Online Casinos is Getting More Attention from Indian Locals

Written by B Johnson April 06, 2019
Online Casinos is Getting More Attention from Indian Locals
India is one of the countries that enjoy gambling and they do this in many ways. Currently, sports betting is still what the locals are enjoying the most. This makes sense as India has a big love for sports as well, specifically cricket. 

Cricket sports betting is extremely popular and also common in India. This is because it’s simply one of the ways that they can show support to their favorite teams. However, it’s not just sports betting that’s gaining more enthusiasts in India. 

Other popular ways to gamble in the country is by playing roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and slots at the casino. With today’s technology, these casino games are becoming more accessible by many of the locals. 

Online gambling or casino games are legal in India. Although gambling online is already popular worldwide, it is still considered in its infancy in India. However, local operations of online casinos are still prohibited in the country. 

Sikkim, a state in India, did plan on issuing licenses to local online casino operators at some point in 2010. However, the attempt failed and just no longer pushed through. However, Sikkim still permits online lottery operators to offer services all throughout India. 

Now, even if local casino operators are not allowed to offer services in and outside India, the locals can still gamble online through operators that are based outside the country or the so-called off-shore operators.  

Off-shore operators can offer their services to the locals as long as they have Indian Rupees as a payment option for the locals. All mobile casinos in India should be able to have that option from the legal point of view. 

The reality is that there is still a lack of clarity when it comes to the rules and laws that surround online gambling. The off-shore operators that offer their services to the people of India operate in the gray areas and would often disguise their services as something else. 

While that already works for some, the lack of regulation of the online gambling industry in India makes its locals susceptible to fraudulent activities. The locals are basically preyed on by shady off-shore online casinos and sportsbooks. 

This is why the locals should always be careful about placing their bets online. Before making a deposit for an online casino or sportsbook, it’s best to check reviews first. There are many sites that review online casinos and let people share their thoughts about it. 

The players should check the payout processes that an online casino and bookie has. The timeliness of the withdrawals should also be checked. The most important of all is to check whether an online gambling site is operating with a license. 

It’s usually best to go on online casinos that carry online games that are provided with well-known and reputable casino games software providers. Some of these software providers are NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play ‘n Go.  

Indeed, the online gambling industry in India is still in its early stages, but many already think that it is heading towards growth in the country. It may not be as popular as sports betting for cricket yet, but with the help of mobile technology, more players can now be reached by casino operators. 

The legalization of online gambling in India

Recently, a gambling extension opportunity has been approved for six off-shore operators. This means that these casinos will be permitted to stay in River Mandovi until the end of March next year. This new extension granted to these casinos is all thanks to the rising attention that many locals are giving mobile casinos. 

The Law Commission of India also shared their piece regarding the legalization of online gambling in the country. The commission explained that legalizing this would be beneficial to the country. The main reason is, of course, additional revenue for the country. 

The commission said it’s simply better to legalize the activity and tax it appropriately instead of letting shady gambling operators outside the country take advantage of Indian players. These shady operators are known to give players a hard time withdrawing their winnings and sometimes draft unauthorized payments from the players’ accounts. 

Overall, it’s safe to assume that not only the casino operators are looking to expand online gambling in the country. With the Law Commission releasing a report on how this could be beneficial to the country, it can be expected that eventually, online gambling in India will be regulated. 

It’s also possible that local operators will eventually be permitted to offer their services in the country. However, with where the country is right now, it may still take a while to happen. 

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