Apple iPad Pro Review: a still great productivity-centric tablet

Written by B Johnson November 01, 2017
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Okay, so now the new Apple iPad is more than just a giant slab that usually does everything that iPhone can do. The new iPad, which goes by the name iPad Pro, now has a lot to offer to Apple fans out there.

I honestly find that this new iPad Pro is really insane in many ways, probably way better than most of flagship Android tablets around the market today.

Anyway, below I have compiled some of the great things you’ll find on the new iPad Pro. You’re gonna see how amazing this device really is compared to other competitors out there especially the ones from Android camp.

iPad Pro is now bigger on display and sharper on resolution

How great is Apple iPad Pro compared to regular laptop?One thing that is so mind blowing about this new Apple Pro tablet is definitely its display. It now comes with a huge 12.9-inch display, which is way bigger than the one found on the regular iPad Air 2, which is 9.7-inches.

Its screen resolution, however, is actually the one to focus here on the iPad Pro because it has set the bar really really high even on today's tablet market as a whole.

It’s rocking the resolution of 2048x2732 pixels, and this is the highest screen resolution ever seen not only on tablet market, but also on laptop market.

I remember when Google made its Nexus 10 tablet official like 3 years ago in 2013 and I was totally blown away by this tablet especially because it was the world's first tablet shipping with 1600x2560 pixels display, which was the highest screen resolution on tablet market back then.

Since then, this screen resolution has been the standards for Samsung flagship tablets like Galaxy Tab Pro, Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab S until today.

But apparently, this Samsung's highest standards for screen resolution could only survive for 2 years and a half until Apple managed to surpass it through its iPad Pro tablet.

It has a 12-core GPU

Display is actually not the only thing that Apple wants to brag from its new iPad Pro. There is other amazing stuff brought by this Apple Pro to the table. One of them is definitely its amazing graphical performance.

As many of you know, Apple has been really loyal in using PowerVR graphics chipsets (GPUs) from 'Imagination Technologies' for a very long time, even from the very first generation of iPad in 2010. In fact, this PowerVR GPUs have also been found powering all the iPhones and iPod Touchs.

And apparently, their partnership is still going strong until today with Apple’s decision to keep using PowerVR GPU from 'Imagination Technologies' for this new iPad Pro.

Apple iPad Pro is now powered by PowerVR series 7 GPU which comes with staggering 12 GPU cores. This is the newer-generation PowerVR GPU from Imagination Technologies in 2014.

So you can expect this new iPad Pro to be a beast when it comes to gaming performance and other graphics-related tasks.

This actually kind of reminds me with Google Nexus 7, which also comes with 12-core GPU. But of course, despite having the same amount of GPU cores, it doesn’t mean that the graphical power delivered by Google Nexus 7 will be on the same page with Apple iPad Pro.

Well, that’s not true because Apple iPad Pro with its PowerVR series 7 GPU is definitely way more powerful than Google Nexus 7 when it comes to graphical performance. It’s just gonna blow Google Nexus 7 out of the water instantly.

In fact, from what I’ve seen on video reviews across YouTube, I even believe that this new Apple tablet is even more powerful than many Android flagship tablets out there especially in graphical department.

4GB of RAM for heavy multitasking

Besides its GPU, another thing that I also find it to be shocking is definitely the 4GB of RAM found inside this iPad Pro. Even though the use of 4GB RAM has been really common to see on many Android flagship devices out there since a few years ago, I think it’s still a welcome addition for this new iPad Pro.

It’s good to see Apple finally jump on the same bandwagon just like any other competitors out there on the tablet market. It shows that Apple is now more serious to offer iPad not only as a great media consumptive tablet, but also as a reliable device for productive users out there.

It may not be as powerful and versatile as laptops, but at least with this new iPad Pro, users now can have a new great offering on productivity tablet market.

The 4GB of RAM found inside Apple iPad Pro is definitely not just there to make this iPad look good on paper. There’s one sector that will take the advantage of this huge amount of memory. And that is definitely its multitasking ability.

So as many of you know already, iOS 9 comes with the multitasking feature which allows users to open 2 apps on the screen at the same time. This feature actually made its debut on iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Air 2.

However, this dual-multitasking feature on iPad Pro is totally a different story here because on this iPad Pro, not only can you open some regular apps at the same time, but you can also do some heavy graphics editing task while playing games at the same time.

