6 Top Features on Android O: Will your tablet get upgraded to this latest and greatest?

Written by B Johnson January 03, 2018
6 Top Features on Android O: Will your tablet get upgraded to this latest and greatest?
So recently, the developer preview for Android O has been officially released by Google for all developers out there who want to take a lot at how the new version of Android OS works and looks like. However, if you're just some regular guy, you can also try it out on your own tablet as long as your device is well-equipped in specs and you're also familiar with flashing Android software.

So what's new in Android O?

This is definitely the 1 million dollar question that many Android users are really eager to know.

What are the new features that people are about to enjoy on their tablets when they get upgraded to Android O?

Well, lucky for you! Today, we have managed to compile some of the new features as well as new improvements that you'll find on Android O. If you're curious to know more, here they are, 6 top new features on Android O.

#1 Cool Animation Effect on Notification Panel

There are some new cool things that users will get to enjoy on this new Android version. One of them is the cool animation effect on top of notification panel.

So on Android O, all of your notifications like emails, twitter mentions or text messages will be shown as tiny app icons on top of the screen (alongside battery level, signal bar and clock).

The coolest thing is, when you try to scroll down, all these tiny app icons will move down to the notification panel and then disappear one-by-one as you see the actual messages.

We know that this may not be such a huge new feature like dual-screen mode on Nougat, but it's actually still a great addition for Android O. 

#2 Snooze Annoying Notification for a Few Minutes

The other small improvement found on Android O is the ability to snooze your notifications for a few minutes.

So for example, if you usually receive annoying notifications everytime you get a new Instagram or Twitter follower, you can snooze them for a few minutes or permanently.

You can do that by sliding the notification to the right (but don't slide it to the full direction because it will remove the notification). After that, there are 2 icons on the left (snooze and setting), tap the first one and then select the duration options: 1 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.

#3. Google Maps and Phone app icons alongside "Copy", "Cut" and "Select All

Now on Android O, everytime you select the text that include phone number or home address, not only are you able to "Copy", "Cut" or "Select All", there is also a new option here - Phone app or Google Maps.

So for example, if your friend sends you a text message that has address in it, and then you try to highlight the address, there will be a new app icon of Google Maps shown there, beside "Copy", "Cut" and "Select All".

It goes the same if you select phone number, you will also be given the choice to go to Phone app if you want to save or call the number.

#4. Change the position of Main Navigation Buttons

Usually, on vast majority of Android devices, on the bottom of the screen, there are 3 options of buttons - "Back", "Home" and "Recent Apps". However, if your tablet get upgraded to Android O, now you'll be able to change the position of these 3 buttons.

Android O feature to change navigation buttons
So for example, if you have small hands and you want to move these 3 buttons to be positioned more on the left area, you can go to "System UI Tuner" > Navigation Bar > Layout and then choose the option "Left-leaning". By doing so, you'll be able to reach these buttons easily with your left hand.

But there are also 2 other options that you'll be able to pick besides "Left-leaning". The first one is: "Right-leaning". And the second choice is "Compact", which is to position the buttons in the middle area.

#5 Add a New Extra Button on Main Navigation Key

Android O feature to add an extra button on Navigation key
Besides the 3 main navigation buttons (Back, Home and Recent Apps), on Android O, you can also add 2 extra buttons on n the left and right sides. For example, if you want to add a "clipboard" button on the left, you can simply go to System UI Tuner > Navigation Bar > Extra Left Button Type > and choose "Clipboard".

#6. Change the Shortcut Apps on LOCKSCREEN

System UI Tunner - Lockscreen - left Shortcut/Right Shortcut

The last but not least, there is also one awesome feature that you'll get to enjoy on Android O. And that is the ability to change the shortcut apps on the LOCKSCREEN.

So for example, on the lockscreen, there are 2 standard shortcut apps on the left and right edge - Phone app and Camera app on the right side.

The good news is, now on Android O, you'll be able to change these 2 shortcuts with any apps that you have installed on your tablet, even games.

This is definitely a welcome addition especially for everyone who tweets a lot on Twitter or posts photos on Instagram. They can instantly go these apps right away on the lockscreen.


Well, there you go guys, 6 new awesome features that you're about to enjoy once your tablet gets upgraded to Android O. We know that not many devices are eligible for Android O upgrade, but if you happen to own a new-gen and well-spec'd tablet, then you're definitely one of the luckiest users out there!

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