6 Reasons why Yahoo Mail app is better than Gmail

Written by B Johnson October 03, 2016
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As many of you know, if we are talking about email providers, then the one that will cross our mind is definitely Gmail. Everyone loves Gmail, even more than any other competitors like Yahoo Mail or Outlook.com.

What's not to like from Gmail?

It's free, it's simple to use and everyone is using it. In fact, this Google’s email provider has been insanely popular and more common to use either for personal or even professional purposes.

I myself also love Gmail and still use it as my main email account for all of my activities around the web. However, when it comes to email client apps, I’ve gotta say that Yahoo Mail app has impressed me a lot lately.

The latest version of Yahoo Mail app now has many great things to offer. It’s now really easy to use, it has a more attractive visual interface than the older versions and the most importantly, this app now allows users to sign in to multiple email accounts even from various email servers like Gmail, Outlook and some other more. All in one single app.

Below I’m going to give you 6 reasons why Yahoo Mail app is so much better than Gmail app and why you should start using it from now on.

1. Yahoo Mail accommodates multiple accounts from various email servers

The first reason why I think Yahoo Mail is such an awesome email client app is, Yahoo Mail allows you to log in to multiple email accounts, all in one single app. So this feature is really similar just like on Instagram or Twitter app which supports multiple accounts in one app.

But that’s not it. There’s more.

So with Yahoo Mail app, not only can you check emails from Yahoo Mail website, but you’re also allowed to sign in to various email servers like Outlook, Hotmail and even Yahoo Mail's toughest competitor - Google Gmail.

This feature is definitely useful if you happen to register to many email accounts from different servers, enabling you to handle all of your email accounts without any hassle.

2. There is ‘Night Mode’ on Yahoo Mail app

Nowadays, the feature called ‘Night Mode’ is becoming more popular to use on any kind of platforms. From Twitter app, Firefox mobile browser and even the latest installment of Android Nougat OS - all have this feature right now.

The good news is, ‘Night Mode’ is now also available on Yahoo Mail app. However, the Night Mode on Yahoo Mail app is pretty different with the one found on, say, Twitter app.

So on Yahoo Mail, this app gives you a bunch of options of different color themes to choose from, including dark gray theme, just like on Twitter.

So if you feel bored already with the basic white background theme which is set in default by this app, then you can turn the background into dark gray color by choosing the dark theme that is provided by this app. The background color will be reversed into dark gray, while the text and links will also turn into white.

The cool thing is, you can choose which email account you would like to be applied with this dark theme.

3. Mobile notification makes receiving emails much quicker

I think it’s really important for our emails to be treated just like text messages on our phone. This is why mobile notification feature on Yahoo Mail app will come in handy in this situation. So everytime you receive a new email, the notification will appear right away on the screen. This feature actually can be found on Gmail as well.

The great thing is, the mobile notification feature on Yahoo Mail app can be activated only on your chosen email accounts, not all of them. So you can select which email accounts that will show you quick notification and which ones that will not. But of course, your internet connection must be enabled first in order for this feature to work properly.

4. Yahoo Mail's swiping gesture makes everything more efficient

The other interesting feature that I like the most from Yahoo Mail app is swiping gesture. So everytime you receive a bunch of new emails that you consider as not really important to read, email promotions or spams, you can just swipe these emails to the left one by one if you want to delete them.

These deleted emails will then be moved into the trash box, similar just like Recycle Bin on your computer. So later you can still revive these emails back to your inbox if you accidentally remove your important emails.

5. You can block images to save mobile data

If you have a very limited amount of mobile data, then the best way to save your data is by blocking the images from appearing on your certain apps. The good thing is, Yahoo Mail app has this feature.

So everytime you receive emails that contain a lot of images on them, Yahoo Mail will only load the text element of your emails, while the images will be blocked entirely from being loaded. But you can still load the images by pressing the 'Load Images' button that is provided on every email.

This feature of course will be useful if you subscribe to online retailing websites like Amazon or Lazada that always send email promotions which of course contain a lot of product photos.

6. Yahoo Mail app doesn't separate emails

One reason why I think Yahoo Mail app is much better than Gmail app is because all of your emails will appear in one single list in your inbox.

So on Yahoo Mail, if you receive email promotions, YouTube updates, personal emails from the people you know and any other emails - all of these emails will be placed in one single inbox, ensuring that you won't miss any emails in your account.

This is way different than Gmail app that will separate all of your emails according to categories in some annoying different tabs. And to be honest, I don't like this. In fact, this is the feature that I hate the most from Gmail.


Well, there you go guys, 6 reasons why Yahoo Mail app is better than Gmail. Hope you like what I’ve shared in this post.

Personally, I’m actually still using Yahoo Mail app as my daily driver to check emails every day on my smartphone. I think this app is so much better than Gmail, mostly thanks to its features, its ease of use and its more attractive UI.

Anyway guys, what about you? Do you happen to use Yahoo Mail app on your device? Or do you use other email client apps besides Gmail or Yahoo Mail?

Well, if you do, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts here on the comment section below. I’ll be more than happier to hear what you’re gonna say regarding this topic.
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