This cool software can backup all drivers of your Windows tablet or laptop

Written by B Johnson November 01, 2017
This cool software can backup the drivers on your Windows tablet or laptop
If your tablet or laptop is running on Windows 8.1 or older versions right now, one of the best solutions to improve its performance and battery life is probably by upgrading to Windows 10 OS. It has a much better RAM management and it's also more efficient in performance. Plus, it looks more awesome with its new Metro UI.

However, the problem appears after you manage to upgrade your Windows 8.1 tablet to Windows 10. And that is the limitations of functionality because there are no drivers available for your tablet when it's running on Windows 10.

Well, if you don't install the correct drivers on your tablet, the touchscreen doesn't work or the accelerometer sensor also doesn't work properly. Meanwhile, other features will also give some errors when you're trying to use them.

But thankfully, there's a software called "Glary Utilities".

Glary Utilities is actually software that you can use to optimize your laptop, either in performance or any other things.

One of the main features of this software is the ability to backup all the drivers that currently are being installed on your device.

So if your tablet or laptop is running on Windows 8.1 right now, all of the drivers on this operating system can be saved using this software. Later on, when you finally manage to upgrade it to Windows 10, you can then restore back all the drivers on your tablet.

Okay then, if you're ready to upgrade your Windows 8.1 tablet to Windows 10, we strongly recommend you to download Glary Utilities and use it to backup all of the drivers on your tablet.

Below we're gonna show you how to use this software to backup all the drivers of your tablet or laptop.

1. Download Glary Utilities 5

First things first, download 'Glary Utilities 5' software.

2. Install the software

After that, Install the software on your laptop or tablet

3. Open it

Now open the software

4. Open the tab "Advanced Tools"

As you can see on the top, there are 3 main tabs. Now press the last tab "Advanced Tools".

5. Click the option "Backup"

Glary Utilities screen interface

On the section "Driver", click the tab "Backup"

6. Pick the drivers to backup

Now select all the drivers you would like to backup

7. Press "Backup the Selected drivers"

After you finish selecting the drivers to backup, press "Backup the selected drivers"

8. Now wait for the process to finish

All you have to do right now is wait until the process is finished

9. You're done!

After the process is finished, now find all the backup drivers on drive 'D' inside the folder "Drivers Backup". Now open that folder and you will find the backup drivers inside this folder with time and date.


Well, there you go guys, our tutorial to backup the drivers of your Windows laptop or tablet. Hopefully this works perfectly

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