on a tablet, these 2 laptops can be great options for you.

However, this Lenovo Active Pen will likely not be included in the package, which means you're gonna need to purchase it separately. 

Lenovo Yoga 720 and 520 fingerprint reader with Windows Hello
Both of these laptops also come supported with fingerprint reader with Windows Hello. So you can easily unlock any of these devices either with your finger or even with your voice. Isn't that awesome, huh?

Both Lenovo YOGA 720 and Lenovo YOGA 520 will arrive soon on the market in April. As mentioned above already, pricing starts at $859 for Lenovo YOGA 520 with the basic full HD panel (512GB) and $1099 for Lenovo YOGA 720 with basic full HD screen (512GB). And if you select the 4K variant (1TB) of these laptops, the prices will definitely be more expensive.

Looking for a cheap Android Nougat tablet? This Alcatel A30 can be a pretty decent choice for you
Hey, remember the Alcatel's tablet that we showed you like a couple of weeks ago? You know, the one called Alcatel Plus 12? Well, apparently that's not the only tablet that Alcatel wants to introduce this year. Two days ago, this company just made another slate official. This one is Alcatel A30 Tablet. The coolest thing is, it will hit the low-end market soon in the price range around $120. 

Earlier, Alcatel actually just launched a new Android smartphone - Alcatel A30 phone. Interestingly, this phone shares the same exact specs with Alcatel A30 Tablet. And this phone will also go on sale in low-end market, priced at only $99. So basically, Alcatel A30 tablet is the giant version of the phone.

Anyway, as a cheap tablet, of course you cannot expect anything spectacular especially from its specs. But despite being a low-cost device, Alcatel A30 actually can be a pretty decent purchase considering its cheap price point. In fact, we believe this Alcatel's tablet is totally worth checking out.

Looking for a cheap Android Nougat tablet? This Alcatel A30 can be a pretty decent choice for you
It's got an 8-inch display with the screen resolution of 800x1200 pixels. There's also Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 running the entire show here, paired with 2GB of RAM to provide smooth lag-free performance. Meanwhile, Adreno 304 GPU will handle all the graphical tasks thrown on this machine.

Alcatel A30 Tablet will be running on Android Nougat OS out of the box, which is awesome because you'll get to enjoy some new great features like dual split-screen mode, fast installation process, instant apps and a lot more. This Android version is also much faster and smoother, plus more efficient with power consumption.

If you're into photography, you're in luck here as this tablet will come with 5MP cameras on the back and front. Meanwhile, the internal storage equipped on this tablet is 16GB. But if that's not enough, you can bump it up through its microSD card slot.

Alcatel A30 Tablet will also feature an IR Blaster, which means you can use it as a remote control for your TV and many other electronic hardware in your living room. Another thing that makes this tablet worth considering is its 4G LTE, providing you a fast internet connectivity for downloading and streaming YouTube videos.

How does it perform for playing games?

Playing heavy 3D games on this tablet is probably not such an ideal thing to do because it's only powered by Adreno 304 GPU, which is a low end GPU and not really adequate to handle games like Modern Combat 5 or GTA San Andreas, especially in full graphics.

However, if you're not a heavy gamer and you only want a cheap Android-Nougat tablet for basic needs like watching movies, browsing the web, reading books, downloading files or playing some casual games, we totally recommend this tablet to you.

It's got an 8-inch display with HD resolution, a pretty adequate performance (thanks to Snapdragon 210, Adreno 304 and 2GB of RAM), 5MP cameras front and back, awesome features on Android Nougat OS, IR blaster and we believe it's also capable to deliver pretty solid battery life.

Should I buy it?

Well, for a cheap tablet in the price range around $120, Alcatel A30 is definitely a pretty good choice here.

But you might ask why, right?

Okay, first of all, we love Android devices from Alcatel, whether it's a smartphone or tablet. They may be affordable to buy, but Alcatel never compromises the quality of its products. The are pretty amazing. 

We've actually had some experiences with Alcatel smartphones, Alcatel Flash Plus and Flash 2, and to tell you the truth, we love them both.

Well, if you're interested of buying this tablet, Alcatel A30 will hit the shelves next month, on May 26. Unfortunately, it's very likely that this one will be available exclusively only on T-Mobile. So if you're living in the country where T-Mobile is nowhere around, don't get your hopes up. You probably won't be able to find this tablet in your country. 

This Asus Chromebook Flip C213 laptop will make you drool all over the place
Just a couple of months ago, we were made impressed by what Asus brought to the laptop market. Its Asus Chromebook Flip C302 - features some decent specs like full HD screen, Intel Core m3, 4gigs of RAM, all-aluminum finish and flippable design through 360-degree hinge. But today, Asus comes with another impressive Chromebook laptop. This one is Asus Chromebook Flip C213.

What makes this laptop so special is actually its design and materials. So Asus Chromebook Flip C213 is a rugged laptop with really sturdy and strong chassis. So if you're looking for a laptop that can easily survive from extreme drops on solid ground, this is probably the laptop for you.

Anyway, similar just like the predecessor, this laptop still inherits the same flexible hinge which allows user to flip over this laptop for up to 360 degrees. So you can basically use it either in laptop, kickstand, tent or even tablet mode.

This Asus Chromebook Flip C213 laptop will make you drool all over the place
Asus Chromebook Flip C213 features an 11.6-inch display with touchscreen support. There's 5MP camera on the back and also HD shooter on the front side. So if you love taking photos or do video calls, this one has got you covered.

This laptop is running on Chrome OS. So you're not gonna be able to run Windows software on this machine. But hopefully, Asus Chromebook Flip C213 is one of the laptops that will get the support from Google to run Android apps in the future.

