10 Must Have Mobile Games for Your Android or iOS Device This Holiday Season

Written by B Johnson January 03, 2018
10 Must Have Mobile Games for Your Android or iOS Device This Holiday SeasonWith more and more games getting launched in the near future, then you’re gonna have plenty of new games that you can start playing in this upcoming holiday season.

If you ask me, personally, i would spend this holiday season by watching some of new and older movies with my Xbox.

I don’t know about you guys, but this Christmas season, i have some awesome movies that I’m looking forward to watch this entire holiday.

That’s why, in the past few months, i tried to ignore some Box-office movies like World War Z, Man of Steel, Gravity and many other popular movies so i can keep them all for this holiday season and watch those movies in marathon.

So excited!

Anyway, If you own a tablet, either it’s Android tablet, iPad or Windows-powered tablet, then you’re gonna have such a great holiday this December.

Many new games will launch and some just already got released this month. From a highly-anticipated racing game "GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience", a zombie shooting game "Dead Trigger 2", movie tie-in game "Thor: The Dark World" or a console-adopted game "Batman Arkham Origins", all be great to play this entire holiday.

1. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

Who doesn’t know Gameloft.

This game developer has been tremendously popular in mobile game industry in the past few years.

Some of its well-known titles are Modern Combat, N.O.V.A, Real Soccer, Asphalt and many more. And if you happen to like playing simulation racing games, then you may be familiar with the game called “GT Racing Academy”, right?.

The good news is, now this game has a new sequel that just launched a couple of days ago on App Store and Google Play Store. It’s called “GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience”.

Compared to the previous series, GT Racing 2 is just so much better in many aspects.

One of the things that makes this game stand out against the predecessor is definitely its graphics. Now GT Racing 2 has more detailed and well-polished graphics either on the road and the car physic.

This game will definitely compete against EA’s Real Racing 3, which also is a great simulation racing game on iOS and Android. So it’s up to you now, which one that suits you best, the newly-released GT Racing 2 or Real Racing 3?

2. Dead Trigger 2

In the past few years, a game developer, Madfinger Games has managed to steal many attentions from mobile gamers with many of its popular titles, like Samurai Showdown, Shadowgun and Dead Trigger.

This time, this mobile game maker is back again to bring the sequel of its most successful zombie-shooting game, Dead Trigger 2.

Similar like the first series, in this game, you’ll be tasked again with some missions coupled with a pretty solid storyline in it.

But your job in this game is clear, shoot as many zombies as possible in order to finish every mission, although not all missions are just about shooting and killing zombies.

One of the things that make this game so awesome to play is absolutely its graphics. Madfinger Games has been well-known for its games that have stunning graphics and incredible visual effects.

Well, Dead Trigger 2 is no exception. This game is just mind blowing in that aspect.

Every element or object in this game just looks so incredible and well-polished.

According to Madfinger Games, it’s best to play Dead Trigger 2 on any Tegra 4 devices which deliver much better graphics and more visual effects than on other devices.

The good thing is, this game also features the graphic setting, which allows you to set this game’s graphics even at the highest level possible.

Well, if you want to play this game smoothly in full graphics, it’s well recommended for you to play it on powerful tablets like Google Nexus 7, Tegra Note, Kindle Fire HDX and other high-end tablets out there, say, iPad.

3. Thor: The Dark World

As a movie tie-in game, Thor: The Dark World can be considered as a pretty great app for your tablet.

It may not have some mind-blowing gameplay and graphics, but for a game designed specifically for mobile platforms, Thor: The Dark World can actually be a really fun game to play on your tablet.

Talking about the gameplay, this game kind of reminds me with Gameloft’s other games called “Hero of Sparta” or “Dungeon Hunter” which are hack and slash games in overview top perspective.

The cool thing about this game is definitely its storyline, which follows the original story of its movie.

However, at some point, this game can be a bit boring to play given that the gameplay is repetitive with the similar concept in the entire game.

But if you are not a hardcore gamer and just want to play a simple hack and slash game, then Thor: The Dark World can be the game you don’t wanna miss this holiday.

4. FIFA 2015

When it comes to soccer games on Android and iOS, then 3 games that will instantly pop up in your mind are Pro Evolution Soccer, Real Soccer by Gameloft and FIFA.

However, unlike Konami that is not continuing its popular soccer game for mobile devices, EA Mobile apparently still takes this business seriously.

It’s proved by its efforts to always bring the latest edition of its soccer game on all major platforms, from console, PC, Android, iOS and even Java platforms.

This time, FIFA 2015 on mobile platforms, smartphones and tablets, is so much even better than the predecessor series.

The gameplay now has been revamped in order to bring the similar experience when playing this game on console or mobile devices.

I think that is a great move by EA Mobile given that most of mobile games these days usually are the simpler versions of their original console version.

Besides its gameplay, the visual of this game has also been bumped up to the far new level, with more detailed and well-polished graphics on the player physic, stadium, face texture and many more.

So if you call yourself as a die hard soccer fan, then you should definitely check this one out on App Store and Google Play Store this holiday season.

