How to install LITE custom ROM v3.6 on Alcatel Flash 2 (light version of stock Flash 2 ROM v3.6)?

Written by B Johnson October 03, 2016
Alcatel Flash 2
Alcatel Flash 2 has been my daily driver for the past couple of months now. I actually bought it for just $130. But despite this affordable price point, I think this phone has been really awesome for me.

It has great gaming performance, great display, it’s really thin and light in weight, its battery life is pretty strong and I also dig its unique style of design.

Since the first time I got this phone, I’ve be doing a lot of things with this device, like rooting, changing the stock UI with NOVA Launcher and even installing different custom ROMs like CyanogenMOD 13 OS.

There is one custom ROM that I really love the most and even still use it until today. And it's called LITE custom ROM v3.6, which is based on Android Lollipop 5.0 OS.

Yes – as its name suggests, this LITE custom ROM v3.6 is indeed the light version of custom ROM. It's actually the light version of the original stock ROM (v3.6) that comes pre-installed on Alcatel Flash 2 in the first place. So the first time I bought this phone, it already came with Android stock Lollipop custom ROM v3.6.

However, thanks to the creativity of Android developers out there, they managed to shrink down this stock Android OS and made it simpler and lighter in weight by stripping off some unnecessary features and bloatwares that came with the OS.

Well, if you’re also interested to install this light version of stock ROM on your Alcatel Flash 2, below I’m gonna show you how exactly to install LITE custom ROM v3.6 on this phone. Hope this works perfectly on your device.

WARNING!! Do this at your own risk!! I will not be responsible for anything wrong that might happen on your phone!

PROS and CONS about this 'LITE custom ROM v3.6'
  • Improved battery life
  • Improved performance
  • There is a 'screen-capture' option if you long-press the power button
  • You can resize the area when doing 'screen-capture'
  • There is a 'Clear All' button on Recent Apps screen
  • You can copy any files on the system with file explorer
  • No more unimportant Google apps
  • Automatically rooted with SuperSU
  • There is 'MX Player PRO' app pre-installed, which supports DVD format video
  • Dolby ATMOS to improve sound quality on music/video players
  • Internet speed meter on status bar
  • It always takes 5 minutes when rebooting
#1. Root your Alcatel Flash 2

Okay, in order to be able to install any custom ROMs on Alcatel Flash 2, the first important thing to do is root your device. By doing so, you’ll be able to install custom recovery tool (like TWRP or CWM) which you can then use it to flash any custom ROMs on your device.

Actually, I’ve already shared to you my step-by-step guide to root Alcatel Flash 2 by using an app called ‘Kingroot’ in my previous post. So if you want to know how to root this phone, then you better check out that post. But bear in mind that by rooting your device, you will lose the warranty.

If you have successfully rooted your Alcatel Flash 2, then you can proceed to the next steps below.

#2. Download the custom ROM Flash 2 v3.6 Lite version

After rooting your Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone, now download this LITE custom ROM v3.6 that is compatible and even specifically made for Alcatel Flash 2. Anyway, this custom ROM is still based on Android Lollipop 5.0 OS.

If you have downloaded this file, the next thing to do is transfer this file to your smartphone (internal storage). But DO NOT extract this file. Leave it as a zip/rar file.

Download link: LITE stock Lollipop OS v3.6 for Alcatel Flash 2

ROM v2:

ROM v3:

#3. Backup your data first

Once you have finished downloading the LITE custom ROM v3.6, now I want you to backup your data and media files. I strongly recommend you to move all of your media files such as movies, music, photos, etc to your computer first.

It’s really important to start fresh with your microSD card because once your phone is installed with the new custom ROM, the system will make a new adjustment on the microSD card. And when that happens, some of your media files will be removed randomly if you haven’t formatted it.

So this is why I ask you to move all of your media files to your computer so you can format your microSD card AFTER your phone is finally running on the new LITE custom ROM v3.6.

#4. Backup your apps/games and their saved data

It’s also important to backup some of your important apps/games along with their saved data. So once your phone has been installed with the new custom ROM, you can restore all the important apps along with their saved data like web bookmarks, saved games, etc.

To do that, you can use an app called ‘Titanium Backup’ (requires root) which you can download on Google Play Store. But if you don’t know how to use this app, you can check out this post.

