How to watch movies while searching for subtitles on your tablet or smartphone?

Written by B Johnson October 03, 2016
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Thanks to the rapid developments of technology, now you can do a lot of things with your tablet or smartphone, from browsing the web, playing games, listening to music to even watching movies.

Personally, I love to watch movies. In fact, it is one thing that I love to do the most on my smartphone every day.

There is one great app that I always use everytime I want to watch movies on my Android device. The app is ‘MX Player Pro’. If you haven’t heard of it already, MX Player Pro is actually similar with other video players (apps) available right now on Google Play Store or App Store.

However, everytime I'm watching a movie through this app, it’s really important for me to have the subtitle of that movie on the get-go in order to make sure that I don’t miss every conversation between the characters in that movie.

This is the reason why I am using MX Player PRO because this app has this ‘special feature’ which allows me to find the subtitles of any movies right away within the app.

Okay then, below I’m going to show you how exactly to download the subtitles of any movies right away on MX Player Pro.

#1. Open your Google Play Store app

First things first, open Google Play Store app on your device.

#2. Download MX Player

After opening Google Play Store, find an app called ‘MX Player’ and then download this app on your device.This app weighs around 9MB, so it’s best if you download this app by using Wifi connection in order to save your mobile data.

#3. Watch any movie

After you finish downloading and installing ‘MX Player’, now open it. This app will then scan all the videos that you currently have on your device. It probably just takes a few seconds. And once it’s done, all of your videos will appear in the list.

Now watch any movie that you have on your device. Remember! Any movie. Not just a regular video. Later, we’re gonna search the subtitle of this movie right within the app.

#4. Open the menu option

After you tap on the movie, this app will then play the movie. Now to find its subtitle, first press the menu button (3 dot icon) on the TOP RIGHT CORNER.

#5. Select Subtitle

Once the menu option is open, now select ‘Subtitle’ in the list.

#6. Choose ‘Get subtitles online’

After that, choose the option ‘Get Subtitles online’.

#7. Select ‘Search’

Now select the option ‘Search’ to start searching for the subtitle that matches with the movie you’re currently watching.

#8. Turn on internet connection

Once you select ‘Search’, the small window will be prompted on the screen. Now you’ll need to enable the internet connection of your device because this app requires internet connection to search for the subtitle around the web ( website).

#9. Select ‘OK’

If the title of the movie is correctly written on the video, then you can just press ‘OK’ to start the searching process. So for example, if the movie you’re currently watching is ‘Home Alone 2’ and the title is correctly written as ‘Home Alone 2’ without any symbols or unnecessary letters, then this app can easily find the subtitle on the internet.

However, if the movie you’re watching is not correctly written, then you need to give a check mark in the small box that says ‘Enter your search text’ and then type the correct name of the movie manually.

After that, hit ‘OK’.

#10. Select one subtitle in the list

After pressing ‘OK’, this app will generate the list of subtitles that matches with the movie you’re currently playing. Now to start using this subtitle, give a checkmark on your chosen subtitle and hit ‘Download’. MX Player will then download the subtitle and enable it automatically in the movie.

#11. Check if the subtitle is correct

If every text in the subtitle doesn’t match the conversation inside the movie, you can switch to other subtitle files by following the same steps above (from the steps #4 - #10).


Well, there you have it guys, my tips for you if you want to watch movies along with their subtitles. Hopefully, you like what I’m sharing in this post.

Anyway, what about you? Do you happen to use ‘MX Player’ or ‘MX Player Pro’ to watch movies on your tablet or smartphone? Or do you use other video players to watch videos or movies on your device?

Well, if you do, please don’t hesitate to share your opinions here on the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding this topic.
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