Samsung readying Apple iPad Pro's challenger? The render of Samsung Galaxy TAB S3 surfaces on German website

Written by B Johnson February 19, 2017
The render of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 table
Samsung Galaxy Tab S series has been one of the most popular tablets for those looking for a high-end tablet to enjoy media and entertainment contents. The good news is, rumor has it that Samsung is preparing the new generation of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Will this be a true challenger for Apple iPad Pro?

Okay, through, a website in German language, the render of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 just surfaced and it also had some information about the tablet. In fact, it's got the entire spec sheet of the tablet.

According to this site, this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will likely be equipped with an S Pen, which is the specific stylus made for Samsung note devices. However, unlike Samsung GALAXY Note, on this tablet, there's no specific port for the stylus. So when not needed, you'll need to store it \somewhere else.

The render of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet
Speaking about display, of course this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will still inherit Samsung's popular Super AMOLED display just like the predecessors. So it will look gorgeous and vivid with well-saturated colors, something that has been the trademark of Samsung's Super AMOLED screens for many years.

The display is said to be 9.7-inches, sporting the high-resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. However, unlike the predecessor, this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will not be available with 8-inch display.

And this can be a clear sign that Samsung definitely wants to target 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro with this tablet, especially given how iPad Pro also is supported with its own stylus (Apple Pencil), while Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will come with its own S Pen as well.

The performance of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will all be taken care by Qualcomm's powerful Snapdragon 820 processor, as well as Adreno high-end GPU plus 4GB of RAM. So you can throw anything from gaming or video editing on this device and it will perform well without a problem.

This tablet will definitely go head-to-head with Apple iPad Pro in performance, especially when we know that this Apple tablet is also equipped with a really powerful latest-gen Apple A9X processor, 12-core PowerVR Series 7 GPU and also 2GB of RAM.

The cameras of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will likely be 12MP on the rear, and 4.7MP on the front. And all of your photos or videos can be stored on its 32GB of internal storage, with the addition of expandable microSD slot of course.

Still according to this German-language website, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will come in 2 variants - black and silver, both are also available in WiFI-only and cellular models.

Pricing starts at $580 for the WiFi-only model. So the cellular-enabled variant will definitely be more expensive.

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that all of the information found on this German website will come to fruition. So all of these are just rumors. But it's possible to happen though because Samsung is widely known as Apple's biggest rival on tablet market.

And this Korean company needs to step up further in order to find a much better challenger that can match Apple iPad Pro. And this rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is definitely the best weapon that Samsung can use to give Apple run for its money.

It's well-spec'd, it's powerful, it's premium and it's also got the S Pen to challenge the Apple Pencil of the iPad Pro.

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