This is the new action RPG from Gameloft, Iron Blade: Medieval Legends. Doesn't it look awesome, does it?

Written by B Johnson January 20, 2018
Iron Blade: medieval Legends logo
Just a couple of hours ago, a very popular mobile game developer - Gameloft, just did a soft-launch of its newest action RPG called 'Iron Blade: Medieval Legends' and it's available right now on Google Play Store.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends is an action-adventure role playing game. Basically, in this type of game, you'll be able to fight enemies, collect items, upgrade your character (skills, levels, weapons, etc), interact with people and other stuff that you're already familiar with in role playing games.

Iron Blade: medieval Legends
The great thing about this game is, Iron Blade is designed to be simple and mobile friendly with easy tapping and swiping combat system. So even though it's a 3D open world game,  it's still really easy and fun to play on touchscreen-based devices like tablet or smartphone.

In Iron Blade: Medieval Legends, you'll be spending most of your time wandering around European lands and completing many quests throughout the game. You'll be given weapons of course, sword for example, and you're gonna use it to hack and slash enemies that stand in your way.

Interestingly, this game will also take you to Transylvania, the land where vampires and other creepy monsters are mostly found. 

This kind of reminds us with a console game released last year - Bloodborn -, which is also a role playing game where you'll fight monsters, evils and even dragons in Gothic-themed world.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends is now available on Google Play Store. Unfortunately, this game is now only available to download for those living in Philippines. So if you're not living in this country, you need to be a patient for a bit because this game will launch globally in upcoming days or weeks.

However, there are actually some people who managed to download this game even though they were living outside Philippines. And they are using VPN apps (virtual private network) so they can change their locations with fake country/IP address of Philippines in order to gain access to the game.

There are many VPN-based apps available on Google Play Store (lots of them) but be sure to download the one that supports Philippines country/IP address because if it doesn't, you're totally wasting your time.

So what are you waiting for, if you happen to live in Philippines and you also love playing action adventure RPG, Iron Blade: Medieval Legends is the definitely the game you don't want to miss. And since it's developed by Gameloft - which is popularly known for 'Asphalt 8: Airborne' and Modern Combat 5 -, then you already know that this game is going to be really amazing.

Besides Iron Blade, Gameloft actually also has another card under its sleeve that's about to roll out in upcoming days. And that is Gangstar: New Orleans. This game is a lot like Grand Theft Auto games. So if you are a huge fan of GTA series, you better check this one out soon.
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