How to add border on each key of Google Android Keyboard?

Written by B Johnson December 01, 2017
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As the default keyboard of most Android devices out there, of course stock Google Keyboard must provide the best typing experience for users. I personally use Google Keyboard on my smartphone simply because it runs smoothly and the result of the typing is pretty fast on the screen.

However, there is something that in my opinion is pretty annoying from stock Google Keyboard. And that is the non existence of border on each key.

This totally makes it pretty hard to press the right key especially given that my smartphone uses 5-inch screen, which is not very ideal for typing in portrait mode. In fact, mistyping of words happens quite a lot when I’m using this keyboard.

Luckily, there’s a solution for that. And that's by using the latest version of Google Keyboard app.

So the latest version of Google Keyboard now comes with the feature to add border on every key around it. Not only that, Google also brings some cool interesting background templates that you can apply on this keyboard: from red, blue, white and many more.

For your information, all of these things are actually the features found on the latest Android Nougat update. So even if your smartphone or tablet won't get Nougat OS update, you can still enjoy these goodies on your device.

Okay then, without further ado, below I'm going to show you how exactly to enable the border on every key of Google Keyboard and how to change the template/color of the keyboard interface.

#1. Update the Google Keyboard app

Okay, in order to get these new features, you must first go to Google Play Store to update your Google Keyboard app to the latest version. It's really easy to do that. You just need to search 'Google Keyboard' and then press the 'Update' button to download the latest version of this app.

#2. Select Language & Input

After updating your Google Keyboard app, now go to Setting > scroll down and then select ‘Language & Input’.

#3. Open Google Keyboard

After selecting ‘Language & Input’, now you will be taken to the setting page where you can configure from the system language on your device to the keyboard you’re using right now.

As you can see on the screen, there is the section called ‘Keyboard & Input methods’. Okay, to modify your keyboard, now tap on the 'Google Keyboard'.

#4. Open ‘Theme’

On the setting page of Google Keyboard, you will see that there are some different sections of settings for Google Keyboard you’re currently using right now. If you want to modifying your Google Keyboard app, now select ‘Theme’.

#5. How to add border on each key?

Okay, still on the ‘Theme’ setting page, now if you want to add border, you can simply do one thing. And that is turn on the toggle of ‘Key Border’.

However, this feature is only available on the latest version of Google Keyboard. So if you’re still using the old-version of this app, I strongly suggest you to update this app through Google Play Store.

#6. How to change the background color of the keyboard?

Besides adding border, on this latest version of Google Keyboard, there’s also the cool feature that allows you to change the standard theme of the keyboard with any colors.

So if you love red, yes, you can change the background color of the keyboard with red color. You can also use white, light and dark green, light and dark blue, maroon, pink and you can even use your own photo as the background on the keyboard.

#7. Try it out and see the change on Google Keyboard

Okay, now you just finished setting up the Google Keyboard on your device. If you want to try it out and see the actual change that you just made earlier, now open your web browser and then tap on the search engine box.

As you can see, now the Google Keyboard on your device has been updated. Now every key on this keyboard is now separated from one to another with border. And the background color of this keyboard will also change to the color that you chose in the setting.


Well, there you have it guys, my tips for you if you want to add border on every key and change the background color of the Google Keyboard. What do you think? Do you like these new features on Google Keyboard? Which colors do you like the most from this new Google Keyboard?

Well, if you have anything to say about this latest version of Google Keyboard, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts here on the comment section below.

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