As claimed by Asus, this Chromebook laptop is capable to deliver around 12 hours of battery life, which is believable given that Chrome OS is not as power-consuming than say, Windows 10 OS.

This Asus Chromebook Flip C213 laptop will make you drool all over the place
Asus Chromebook Flip C213 comes with Chrome device management system that allows users to give permission or block apps and extensions as well as force-install apps. So security is definitely the number one aspect that Asus wants to brag through this laptop.

If you want to own this laptop, Asus Chromebook Flip C213 can be yours for $349. This is actually much cheaper than what Asus is asking for Asus Chromebook Flip C302 ($499). It has been available to buy on Amazon since 3 days ago as well as other retailers.

So what are you waiting for? If you're looking for a rugged laptop that has a sturdy design and can be used as a fully working tablet, be sure to check out Asus Chromebook Flip C213.

Alcatel Plus 12 tablet
If you're on the street looking for a Windows 10 tablet that doesn't dig deeper into your pocket, then you might want to check out what Alcatel just unveiled recently at MWC 2017. It's a hybrid tablet called Alcatel Plus 12.

Just like any Windows 10 hybrid tablets out there (including the recently-revealed Samsung Galaxy Book 10 & 12 tablets), this Alcatel Plus 12 tablet also bears the same design concept.

So it is a regular tablet and it's running on Windows 10 OS. It comes with a keyboard case which is detachable magnetically with the tablet.

Alcatel Plus 12 tablet
Of course, as a more affordable option, Alcatel Plus 12 tablet is probably not on par with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Book 12 when it comes to performance, let alone Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. But for doing basic productivity-related tasks, we are more than sure this Alcatel Plus 12 tablet is perfectly capable to accommodate almost all of your needs. 

Hardware specs

This year's Alcatel Plus 12 tablet actually brings a much better specs sheet than the predecessor (Alcatel Plus 10 tablet).

Its display for example, is now 12-inches and it comes with full HD 1920x1080 pixels resolution, which is a much improvement over last year's model that came with a smaller 10-inch screen and lower 720p resolution.

In terms of performance, Alcatel Plus 12 tablet is also not too shabby at all as a Windows 10 device. So it comes with 1GHz dual-core Intel Celeron N3350 "Apollo Lake" processor, accompanied with 4GB of LPDDR2 RAM. Unfortunately, there's no information about what graphics card that Alcatel is cramming inside this tablet.

There's 32GB eMMC SSD internal storage to store all of your files and media contents, but the good thing is, this tablet is expandable through its microSD slot for up to 32GB.

Its storage may not be as huge as other Windows 10 offerings on the market. But with total 64GB of storage, it's actually still good enough to keep many of your contents alive on this device.

For gaming, we totally don't recommend this tablet for you, especially if you happen to be a hardcore PC gamer. But for playing some older PC games, we are confidence that its Intel dual-core Celeron processor will perform well without a problem, especially knowing that this tablet is equipped with a pretty huge 4GB of RAM.

On the sector of battery, Alcatel Plus 12 comes with a 6900mAh power battery. But interestingly, the separate keyboard case also comes with its own 2580mAh battery. So when both are attached, you'll get a much longer battery life from this device.

And this is definitely important given that Alcatel Plus 12 is a productivity-focused tablet running on Windows 10 OS, which requires a lot of power to operate (compared to Android OS that is more light weight). So it's good to hear that Alcatel Plus 12 is well-equipped for that!


In terms of design, Alcatel Plus 12 actually looks much better and more professional than last year's model. So the rear chassis comes with a metallic finish all over it, making it look and feel premium.

And then, the detachable keyboard case also have really strong magnets on its ports. So when attached to the tablet, it will require some power to detach the tablet from the keyboard. And this is good because it makes sure that this device will be steady when used for doing productivity tasks like typing or taking notes with the stylus while in laptop mode.

The keyboard case is also assigned as the base for LTE hotspot. So if you happen to have a really speedy internet connection and you want to share it to a group of people, yes, you can do that as this keyboard allows you to connect to 15 other devices.

Alcatel Plus 12 is equipped with Hello-compatible fingerprint scanner right in the power button and it also supports N-Trig powered digitizer pen (stylus) with Windows Ink.

And we already know how great N-Trig really is as we've seen this stylus technology on many devices from Microsoft Surface tablets, HP Slate7 Extreme to Nvidia Shield Tablet. So if you love doing something creative with the stylus, like creating sketches or drawing paintings, then you're in the right hands if you pick Alcatel Plus 12 tablet.

Release date and pricing?

Unfortunately, Alcatel is still tight-lipped regarding the release date and pricing for this tablet. But given that the last year's Alcatel Plus 10 only cost €349, then we're pretty much sure that this new-gen Alcatel Plus 12 will likely be priced around that price range or probably, a slightly more expensive. But definitely not as expensive as Samsung Galaxy Book 12 tablet. 

About Alcatel products and their qualities

Anyway, if you are not so familiar with Alcatel and its products, this France-based company actually used to be one of the pioneers in cell phone industry alongside Motorola, Ericsson and Nokia.

And the quality of Alcatel smartphones and tablets are actually not that bad. In fact, we've already had experiences with 2 of Alcatel smartphones - Alcatel Flash Plus and Flash 2 and THEY DON'T SUCK.

For your information, one of Alcatel smartphones - Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 - actually got a great review from TheVerge on YouTube, calling this phone as the BEST smartphone in low price range in the US around 2 years ago ($250).

So if you're planning to buy Alcatel Plus 12 tablet in the near future or other Alcatel products, then you don't need to worry at all as Alcatel devices are great in quality, despite their low price points than other competitors.

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