And this is the main reason why iPad Pro is more superior than the regular iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6S Plus with its 4GB of RAM.

So if you are a graphics designer or artist, then Apple iPad Pro can be a great choice for you. But if you are just a regular user who are looking for a great media consumptive and productive device, then this iPad Pro can still be added on your list.

It comes with a stylus

To be honest, I’ve been a huge fan of note-taking tablets like Samsung Galaxy Note 8, HP Slate7 Extreme and Nvidia Shield Tablet for a very long time.

I love how you can use any of these devices not only to enjoy media contents, but you can also use it to do some productive tasks, like taking notes, writing articles and even creating such beautiful paintings out of its stylus.

The good news is, now Apple iPad Pro also comes with its own stylus.

So the stylus of this iPad Pro is called Apple Pencil. It’s actually similar with any other styluses on note tablets out there. So you can take notes with it, draw some beautiful paintings, do some graphics editing stuff and other creative stylus-related tasks.

However, the main difference between Apple Pencil and other styluses out there is how this iPad Pro's stylus requires power in order to use it.

So if you’re gonna be very intense in using this Apple Pencil, then you will need to recharge it regularly every once in a while.

Unfortunately, the method to recharge this stylus can be quite annoying to do because you need to plug in this stylus right on lightning port of iPad Pro on the bottom, which means you cannot use your iPad Pro in portrait mode while recharging the stylus.

But apart from that, I think it’s great to see Apple iPad finally has its own stylus. And from what I’ve seen on YouTube videos, this Apple Pencil actually works and performs really great on iPad Pro with quick and precise response to the screen.

Basically, you can literally create some beautiful paintings out of this Apple Pencil, of course if you are talented for it.

It comes with a huge battery

Apple iPads have been widely known to have long lasting battery lives. And apparently, that’s not gonna change on Apple iPad Pro.

So Apple decides to cram a much bigger battery capacity for this new iPad Pro. It’s now powered by 10,307mah battery, as opposed to regular iPad Air 2 that comes with 8600mAh battery.

But this is as expected because Apple iPad Pro now uses a 12.9-inch display sporting the 2048x2732 pixels, which is larger and much higher in resolution than the regular iPad Air 2.

If you are a heavy gamer and you also love to watch movies, then iPad Pro is definitely the one for you. It’s more than capable to deliver an all day long battery life and it also can survive in 2 days without recharging, even in heavy use.

So your hobbies of watching movies or playing games will be accommodated very well on Apple iPad Pro.

Its cameras are reliable of course

In camera, there’s actually nothing new in this department. I mean, it’s still reliable and satisfying just like the cameras on regular iPads. So you definitely can take decent and sharp photos out of these iPad Pro’s cameras. And they’re also great in video recording for sure.

Anyway, iPad Pro comes with 8MP camera on the back, while the front shooter is 1.2MP, which are the same ones found on the regular iPad Air 2.

I’ve actually known for a very long time that iPads have been superior with their cameras. So I have no single doubt that the cameras of Apple iPad Pro will also be as great and even way better than the cameras of regular iPads, you know, given new software and a more powerful GPU.

iOS 9 on iPad Pro is more versatile than Lollipop OS on Android tablets

On iOS 9, Apple made a groundbreaking move by adding a dual-screen multitasking feature on this new iOS version. This feature actually made its first debut on iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 last year.

However, the dual-screen multitasking mode on iPad Pro is probably a different story here than what happens on the regular iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6 Plus.

That’s mainly because this new iPad is now powered by a way more powerful GPU and also a much bigger RAM which is not only capable to accommodate some heavy regular tasks like gaming, but also to do some serious stuff like heavy 3D graphics editing and other things related to graphics.

So you can throw a heavy Bioshock game on the first screen while doing some heavy graphics editing on the second screen. All thanks to PowerVR series 7 GPU and also 4GB of RAM found inside this iPad Pro.


Well, there you go guys, a few exciting stuff that you’ll find on the new Apple iPad Pro. I know that there are still many other things that can be explored on this new iPad. But I believe what I’m sharing in this post is more than enough to explain to you how powerful this iPad Pro really is, especially compared to other Android competitors out there.

However, Apple iPad Pro is not for everyone. So if you are just a regular user who are looking for a great media consumptive and gaming tablet, then you might want to go with iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3.

On the other hand, if you are on the street looking for a great productivity tablet to complement your job as graphics designer or artist, then Apple iPad Pro is definitely made for you.
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