Gameloft releases the gameplay trailer of Dead Rivals. A 3rd person zombie shooter hugely inspired by Left 4 Dead

Written by B Johnson January 03, 2018
Gameloft releases the gameplay trailer of Dead Rivals. A 3rd person zombie shooter hugely inspired by Left 4 Dead
If you happen to be a huge fan of zombie shooting games, then you need to check out this new awesome game. So recently, Gameloft teased us with a gameplay trailer of a new zombie game it's about to release soon. This game is called Dead Rivals. And you know what, this one is hugely inspired by a console game that we've come to love - Left 4 Dead.

Interestingly, Gameloft decided to release this gameplay video through other channels instead of its own global YouTube channel. The game itself is a zombie shooter designed in 3rd person perspective. So you're gonna feel the experience of shooting a bunch of ugly zombies in front of you.

In the video, as you can see, there are 2 main characters - male and female - and both are equipped with different weapons. The guy is holding a heavy shotgun, while the girl has a rifle and dual-gun at her disposal.

Dead Rivals takes place in Colorado where the city has been taken over by a horde of zombies. Your mission here is obviously to finish them off in order to survive. According to the source, this game will be a multiplayer game. So internet connection will play a huge part here.

By looking at this gameplay trailer, this game kind of reminds us with Gameloft's old zombie game called "Zombie Infection" released like 9 years ago (if we're not mistaken), especially in terms of gameplay.

If you haven't heard already, Zombie Infection is an iOS and Android zombie shooting game developed by Gameloft and it's also a 3rd person zombie shooter. So we can assume that the gameplay of Dead Rivals will be a lot like Zombie Infection.

However, as for now, there's no information about when it's gonna be released on App Store and Play Store. But it usually only takes a few weeks or even days until the game finally launches. However, we're not really sure if this game will be available globally in its first launch or it will only be released in certain countries.

But apart from that, we definitely here feel really excited to get the hands on it. We already fell in love with Gameloft's recent zombie game - Zombie Anarchy. And we believe Dead Rivals is gonna be really awesome as well.

Anyway, if you're curious to see how this game looks like, here check this one out, the gameplay video of Dead Rivals. Enjoy!

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