#5. Remove your microSD card from your phone

Once you’ve finished backing up all of your media files to your computer, now remove your microSD card from your Alcatel Flash 2. But please DO NOT put it back in before you have followed all the steps below.

#6. Make sure that your phone has around 60% of battery life

Okay, now you’re about to install the new custom ROM on your Alcatel Flash 2. But before you do that, make sure that you phone right now has around 50 – 60% of battery life because the process of installing custom ROM will drain some of your battery life.

#7. Install TWRP custom recovery tool and reboot to TWRP

After removing your SD card, now go to Google Play Store and install an app called ‘Rashr’ (requires root). This app can help you install any custom recovery tool such as TWRP or CWM.

Once you have installed ‘Rashr’ on your phone, now download TWRP custom recovery tool that is compatible with Alcatel Flash 2. And then, put the image file of TWRP (.IMG) in the root directory of your phone. If you don’t know how to install TWRP on your device, you can check out this post.

Download link of TWRP (for Alcatel Flash 2)


Stock recovery of Alcatel Flash 2:

#8. Enter to the recovery mode of TWRP

After installing TWRP custom recovery tool on your Alcatel Flash 2, now go to recovery mode of TWRP. It’s actually really easy to do that. First open ‘Rashr’ (app) and then select the option ‘Reboot to Recovery’.

#9. Backup the existing system with TWRP

After entering to the recovery mode of TWRP, now create a backup system by using this TWRP custom recovery tool. This is REALLY IMPORTANT TO DO so you can still have a backup if later you want to go back to the existing custom ROM that is currently running on your phone.

Its also really vital to create this 'backup system' using TWRP so if later something wrong happens in the installation process of the new custom ROM, you can still restore the old custom ROM. So your phone can work normally again just like before.

But if you don’t know exactly how to create the backup system using TWRP, you can check out my other post that covers this topic.

#10. Select ‘Wipe’ and swipe to factory reset

After you finish creating the backup system with TWRP, now still on the recovery mode, select ‘Wipe’ and 'Swipe to Factory Reset’. Again, this is REALLY IMPORTANT TO DO in order to start fresh with your smartphone's system before installing any custom ROMs.

#11. Choose ‘Install’ and locate the LITE custom ROM

Next, go back to the first screen of TWRP and select ‘Install’ and locate the LITE custom ROM v3.6 that you have downloaded earlier. After that, slide the ‘Swipe to Confirm Flash’ to the right.

#12. Wait until the flashing process is complete

The process of installing the new custom ROM usually takes around 5 minutes to complete. You can actually see the progress of this process through the messages that appear on the screen. But DO NOT press anything here because it might mess up your device.

#13. Enter to the homescreen

Once your phone finishes installing the new custom ROM, it will then ask you to reboot to system. When that happens, press ‘Reboot to System’ to restart your phone. You will then be shown with the boot animation of Flash 2 around 20 or 30 minutes.

But don’t worry, this is normal and what is supposed to happen because your phone is currently installing the new system. So all you can do right now is leave your phone on the table during this process. So DO NOT PRESS anything!


After a few minutes being stuck in the boot animation, your smartphone finally enters to the homescreen. Usually, you will be asked by the system to enter your Google account and make some changes to the basic settings such as time/date, language, etc.

If that happens, it means your Alcatel Flash 2 has been successfully installed with the new LITE custom ROM v3.6. Congratulations guys! Now you can taste the new experience on your device. As you can see on the screen, there are some improvements here and there on the system.

#15. DO NOT ROOT your Alcatel Flash 2

On this new LITE version of custom ROM v3.6, the SuperSU app already comes pre-installed on this phone, which means your Alcatel Flash 2 has been automatically rooted. So DO NOT root your device again with Kingroot because it might mess up with the system.

#16. Restore the backup of your apps with Titanium Backup

Once your phone has entered to the homescreen, you may want to restore all of your important apps along with their saved data using Titanium Backup.


Well, there you go guys, my step-by-step guide for you if you want to install the LITE custom ROM v3.6 on your Alcatel Flash 2. Hopefully this method works perfectly on your device.

Anyway, besides this custom ROM, you can actually install another custom ROM called ‘CyanogenMOD 12’ on this device.

But based on my experience, this CyanogenMOD 12 custom ROM has some weaknesses here and there, especially on its features. But if you’re interested to try out this custom ROM, you can check out my other post about installing CyanogenMOD 12 on Alcatel Flash 2.

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