This Android Nougat tablet may be cheap but it's really decent

Written by B Johnson November 01, 2017
Looking for a cheap Android tablet? Alcatel A3 10 Tablet can be a good choice for you
Just a couple of weeks ago, we just showed you one interesting tablet from Alcatel. And that was Alcatel A30 Tablet. Despite being a low-cost device, we think this tablet is still an impressive offering on tablet market. But apparently, Alcatel is getting more serious with this market. Today, the company just introduced its newly-developed Alcatel A3 10 Tablet in India.

Yes, on Thursday, Alcatel just made this new tablet official. As mentioned above, this Alcatel A3 10 Tablet is currently released in India. Interestingly, this one is not gonna dig deeper in your pocket. It will go on sale at Rs 9,999 or around 154.915 US Dollar. So basically, this thing is a low-end tablet.

Alcatel A3 10 Tablet itself will be available to buy at Flipkart. And you can go buy it starting today. But there's only one color option that you can pick for this tablet - Volcano Black Colour.

Looking for a cheap Android tablet? Alcatel A3 10 Tablet can be a good choice for you
But the million dollar question is, is it worth checking out?

Well, by looking at the entire aspect of this device - yes, we think so! This thing is still worth checking out, especially if you are looking for a low-cost Android Nougat tablet for doing basic media-consumptive stuff.

Well, what's not to like from this device?

It's got a 10.1-inch HD display sporting 1280x800 pixels, 4G LTE connectivity, voice calling feature, dual-speakers, 5MP camera on the back with 2MP shooter on the front, Android Nougat 7.0 OS out of the box and on top of that, it cost only around $155.

And we think this is a good price for an Android Nougat tablet with 4G LTE connection.

The coolest thing is, this tablet comes with textured finish on the back cover and this gives it a good grip when you hold it in your hands. This is actually pretty important to protect it from slipping out from your hands and drop to the solid ground.

Looking for a cheap Android tablet? Alcatel A3 10 Tablet can be a good choice for you
As far as the performance goes, this tablet is still considered as a pretty good performing device, especially for doing basic tasks. It's powered by a 1.1GHz quad-core processor, accompanied with 2GB of RAM.

But of course, you cannot throw heavy games like Asphalt 8: Airborne or Gangstar New Orleans on this tablet. It will totally suffer a lot in performance. But for basic things like watching HD movies, reading books, browsing the web or playing light games, you can still count on it for sure.

Alcatel A3 10 Tablet will be available with 16GB storage. But the good thing is, you can always bump up its storage via microSD card slot for up to 128GB. So no worries.

There's also 4600mAh battery powering this machine. And with Android Nougat's improvements on power management, we are really sure that this thing will be capable to deliver solid battery life to users.

And last but not least, this Alcatel A3 10 Tablet also comes supported with USB-OTG (on-the-go). So if you have USB-OTG cable, you can connect your USB flashdisk in case you want to move your files to give more space to the device.

According to Alcatel, this Alcatel A3 10 Tablet is targeted to deliver a "premium experience to the affordable smart device market"

Regional Director of Alcatel India, Praveen Valecha said that
"The new A3 10 was designed to provide our users with a complete immersive experience. The tablet comes with an array of features that are unprecedented at this price and shall change the shape of this segment entirely".
Well, if you are looking for a cheap Android Nougat Tablet that doesn't suck, and you also happen to be living in India, then what are you waiting for? Go buy this tablet right now at Flipkart for Rs. 9,999.
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