Razer Project Linda will turn this gaming smartphone into a 13-inch laptop

Written by B Johnson June 25, 2021
Project Linda will turn your Razer phone into a 13-inch laptop
The concept of smartphone turning into a laptop is actually nothing new in the market. There have been some companies out there that have tried to implement this concept on their products. But they went nowhere in terms of sales and popularity. However, Razer wants to give this concept another try and is hoping to nail it this time with its new Project Linda.

So at the recent CES 2018, Razer showed off the one called "Razer Project Linda", which is the official accessory for Razer smartphone that can turn this Android phone into a 13-inch laptop.

The concept is pretty simple and similar with other hybrid smartphones that have been outed before, like say Asus Padfone or Motorola ATRIX.

So you insert the Razer phone into this dedicated dock located on the touchpad area of normal laptop, you press this dedicated button that will plug in the USB Type-C connector to the phone.. and then voila, your Razer phone turns into a 13-inch laptop.

Isn't that awesome, huh? Well, it surely is.

One of the coolest things that we really like from this device is actually the User Interface. So when you are using the Razer phone as a smartphone, the UI works normally just like any Android phones out there. Nothing new here.

You can turn this Android phone into a 13-inch laptop using this hardware

But when you dock the phone into this device, the UI will change entirely into this desktop-alike interface, just like what you normally see on Windows or Mac OS, where all the app shortcuts are placed on the taskbar on the bottom area.

You can turn this Android phone into a 13-inch laptop using this hardware
Image from CNET

You can turn this Android phone into a 13-inch laptop using this hardware
Image from CNET

Meanwhile, the rest of the screen will be dominated with wallpaper all over it. But you can still put some of your favorite app shortcuts here, just like Windows OS.

You can use your mouse when you are plugging in the phone into the accessory of course. The Razer phone that is docked into the accessory will also work as the touch pad. So you can use any of them to navigate with the UI.

Some apps like photo editing app or email app have also been well optimized to work with the 'laptop mode' of this accessory. So when you're entering the laptop mode, the apps will change their UI into the 'laptop' UI and work like laptop software instead of Android apps.

The keyboard has individually backlit keys by the way. And they look super cool with this colorful backlight. So this is going to be really useful when you are using the device in the dark low-light area. All keys can be seen perfectly.

Another cool thing about Razer Project Linda is the fact that this accessory will charge your Razer phone when it's being docked. So whenever you're done using it in laptop mode, you can unplug the phone and start fresh with full battery.

Release date?

Unfortunately, it's still uncertain whether this device will arrive to the market or otherwise, end up only as a prototype or reference device for other companies, just like Razer 3-screen gaming laptop introduced last year. But hopefully, this can be the beginning of the new era of hybrid smartphones in the near future.

About Razer phone

Anyway, if you're new to Razer phone, so this one is an Android phone manufactured by Razer itself, which has been widely known for its gaming laptops and graphic cards. As far as the specs goes, this Razer phone is definitely the beast in terms of performance. In fact, it's made for gaming.

It comes with a 5.7-inch IGZO screen sporting 1440x2560 pixels resolution. Snapdragon 835 processor, a whopping 8GB of RAM, 12MP dual-cameras on the back, 8MP on the front, 64GB of storage and a huge 4000mAH battery.

This thing flies for playing all Android games. And it's got a long lasting battery life. Not to mention, it's equipped with dual-speaker grills on the front and they offer the best sound in the market right now (even better than iPhones).

So if you're looking for a great gaming smartphone and tablet for playing Android games, look no more guys. Razer phone is definitely the one you should buy.

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