How to install ClockWorkMod (CWM) on NVIDIA Shield Tablet?

Written by B Johnson July 01, 2016
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Alongside TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project), CWM or known as ClockWorkMod has been one of the most popular custom recovery tools that many Android users always count on whenever they want to backup the Android system of their devices.

It goes the same with the users of NVIDIA Shield Tablet. For many users of NVIDIA Shield Tablet, creating the backup system of this device can be really important thing to do in order to prevent any problems like bootloop in the future.

Anyway, yesterday, I've already showed you how exactly to root your NVIDIA Shield Tablet. So it's actually really simple. You just need to download the rooting app called "TowelRoot" and then let this app root your tablet.

Today, I'm actually still interested to bring up again this NVIDIA Shield Tablet into my next article.

So after giving you the tutorial of rooting NVIDIA Shield Tablet, right now I want to show you how exactly to install ClockWorkMod or CWM on this device.

Okay then, without further long introduction, if you want to know how to do that, here you go!

WARNING!! Do this at your own risk!! I will not be responsible for anything wrong that might happen on your device!

1. Ensure that your NVIDIA Shield Tablet has been rooted already

I assume that right now, your NVIDIA Shield Tablet has been rooted and it’s also been validated by Root Checker app. Not to mention, the SuperSU app from ChainFire has also been installed on this device, as I’ve already asked you to do it in my previous post.

And if that’s true, then you can proceed to the next step, which is finding the right compatible CWM image file from forum.

2. Find the right compatible CWM image file on

Okay, after having successfully rooted your NVIDIA Shield Tablet, the next thing you need to do is find the right compatible ClockWorkMod file specifically for NVIDIA Shield Tablet.

This is really important because if you install the wrong CWM image file that is NOT compatible with your NVIDIA Shield Tablet, chances are, it could damage your tablet and caused some serious errors to the whole system. So you don't want that to happen, okay?

So in order to get the right CWM file that is compatible with your NVIDIA Shield Tablet, the best place to find it is definitely on, as this forum has the most complete database of anything related to Android OS, rooting, installing custom ROMS and many more.

It’s actually pretty simple to find the right compatible CWM file on this forum. You just need to search on Google with the key phrase: “NVIDIA Shield Tablet CWM”. Or you can also find it directly on using the search engine of this forum.

The ClockWorkMod image file usually goes by the name: “”. But after you extract the file to your tablet, it will usually have the name "CWM_Philz.img".

3. Extract the CWM image file (CWM.img)

After finding the right CWM file for NVIDIA Shield Tablet, and you are perfectly sure that this file is the right compatible CWM file for this tablet, now download it and then extract the image file (CWM.img) to the internal/external storage of your tablet.

But make sure to extract it right on the root directory, not inside any folder. So later, it’ll be much easier to find that file for further use.

4. Download Flashify (for root) on Google Play Store

In order to install the CWM image file that you just downloaded earlier, you need an app called “Flashify” because this tool can flash/install any image files like CWM or TWRP on the system of your tablet.

There are actually many other similar apps like “Rashr” that does the same thing. But for this tutorial, I want to show you how to install CWM file using Flashify.

Okay, now go to Google Play Store and download “Flashify” on your NVIDIA Shield Tablet. Anyway, this app requires the root permission on your device, so this is why earlier I’ve already asked you to root this tablet first before even proceeding to the next step.

5. Grant the root permission to Flashify

Right when you open Flashify, the app will automatically ask the root permission to your NVIDIA Shield Tablet. Now select “Grant” or “Allow” on the prompted option to grant the root permission to this app.

6. Press “Recovery Image”

Okay, after granting the root permission to this app, now you can start doing the flashing process of the CWM image file you just downloaded earlier. Okay, now select “Recovery Image” to start the flashing process.

7. Select “Choose file”

After pressing the “Recovery Image”, you will be prompted with some options of recovery tools like CWM, TWRP, etc. But REMEMBER! You should NEVER use any of these provided tools because they might not be compatible with your NVIDIA Shield Tablet.

Now select "Choose File" to find the CWM file you just downloaded earlier from forum.

8. Choose your favorite file manager

Right when you press “Choose file”, you will be given with some file managers that you can use to find the image file you would like to install. Now select your favorite file manager you usually use all the time on your this device.

9. Select the CWM recovery image file you just downloaded earlier

After choosing the file manager, now you need to find the CWM image file (CWM.img) that you just downloaded earlier. Once you have found that CWM file, now press it to start flashing that file into the system of your NVIDIA Shield Tablet.

10. Press “Yup”

When you press the CWM file, the system will ask you again whether you want to install the file or not, now select “Yup” and let the app install your chosen CWM file to the tablet. It usually takes a few seconds or 1 minute until the installation process is complete.

11. Select “Reboot Now”

Once the installation process of the CWM file is complete, it will automatically prompt you the option to reboot to the recovery mode of ClockWorkMod (CWM).

Now select “Reboot Now” in the prompted window and let your tablet reboot itself to the recovery mode of CWM (ClockWorkMod)

12. Now you’re in CWM recovery mode (upside down)

Now you’re finally in the ClockWorkMod recovery mode. If I’m not mistaken, the ClockWorkMod on NVIDIA Shield Tablet weirdly will be shown upside down. So if you want to use it, you need to turn your tablet upside down so you can see the screen properly.

13. Reboot system now

Okay, in this tutorial, I’m not gonna show you what to do on CWM recovery mode. So if you don’t know what to do on CWM recovery mode, I strongly suggest you to reboot your tablet to the normal homescreen.

Now select “Reboot System now” (by using volume rocker to select the option and power button to make a selection).

But if you want to create the backup system of your NVIDIA Shield Tablet, you can learn more about that in my previous article where I’ve already showed how to create the backup system or restore the backup system to the tablet by using CWM.

Last word

Well, that’s all for now guys. Hopefully you like what I just shared in this post. And if you feel helped by this article, please don't hesitate to press the share button and let your friends know about my website. I would totally appreciate your effort here.
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