Good news, Android Nougat will roll out soon for Nvidia Shield Tablet

Written by B Johnson February 17, 2017
Nvidia Shield Tablet
If you are a proud owner of Nvidia Shield Tablet, then you're in luck now as Nvidia just announced that this tablet is going to be upgraded to the latest and greatest Android operating system, Nougat.

According to the plan, this newer Android Nougat update is gonna roll out soon for the Shield tablet in the coming days.

This news actually came at no surprise because Nvidia is one of a very few companies that is much faster than other manufacturers when it comes to releasing software updates to its Android devices.

It's already proved when Nvidia pushed the Android Marshmallow updates to the Shield Tablet just a few months after Marshmallow's official announcement.

It's probably because Nvidia only has around 4 Android devices on the market (Tegra Note, Nvidia Shield Tablet, Shield controller and Shield Android console), which is not a lot compared to other rivals like Samsung or Asus that has released so many Android tablets to the market.

About Nvidia Shield Tablet

Anyway, if you are new to this tablet, so Nvidia Shield Tablet is an Android-powered device released by Nvidia itself. This tablet is really amazing in many ways. In fact, gave this tablet really high scores especially in design and gaming performance.

On paper, this Nvidia tablet is more superior compared to other Android tablets in the price range of $199.

It's powered by Nvidia's powerful Tegra K1 processor (which is insanely powerful for gaming), 2GB of RAM, mind-boggling 192-core Kepler, full HD screen and it's also supported with its own stylus and Xbox-alike controller, although these 2 accessories are sold separately.

However, according to many of its users, this tablet really left a lot to be desired when it comes to battery life, especially when used to play heavy 3D games.

But the good news is, thanks to the software upgrades from the original Lollipop OS to Marshmallow and then, now to Nougat OS, of course this will make a huge difference especially to the longevity of its battery life.

And that's because in the latest Android Marshmallow and Nougat OSes, Google Android team has made a lot of improvements on the sector of battery life. So many Android devices that are upgraded to these newer software will become better and more efficient with power consumption.

So updating this Shield Tablet to Android Nougat OS is definitely a great decision from Nvidia especially to help solve the short battery life issues on this device. Hopefully, with this Nougat update, this Shield Tablet will last much even longer for playing heavy games.

Anyway, besides 'Doze', there are also other interesting features that you're about to enjoy when your Nvidia Shield Tablet is updated to Nougat OS, from the split-screen, instant reply to notification on the screen, instant apps and many more.

So if you happen to have this tablet, then you better prepare yourself before the update finally arrives soon on your slate! Meanwhile, if you want to buy this amazing powerful gaming tablet, then you can grab it on Amazon for only $199.

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