How to activate ‘Night Mode’ on Yahoo Mail app?

Written by B Johnson July 01, 2016
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From all the new latest features found on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, I think ‘Night Mode’ is the one that has been stealing quite attention lately. Now you can find this feature on any platforms, from Twitter app, iOS 10, Android Nougat OS and even Mozilla Firefox mobile browser.

Besides these platforms, there’s actually another app that also makes use of ‘Night Mode’ feature. And that is Yahoo Mail.

If you have been using this email client app for quite awhile, then you already know that the latest version of Yahoo Mail app comes with the feature which allows you to reverse the entire background color of the app from the basic white to dark gray color.

Well, if you're interested to know more about this feature, below I’m going to show you how exactly to activate this 'Night Mode' on Yahoo Mail app.

#1. Open ‘Yahoo Mail’ app

First of all, open ‘Yahoo Mail’ app on your tablet or smartphone. But if you haven’t had it yet, you can download it on Google Play Store. It’s free by the way but this app weighs around 40MB so I strongly recommend you to use your Wifi connection when downloading this app in order to save your mobile data.

#2. Slide open the menu option

After opening Yahoo Mail app on your device, now open the menu option on the left. You can actually just slide the screen from left to the right in order to open the main menu. Or you can also press the 3-line icon near the word ‘Inbox’ on the TOP RIGHT CORNER.

#3. Select ‘Setting’

Once you open the main menu, now scroll down and select ‘Setting’ because you’re about to configure the setting of this app.

#4. Scroll down and open ‘Themes’

On the ‘Setting’, scroll down a little bit and select the option ‘Themes’.

#5. Select the email account you would like to modify

Now on ‘Themes’, first select which email account you would like to be applied with ‘Night Mode’.

#6. Choose the dark gray theme on the right edge

Okay, ‘Yahoo Mail’ doesn’t actually have the ‘Night Mode’ feature. But the great thing about this app is, you can still enjoy the similar feature like ‘Night Mode’ by selecting the dark gray themes that are provided on this app.

So on the latest version of Yahoo Mail app, there's a bunch of themes that you can choose from, like the basic white-blue, white-green, white-orange, dark gray-green, dark gray-orange and many more.

To do this, now still on ‘Themes’, scroll the background color to the right edge and select the dark gray background color.

#7. Press ‘Set theme’ on the top

If you have decided which theme color you would like to use, now press ‘the button Set Theme’ on the top of the screen. Once you do that, this feature will be activated on your chosen email account.

#8. Go back to the main inbox screen

To see the change that you just made on this app, now go back to the inbox screen.

#9. Enjoy the Night mode on your Yahoo Mail app

As you can see on the screen, if you open the email client which you just set with the new theme, the entire background is now dominated with dark gray color. Of course the text and link color will also be reversed into white, so they can be readable in dark background.

Anyway, besides this dark gray theme, as you have seen earlier, Yahoo Mail app also provides many other themes, like the combination of white and orange color, dark gray with red and many more.

So if you already feel bored with the dark gray background color, you can still use any other themes which surely will enhance the experience of using this app.


Well, there you have it guys, my simple tutorial for you if you want to activate the ‘Night Mode’ on your ‘Yahoo Mail’ app. Hopefully, you like what I’m sharing in this post.

Okay, I know that this feature is not the same ‘Night Mode’ feature just like on Twitter app or Android Nougat OS. But I think this feature is essentially the same because you can instantly reverse the basic white background color of Yahoo Mail app into dark gray color, which looks kind of nice.

Anyway, what about you guys? Do you happen to use Yahoo Mail app as your daily driver to check emails on your device everyday? Well, if you have something to say regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts here on the comment section below.
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