Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is for real. This is the tablet that will give Apple run for its money

Written by B Johnson February 27, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Earlier a couple of days ago, we told you about Samsung's rumored Galaxy Tab S3 tablet that would be unveiled soon by the company. Well apparently, this tablet is for real. Today, Samsung just officially unveiled the new-gen Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet at this year's Mobile World Congress.

According to previous rumors, leaked by a Germain website, we've already been informed that the tablet would carry a 9.7-inch display, the S Pen, a powerful Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor and other high-end quality specs on it. And now we can totally see how all of these rumors are shaping up into reality.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 image
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED display sporting the 2048x1536 pixels, this definitely will go head-to-head with Apple iPad Pro 9.7 which also has the same exact screen size and resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S series has always been made by Samsung primarily as the device to enjoy media and entertainment contents. It's no exception with this new-gen Galaxy Tab S3 tablet.

Thanks to its sharp and gorgeous Super AMOLED screen, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 undoubtedly is a perfect device to watch movies or play games.

Something that is so amazing with the display is, not only are you able to watch high-resolution videos with it, but you can also throw some HDR-quality movies from many movie online stores like Amazon Prime Video and others.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 image 2
Samsung is also offering the keyboard case specifically made for this tablet. It may be made out of plastic, but surprisingly it has a nice key travel and it's actually pretty awesome to type on (according to theVerge). So if you want to do something productive with this device, this keyboard case will definitely come in handy.

When it comes to design and build quality, Samsung totally brings its A-game when manufacturing this tablet. Its metal aluminum and glass materials totally makes this device look really solid and feel premium. However, according to theVerge, its glass rear cover is really prone to catch fingerprints. So it's best to use 3rd party case cover if you want to keep this tab clean.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 image 3
Speaking about the stylus, yes, this tablet will also come with Samsung's popular stylus found on Galaxy Note devices - the S Pen. Unfortunately, as previously rumored, there's no specific slot on this tablet to store the S Pen. So when not used, you need to keep this stylus somewhere else (like pocket, maybe?).

Interestingly, the stylus of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will also have all the features found on the S Pen of Galaxy Note devices. So besides for taking notes or making sketches, you can also use it to crop screenshot on the screen and even capture animated GIF images straightly on the screen (when watching YouTube video for example).

This new S Pen is said to be more improved than the previous versions, allowing a more natural writing experience than ever. This thanks to a smaller 0.7mm rubber tip on the S Pen that offers 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. So you can feel how natural it is as if you're writing with a real pencil/pen on a paper.

On software side, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will come pre-installed with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. So all the familiar features on Nougat OS like dual-screen mode, shortcut icons on notification panel, instant apps or faster installation process will be found here on this tablet.

On hardware side, this tablet still continues to be the premium model of Samsung Galaxy Tab series. It brings a Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 and 4GB of RAM to the table. All of these specs totally match with the previous rumors we told you a few days ago.

So games will definitely run perfectly on this device and they also will have more detailed graphics, all thanks to the Vulkan API (included in Nougat OS) which Samsung believes to be capable to bring more "superior graphics" to the games.

Not only that, Samsung is also introducing a feature called 'Game Launcher' through this device, which is designed specifically to give more personalized gaming experience to the users. So if you love playing Android games, then this tablet is probably the one you're looking for.

Unfortunately, there's no information about how much this will cost when it launches. But if you're really interested to bring this tablet to your home, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will be available for pre-order this March 17. And if you happen to live in the UK, you can expect this tablet to arrive on March 31.
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