No more 32GB variant of Google Pixel C tablet. Is this a sign that the new-gen model is about to arrive?

Written by B Johnson February 17, 2017
Google Pixel C
Despite being a great and premium tablet PC, it's unfortunate that Google Pixel C doesn't sell really well on the market. This is probably why Google recently has decided to remove the 32GB model of this tablet and only offers the biggest 64GB variant to the consumers.

Currently, there is only one model available for Google Pixel C that is up for grabs at Google official Play Store. And that is the 64GB model, which you can get for a pretty expensive price of $599.

This is actually the initial price for the 64GB variant when Google Pixel C made its first debut, while the smallest 32GB model was sold for $499 back then. 

Meanwhile, at other retail stores, the stock of Google Pixel C is also pretty limited. So your best shot right now is definitely at Google online store.

According to the source, the decision of Google to remove the 32GB model of Google Pixel C is probably a sign that Google is about to introduce the new generation of Pixel C tablet in the near months.

And that is very possible to happen given that Google just recently released its own Pixel smartphones - Pixel and Pixel XL.

About Google Pixel C

Google Pixel C 3
Anyway, if this is your first time knowing about this tablet, so Google Pixel C is a hybrid tablet that can be attached to its own keyboard case if you want to turn it from a regular tablet into a productivity device like laptop.

It's running on Google Chrome OS when it first came out. But given how sluggish it performed on Chrome OS, Google then decided to change its operating system to Android. And now Google Pixel C can run on Android Nougat OS.

Google Pixel C 2
One thing that is so amazing about Google Pixel C is that this tablet is made by Google itself. So it's designed, engineered and manufactured entirely by Google, instead of its manufacturing partners (Asus, HTC, Samsung, etc).

So this is totally different with Google Nexus 9 or Google Nexus 10 that both are designed by Google, but manufactured by HTC and Samsung respectively. Besides Google Pixel C, Google recently also released its own smartphones - Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, which both are manufactured also by Google team.

Speaking about the specs, Google Pixel C is actually not shabby at all. In fact, it is one of the most powerful tablets out there and even more superior than other offerings on tablet market.

It's got Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, a staggering 256-core Maxwell GPU, 3GB of RAM, 2560x1800 pixels display, 8MP camera on the back and a bunch of stuff that totally makes this device look good on paper.

Besides the internals, Google Pixel C also looks superior on the outside. It's made out of metal and its design is just beautiful and sleek. It even looks as elegant as Apple Macbook laptops.

Unfortunately, given Google's recent decision, now the only available variant of Google Pixel C that you can get right now is the 64GB model. And it can be yours for $599.

However, if you're looking for a much better alternative with the same price, you can actually go with Samsung's newest Chromebook Plus, which also costs at $599.

But I think it's so much even better because it can be flipped over to turn from a laptop to tablet, it comes with a great stylus, it's got a gorgeous Super AMOLED display and it runs on Chrome OS. Plus it has microSD card slot, which Google Pixel C really lacks at.

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