5. Asphalt 8: Airborne

As the next series of Gameloft’s most popular arcade racing game on Android and iOS platforms, the arrival of Asphalt 8: Airborne no doubt will be welcomed with open arms by many fans of this game.

And just like what usually happened in the previous series, this time, Gameloft does some upgrades on the graphics and physic engine of this game, which now look more detailed and well-polished than the previous series, especially on the asphalt road.

Asphalt 8: Airborne features more tracks, car models, much bigger maps, more real gameplay and all bunch of stuff.

Even though Asphalt 8: Airborne has already been launched a couple of weeks ago, this game can still be added on your tablet for this holiday season.

6. Rayman Fiesta Run

On console platform, maybe some of you are already familiar with this game. Rayman series has been released on many platforms, either on consoles, handhelds, smartphones, tablets and even feature phones.

However, this time, Ubisoft is the one that releases Rayman Fiesta Run on mobile devices, unlike the previous series on iOS that was made by Ubisoft’s subsidiary company, Gameloft, which uses the same 3D third person perspective just like the console version.

Rayman Fiesta Run is different than the previous series. Instead of using the original third person perspective, Ubisoft decides to make this game as a simple 2D platform game, which kind of reminds me of Sonic 2D game.

However, despite being a simple intuitive 2D platform game, Rayman Fiesta Run is still an awesome and fun game to play.

And if you happen to love playing simple intuitive platform game on your smartphone or tablet, then Rayman 2 is definitely the game that you don’t wanna miss this holiday season.

7. Batman Arkham Origins

I guess we already know that this game has been really popular for many console and PC gamers out there.

Batman Arkham Origins is the sequel of its most popular Batman Arkham franchise.

However, unlike the console version, this game apparently is designed by NetherRealm Studios specifically for mobile platforms, so don’t expect this game to have the similar concept and perspective just like the console version, which uses a third person perspective in big maps of Arkham City.

The good thing is, even though this game uses the similar game concept like Infinity Blade, which is a simple and intuitive slasher fighting game, Batman Arkham Origins on mobile is actually a pretty awesome game too.

As a matter of fact, this game can be so addicting to play if you just want to play some simple game on your mobile device, instead of what is being offered by Gameloft on its The Dark Knight Rises long time ago, which has the same exact game concept like the console version of the game.

8. Temple Run 2

Similar just like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, Temple Run series has also become the iconic game on any touch screen platform in the past few years.

Either you’re using iOS or Android devices, Temple Run is just so awesome to play for many many hours of your time.

Anyway, in this sequel, Temple Run 2 still inherits the same exact game concept of the original, which is about running, jumping, avoid obstacles and many more.

The great thing about this game is, Temple Run 2 has better graphics than the predecessors.

That’s why on some average tablets, this game may not run so smoothly, especially on less powerful tablets.

But if you’re currently using either Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HDX, iPad, Tegra Note and many other tablets with high-end specs, then you don’t need to experience any lag whatsoever when playing this game.

So if you’re still confused about what you’re gonna play this entire holiday season, then Temple Run 2 can be added in your favorite game list on your tablet.

9. Minion Rush

Apparently, the success of the movie called “Despicable Me” on theater also brings Gameloft a good head start to launch its game called “Minion Rush”.

Talking about the gameplay, this game is designed by Gameloft to have the same gameplay concept like Temple Run, which is about running, jumping, avoiding traps and obstacles in third person perspective.

Amazingly, Minion Rush manages to become one of the most popular games on App Store and Google Play Store, which is not that surprising given that Gameloft has been well-known with its many popular titles like Modern Combat, N.O.V.A, Asphalt, Hero of Sparta and many more.

Similar just like Temple Run 2, this game is kind of laggy on many average tablets which of course have less powerful hardware specs.

However, if you want to play this game smoothly without experiencing any lag whatsoever in the gameplay, then you must play it on powerful high-end tablets.

The good news is, now you can get a really powerful tablet but with an affordable cost. Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HDX 7-inches and Tegra Note can be your best choice for an affordable but powerful tablet.

10. GTA San Andreas

Okay, who doesn’t know a game called “Grand Theft Auto” or known as GTA?

Well, this game has been so popular across all gaming platforms, from PS1, Xbox, PC, PlayStation handheld, even smartphones and tablets today.

2 series of this most popular car hijacking action-packed game have already been released since a few years back.

And they are GTA III and GTA Vice City.

The good news, as a matter of fact, this just in, the sequel of this mobile game called GTA San Andreas is heading even closer to release this December.

Yeah, this December, guys. Woohoo!!

For many of you who are not really familiar with this game, the basic concept of this game is actually pretty simple, in GTA, you are allowed to hijack any car that you see around the street and drive it to wherever you want or to the location in order to complete the mission.

But this game is not just about that. GTA is also full of action, adventure, simulation and many other stuff that certainly make this game more fun to play in long hours.

So, if you’re looking for a long solid game to play this entire holiday season, then GTA San Andreas is definitely the game you don’t want to miss.


Well, there you go, some of great games that you might want to check out this entire holiday season. What about you?

Do you also have other new games that you believe will be great to play this upcoming holiday?.

If you do, then please share your favorite games on the comment section below!

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