Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablet (Verizon) finally gets updated to Android Nougat OS

Written by B Johnson June 11, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablet (Verizon) finally gets updated to Android Nougat OS
Yesterday, we brought good news to the owners of Samsung Galaxy TAB S2. The T-Mobile version of this tablet has started receiving Android Nougat update. But apparently, there's another good news here. If you currently have the Verizon version of this tablet, today, Verizon Wireless has started sending out the Android Nougat update to all the LTE units of Samsung Galaxy TAB S2.

That's right. If you are the user of Samsung Galaxy TAB S2 tablet, this is definitely the best time for you to upgrade your tablet to Android Nougat OS. The update itself actually has been released since Friday 2 days ago. However, as mentioned above, this update is only available for the users who own the Verizon version with LTE connectivity.

This update was first reported thanks to someone who spotted that the support page for this tablet has been revised by Verizon. It actually only took few days for Verizon Wireless to release this update right after Samsung itself has officially released the update to this tablet.

Speaking about the update, this software package ships with the version NRD90M.T818VVRU1BQE1. The download files weigh around 1.2GB in size. So before upgrading your Samsung Galaxy TAB S2 tablet with this update, make sure first that there's around 1.3GB of internal storage available on your tablet

Verizon Wireless also suggests you to use a stable internet connection either via LTE connection or WiFi. This is really important in order to avoid disruption in the downloading process. Last but not least, your tablet must also have at least 50% or more of battery left before attempting to download and install this Android Nougat update.

This Android Nougat update is currently being distributed by Verizon Wireless through over-the-air update (OTA). Usually, your tablet will scan for the latest updates periodically and if there's any new updates, the system will prompt you to download this Android Nougat update via a push notification.

However, if your tablet still doesn't show you any notification regarding this update, you can still scan it manually by opening the Setting app, and then scroll down to the bottom, hit About Device, and from there, tap on the option "Download Software Updates".

Speaking about the update, once your Samsung Galaxy TAB S2 tablet is being upgraded to Android Nougat OS, there are some new improvements that you'll get to enjoy here, like Doze, dual-screen mode, fast installation process and many more.

But besides these Nougat's new features, Verizon also stated that this update will also bring new enhancements and security patches to this tablet.

About Samsung Galaxy TAB S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablet (Verizon) finally gets updated to Android Nougat OS
So Samsung Galaxy TAB S2 is a powerful Android tablet. When it first came out, it came with Android Lollipop out of the box. But since then, Samsung has been pushing updates to Android Marshmallow and right now, all the users of this tablet will finally taste the Android Nougat experience.

On paper, Samsung Galaxy TAB S2 is definitely a flagship tablet. It packs a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED screen which looks super sharp and vibrant, there's also Snapdragon 652 running the entire show here, as well as 3GB of RAM and high-end Mali/Adreno GPU. So playing games on this tablet is going to be a blast.
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