Boston - heaven for every sports enthusiastic

Written by B Johnson April 13, 2019
Boston - heaven for every sports enthusiastic
Whether you're a fan of the Bruins, or you direct your unconditional love for the Red Soxs, one thing is guaranteed: Boston is a great place to live if you love sports. The fan culture in Boston is one of the most craziest things we’ve ever witnessed.

Hence the nickname given by Dennis Eckersley “Ultimate manic-depressive fanbase”. This by no means shouldn’t be taken as an insult as it refers to Red Sox fans being extremely emotional when it comes to their team. There is nothing wrong with that as how else would suppose to cheer for your team? When it comes to fandom and cheering for your own team, there shouldn’t be any middle ground of how you do it. You either do, or you don’t. Simple as that.

Red Sox team

As Red Sox have been in a bit of an slump (regardless the 2018 World Series Title), it’s been a quite the ride for the life long fans of the baseball team. It’s easy to understand how mentally tolling it is to be a fan of a team that seems to underachieve year after year. We can only hope that the title won in 2018 will kickstart a dynasty that will be remembered for generations in the area of Boston.

Where else you’ll find crazy fans?

This one is easy. Finland. Finland is one of the most Northern places in the world and it has a population of approximately 6 million. Widely recognized as a “drunken country with good ice hockey team”, Finland can provide a lot of learning experiences when it comes to sports fan. The Finns are usually known about how much they consume alcohol per capita and it is directly related to the sports they are watching as well. It isn’t completely unordinary to see a finnish football fan passed out in the stand before the match has even started. Although these kind of events can be funny, we must not forget that Finland isn’t all about getting drunk and then going to watch your local teams play!

Did you know, that Finland has its own national sports that resemblances baseball quite a bit? It’s even translated exactly like that (Pesapallo). The idea is basically the same than baseball has, but instead the pitcher pitching from far out, in pesapallo he or she is located next to the hitter and will lob the ball upwards, instead towards the hitter as they do in baseball.

Fans love betting

American, Finn, it doesn't matter. Majority of the fans love the betting side of watching sports. There is no better feeling that making a bet for your team and watching them win + earning you some money in the process. Finns for example are one of the most “gambling crazy” people in the world and they are one of the biggest consumer groups in any online casino available at the moment. If you’re interested of taking advantage of tens of different sites that offer sportsbetting for your favourite sports, we’d suggest you to have a look at the page called

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