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How an Amateur CS: GO Player Can Become Professional through FPL

Written by B Johnson January 21, 2021
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As the CS: GO scene is becoming more and more prominent, amateur players have become even more resilient to follow their dreams of becoming a professional player. The FACEIT Pro League or FPL is a competition created back in 2015 that enables different players to take part in monthly tournaments for a prize pool of $20,000..

Becoming a professional CS: GO player is very difficult as you need the right platform and skills to make sure that you make a name for yourself. If you think that you have what it takes, FPL is a perfect standing ground that can help you get recognition. The first thing you need to understand is how FPL works and how you can register yourself, so let's begin with that

How to Register Yourself into FPL?

The only way you can get into the FACEIT Pro League is through qualifying into the tournament. There is a qualifying completion every month in each region, and you need to climb up the ladder. The players in a similar circuit compete with each other in a solo queue. Every league of the FPL circuit provides a unique experience to players. If you are a CS: GO enthusiast, FPL live matches are telecasted for viewers so that they can learn a thing or two from professional players. FPL circuits can be divided into two regions, namely Europe and North America.

Europe and North American circuits offer a unique experience to competitors as the players are placed in a captain draft for solo queues. The players are required to join a Discord or TeamSpeak channel, and different moderators are overlooking the matches so that they can boot toxic players. The players are placed against each other depending on their medal so that there isn’t a miss-match. However, FPL Europe and the North American region are very prestigious tournaments, and only the top players can take part in them.

Each month only two players from each of the FPL European and North American Qualifiers can qualify for the FPL main circuit of the two regions. The FPL qualifiers are also an invite-only league, and the top 100 players from both FPL challengers are invited to it.

If you want to take part in the tournament as a team, the procedure is a bit different. You can download the client by browsing over to the website of FACEIT. The interface of the website is very user-friendly, and you can easily figure everything out. If you are already in a team, you can start playing in 5v5 premium leagues. If you are not in a premium league already, you might need to subscribe to it, which will cost you some money. But if you think you have what it takes, FACEIT is a very great platform for teams to play with other teams and do scrims. If you get to the top 100 leaderboards, you qualify for FPL-C. The prize pool of the FPL-C is $3000 monthly.

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