Gameloft's Zombie Anarchy is one addicting game that will get you hooked all day on your tablet

Written by B Johnson January 03, 2018
Gameloft's Zombie Anarchy is an addictive game that will make you want to play it like forever
Hey guys, have you ever tried the new game from Gameloft called Zombie Anarchy? Well, if you haven't, you've gotta try it.

We have one word for this game - AWESOME! Yeah, that's right. Zombie Anarchy is one awesome zombie game.

We've actually been playing with this game for a while now (a few weeks to be exact) and to tell you the truth, Zombie Anarchy is nothing like other zombie games you've ever played before.

It's really addicting and it will totally get you hooked all day on your tablet.

Zombie Anarchy is a mix between zombie shooting, strategy, survival, co-op and even role playing games. This game has all of these elements.

However, Zombie Anarchy puts more focus here on the strategy, simulation, zombie survival elements, and gives less focus on the storyline.

Zombie Anarchy is now available on Google Play Store. And you can download it for completely free. It's actually been available since like a couple of weeks ago.

So if you're really curious to see how this game works and looks like, we recommend you to go straight to Google Play Store right now because Zombie Anarchy is one awesome game you don't wanna miss, especially if you're a huge fan of zombie games.


The gameplay of Zombie Anarchy
Compared to other zombie games out there, Zombie Anarchy is nothing like them. In fact, this one is new in this genre.

As mentioned above, this game is a combination between regular zombie-shooting games, survival, strategy, co-op and RPGs. Interestingly, Gameloft takes a different approach when developing this game.

If other zombie games are mostly using first person perspective (such as Dead Trigger or Unkilled), Zombie Anarchy interestingly is made in overview perspective from the top view, just like strategy games such as The Settlers or Age of Empire.

How to Play it?

The Maps in Zombie Anarchy: Survival Games
For some people, Zombie Anarchy probably could be pretty difficult to understand. But it's actually really simple to play.

So you'll be given the map. On this map, there are many locations indicated in blue and red colors.

Blue is where you'll find zombies, while the red one is filled with human (enemies).

So basically, you will attack from one place to another place on the map and then kill all the zombies or human that stand in your way. But in order to complete each mission and win the battle, you also have to destroy all the buildings in that place.

The Homebase
Another interesting element in Zombie Anarchy is definitely the 'Homebase'. This is the strategy element we've been talking about.

So in this game, you'll be given one homebase where you can build towers, headquarter, gas depot and many other buildings. All of your playable characters or 'heroes' will live here.

However, in order to be able to construct these buildings, you must first have these 3 main elements: "Food", "Gas" and "Salvage". For example, if you want to build a tower, you're gonna need like 500 "Salvage" and 200 "Food".

All of these 3 important elements can be collected by destroying enemies' buildings in any locations on the map.

The Characters

Nathalie The playable characters in Zombie Anarchy
Speaking about the characters, there are 12 playable heroes in this game. But in the beginning, you can only play the guy named 'Kane' who uses axe as his weapon.

As you finish mission by mission, you'll then be able to unlock the next characters and so on.

From all these 12 characters, at this time, our favorites are Nathalie, Igor and Lydia. These 3 characters can be the perfect team to win the fights against zombies or human. We actually always manage to win a lot of battles using these 3 characters, compared to other characters.

Nathalie has a rifle at her disposal. Meanwhile, Igor equips himself with a gun. Lastly, Lydia comes with a shotgun in her arms.

Vincent The playable characters in Zombie Anarchy
We also love the character named "Vincent". He may only use 2 swords on his hands. But man! He can totally destroy every building in just a few seconds. Unfortunately, he's really weak in defense. So you better bring Igor and Lydia with him and protect Vincent with armors.

The coolest thing is, all of these characters have their own unique "Super Power". But you'll be able to activate this super power only after you destroy each building during the fight.

Nathalie is blessed with "Speed", Lydia has "Survival" (armor), while Igor comes with "Hazmat Suit" super power.

Our tip for you - always bring Nathalie, Lydia and Igor in every fight against zombies or human!

So every time you destroy each building, use Lydia's super power (armor) to protect all the crews. And then, when you manage to destroy other building, use Igor's super power to give more extra health bar (armor)

Meanwhile, the next building you destroy, use Nathalie's super power of "Speed" to make your team much faster in killing enemies and destroying buildings.

Anyway, besides these 3 characters, there are also other heroes you can play, from Kane (Fire Molotov super power), Mac (Blitz), old-man Cecil (Gunslinger), June (Headshot/Sniper) and many other more.

The mini games

Bonus mini game in Zombie Anarchy
Another thing that we really love from Zombie Anarchy is definitely its mini game called zombie hunt. So in this mini game, you'll be able to collect extra weapons or equipment that you can bring into the battles. There are zombie baits like blood-filled plastic bag or firecrackers, bombs, health pack and even "good" zombie army that can come in handy and help you during the fight.

However, in order to be able to play this mini game, there are 2 options that you can pick here. The first one is by spending "red stones" or the second choice, by watching online advertising videos.

Bonus mini game in Zombie Anarchy
The ads usually will take around 20 to 30 seconds of your time before the mini game starts. After that, you will be given 3 bullets to shoot at a couple of zombies. There are many great goodies that you can win here in this mini game. So make every bullet count!


One of the best things about Zombie Anarchy is definitely its graphics.

This game may be a strategy game using overview perspective from far distance, but impressively, the graphics in Zombie Anarchy look really amazing. Every character, even zombies, are well-created by Gameloft with great details, especially when you zoom in the screen.


To be honest, there is not much to say about the storyline of this game. So just like any other zombie survival games out there, Zombie Anarchy basically uses similar type of storyline. It's about people who are trying to survive and they meet other survivors along the way and create the homebase.

Should I download it?

Yes, absolutely yes! This game is definitely a MUST-HAVE, especially if you are a huge fan of zombie survival games, strategy games, RPGs or even simulations.

It's really awesome to play and it can be really addictive as well. Many types of gamers will totally love this game.

You can download Zombie Anarchy for free on Google Play Store. However, it's using in-app purchasing system. So if you want to get more equipment like bombs, health packs and get more "diamonds", you can splash your real cash inside this game.

The coolest thing is, it's actually not necessary to spend your money in order to finish this game. There are many many ways to collect diamonds.

You can clear your homebase from zombies, raid other players' locations, raid zombie's locations, collect a certain amount of items and many more. Every achievement will reward you red diamonds.
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