Perception, a new FPS horror game developed by Bioshock Infinite's developer. Headed to Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Written by B Johnson January 20, 2018
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Have you ever played a video game called Bioshock Infinite on consoles or PC? Well, if you have, I've got great news for you. Recently, the team behind this game is about to debut a new horror title. Are you excited?

Okay, so the game is called "Perception" and this horror game reportedly will be made in first person perspective, similar just like what Capcom does recently with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which is a great horror game that is also developed as first person shooting game.

Perception preview
Perception is said to be released first on Xbox One console. It's not going to be developed by Irrational Games though. But the one that will be responsible for this game is a developer named Deep End Games.

The good news is, gamers who don't currently have Xbox One will get to enjoy this Perception later as this game is still in development for PS4 or PC. So if you are a huge fan of horror games, but you happen to not own Xbox One, don't worry, you'll get your turn later with your PS4 or PC.

Perception preview
The project lead of Perception - Bill Gardner - told gamespot that Perception is not a horror game that involves shooting evils with shotguns or casting the magic powers. So your only weapon here is just a walking stick plus a smartphone (which kind of reminds me with a horror game called 'DayLight').

For your information, Bill Gardner is actually one of the people who used to work at Irrational Games, which is the developer of Bioshock games. And they brilliant games. He worked there for more than a decade and his recent involvement was as design director of Bioshock Infinite, an insanely popular game many people have come to love on their consoles and PCs.

Anyway, in Perception, by using the walking stick, every tap of this stick creates a visualization which then illuminates the world around. So you'll be able to see in the dark and then take further actions like walking or collecting items.

So this game is probably not gonna be like Resident Evil 7 where you can use shotguns or grenade launcher to kill monsters or evils that stand in your way. So there is a chance that Perception is gonna be a lot scarier than Resident Evil 7 because you'll have no weapons at your disposal.

Anyway, in this game, you'll play as a blind woman named Cassie Thornton and you'll help her make her way through a mansion in Massachusetts, which by the way, is haunted by a supernatural force known as 'the presence'.

Unfortunately, there's no information regarding when this game is gonna launch. But with the team behind Bioshock Infinite handling this game, then it's very likely that Perception is going to be one of the best horror games when it comes out.

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