New Samsung Chromebook Plus and Pro, Premium Chrome-OS laptops with S Pen. Are they worth to buy?

Written by B Johnson February 19, 2017
Samsung Chromebook Plus Pro
Despite being a great alternative and a more affordable option for laptops, too bad Chromebook never gets to the hands of many consumers, especially the productive ones. There is a huge chance that you don't like or even hate any Chromebook laptops. The good news is, what Samsung just introduced recently at the CES 2017 might change your mind.

So yes, just a couple days ago, Samsung just unveiled 2 new-generation Chromebook laptops to the world. The first one is Samsung Chromebook Plus, while the other one is Samsung Chromebook Pro.

Samsung Chromebook Plus Pro
One thing that is so amazing about these 2 Samsung Chromebook laptops is definitely their designs. If you have seen what HP Spectra looks like and how it works, then you're looking at the same thing on any of these new Samsung Chromebooks.

Yes, it is a regular laptop with keyboard as well as track pad. And it is attached permanently just like any other laptops out there. And it's not detachable.

Samsung Chromebook Plus Pro
But the coolest thing is, this Samsung Chromebook can be flipped over 360-degrees so you can turn it from a normal laptops into a tablet, which is similar just like what HP is offering through its HP Spectra.

Another great thing is, this Samsung Chromebook really excels when it comes to build quality. So it's not going to look like the older-gen Chromebooks that just don't look so appealing in the eyes of many consumers.

Samsung Chromebook Plus Pro
It's made out of metal all over the place. Interestingly, these new Samsung Chrombooks still run on the same design language of Samsung's latest high-end smartphones - Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.

And you can totally see their similarity of design from the USB-C port area around the side of these laptops, which looks identical with the bottom side of Samsung Galaxy S7. They really look similar with that round-shaped edge.

On software side, these Samsung new Chrombook Plus and Pro are running on Chrome OS. This platform might not look so interesting for so many users, given its limited app selection and also how sluggish it performs in the real world.

But recently Google just announced that many Android apps are now accessible on Chrome app store. And more and more apps will be ported soon on this platform.

So there is a huge chance that you'll find many apps that you've come to love on your Android device. However, a lot of these apps are still in beta. So don't be surprised if they perform really sluggish on Chrome OS.

The other amazing thing that you'll find on any of these Samsung Chromebooks is the stylus. So yes, these Chrome laptops will come equipped with digitizer pen or S Pen. It's great for taking notes, controlling stuff on the screen or take a random screenshot.

And when not needed, you can store the stylus back into the port on these Chromebooks, similar just like on Samsung Note devices.

Unfortunately, according to theVerge, the performance of this stylus on Chrome OS still leaves a lot to be desired. It's still pretty buggy and not as smooth as the S Pen on Samsung Galaxy Note. The good thing is, you can still create sketch or draw beautiful painting out of it.

Speaking of hardware, then you're looking at 2 well-equipped Chrome laptops here. The more affordable one, Samsung Chromebooks Plus is running on Samsung hexa-core OP1 processor (ARM-based). Meanwhile, the 'PRO' version gets the better treatment of Intel Core M3.

They sport a 12.3-inch display and come with microSD card reader and they both are made out of metal all over the place. So if you're looking for a premium laptop that runs on Chrome OS, then any of these Samsung Chromebooks is definitely a great choice for you.

Samsung Chromebook Plus is actually available right now and you can get it from multiple US retailers like Newegg, Best Buy and of course, Amazon. It can be yours for $499, which is pretty steep for a Chrome-OS laptop. In fact, this is the most expensive Chromebook you can get right now on the market.

Unfortunately, the one with Intel Atom M3 processor - Samsung Chromebooks Pro - is currently not available. And there is no information regarding its release date or when you can pre-order it. The good news is, Samsung actually hinted that this variant will come out in March. And it will cost $549.

So be patient for that!

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