The new Surface Pro announced: The genuine tablet for creative and productive people has arrived

Written by B Johnson June 07, 2017
The new Surface Pro announced: The genuine tablet for creative and productive people has arrived
So a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft just announced the new generation of Surface Pro tablet at its hardware-focused event in Shanghai on May 23rd. Surprisingly, Microsoft has decided to ditch the numbering system of Surface Pro series. So this next-gen Surface Pro tablet will now be called as "the new Surface Pro", instead of Surface Pro 5.

But despite being the new Surface Pro, it's actually not much different compared to the predecessor, especially when it comes to design. The new Surface Pro still looks pretty similar with the Surface Pro 4 tablet.

The good thing is, this new Surface Pro tablet brings a lot of great improvements that makes it a worthy upgrade from Surface Pro 4.

As a starter, this new Surface Pro is now powered by a new Kaby Lake processor, which is the seventh-generation processor from Intel. So it's going to be much faster, more powerful, but the most importantly, it will be more efficient in terms of power consumption.

The new Surface Pro announced: The genuine tablet for creative and productive people has arrived
Microsoft claims that this new Surface Pro will deliver up to 13.5 hours of battery life. For some people, this is of course not that believable especially if we look at the predecessor and its sibling, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, that didn't deliver as promised in battery life.

But this is going to be a lot different with the new Surface Pro. Thanks to the processor switch found on this Intel 7th-gen Kaby Lake processor, as well as some improvements made by Microsoft on Windows 10 OS, this will allow this tablet to maintain a solid 13.5-hour battery life to users.

The new Surface Pro tablet will be available in different models. There's the one that comes with Intel Core m3 processor on board, there's also another Surface Pro model that will be powered by Intel Core i5 processor. And last but not least, there's also the top and most expensive model that will bring Intel Core i7 to the table.

Something that is so cool about this new Surface Pro is actually its hinge. So unlike the previous-gen models that have some limitations with the hinge, this new Surface Pro has a much improved hinge.

It actually kind of borrows the same flexible hinge mechanism found on Microsoft Surface Studio which allows users to lean the tablet in full direction even until the screen touches the surface of the table. And now Microsoft brings this cool hinge to the new Surface Pro, which is totally a huge improvement.

According to Microsoft, the company is confident that this new hinge on Surface Pro won't break even if you lean toward the tablet too much. So it's going to be really sturdy. This seems believable because the hinge mechanism on the previous-gen Surface Pro tablets have always been really strong and sturdy.
The new thing that Microsoft introduced alongside this new Surface Pro was no other than the 'Surface Dial'. This also borrows from the Microsoft Surface Studio.

Surface Dial
If you've been living under the rock lately, this Surface Dial is a computer controller or dialer so when users are writing or sketching with a Surface Pen on the tablet, they can make selection of the colors, the thickness of the pen simply by spinning around this Surface Dial.

Surface Dial
This Surface Dial will be sold separately though, as well as the Surface Pen. So if you're an artists or designer, these 2 things are definitely 2 must have accessories alongside Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

Microsoft also brings the Alcantara keyboard to this new Surface Pro tablet. This actually is similar with what happens to Surface Laptop that Microsoft announced last month. So this new keyboard uses fabric materials that feels really comfortable to type on. According to theVerge, the keyboard feels really nice and totally different with the keyboard of Macbook Pro.

One of the best things found on this new Surface Pro is probably the LTE support. So on this tablet, Microsoft has decided to equip the LTE connection even on the base model. This is definitely great news here because LTE connection has been the industry standards for almost all tablets or smartphones these days.

The new Surface Pro tablet has been available for preorder since last month. You can get it in wide range of colors, from Burgundy, Platinum and Cobalt Blue. However, you're gonna need to buy the Type Cover separately. The premium Type Cover will cost $159, while the regular black one without the Alcantara fabric materials can be yours for $129.

The tablet itself costs $799 for the base model (with Intel Core m3). But again, if you want to get the fully working laptop, you're gonna need to buy the Type Cover keyboard separately, as well as the Surface Pen ($99) and Surface Dial.
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