6 awesome Android and PSP games that I still play on my Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone

Written by B Johnson February 02, 2017
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Playing games has been really fun to do on my smartphone - Alcatel Flash 2. Even though this phone is not as powerful as my previous Alcatel Flash Plus, especially in terms of gaming performance, I’m still able to play some heavy games on this device.

To be honest, I’m actually not a really huge fan of Android games on my smartphone. Of course, I have some Android games installed on this device like GTA III and Max Payne.

But I’m actually more interested to play PSP games on my phone like Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 or Splinter Cell Essentials because these games offer more serious gameplay than Android games.

Anyway, below I’m going to show you the list of games that I still have on my Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone until today. Hope you like it!

PES 2014 (PSP version)
PES 2014 (PSP version)
Okay, the first game that has been my favorite on my smartphone lately is Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. As a matter of fact, this game is the one that I still play on my device until today.

However, the Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 I’m referring here is actually the PSP version, not the Android version.

The reason why I really love the PSP version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is actually because this game uses almost the same gameplay mechanics just like on the console, which means the gameplay is a bit hard to master and will require you to do some trainings especially with the controls if you want to be good at this game.

This is way different with the Android version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 released a few years ago that was tailored with the touch controls of smartphone and tablet.

As a result, this game was really easy to master and it’s also not that hard to score goals in this game, which was why this game became really boring for me over the time.

So if you love football games and you also happen to have well-spec’d smartphone or tablet, I strongly recommend you to play the PSP version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 because it’s really awesome and I believe you won’t get bored playing it even for the next few years.

But if you still don’t know how exactly to play PlayStation Portable games on your Android device, you can check out my other post to learn more about that.

Splinter Cell: Essentials (PlayStation Portable)
Splinter Cell: Essentials (PlayStation Portable)
The other awesome game that I still have and play right now on my smartphone is Splinter Cell: Essentials, the PSP version, not Splinter Cell: Conviction series released on Android platforms a few years ago.

This game actually kind of reminds with Splinter Cell Chaos Theory that I used to play on my old-gen Nokia N-Gage QD cell phone around 12 years ago, especially in terms of graphics and gameplay.

However, this Splinter Cell: Essentials of course is totally different than the N-Gage QD version. It actually still follows the same storyline of Splinter Cell: Conviction, where Sam Fisher’s daughter is being murdered by his enemies.

So in this game, you play as Sam Fisher in 3rd person perspective where you’ll be able to hide in the shadows to avoid enemies’ sights and then kill each of them silently. But you must also complete some specific missions in order to finish each level.

This game is definitely worth a shot especially if you’re already a huge fan of Splinter Cell series. However, it’s worth mentioning that your smartphone or tablet must be powerful in terms of graphical performance (GPU and CPU) because this game is pretty heavy in graphics.

You can use PPSPP app to play this game on your Android smartphone or tablet. If you haven’t known already, PPSPP is a PSP game emulator that allows you to play almost all PSP games that are available to download on the net.

I totally recommend this app to you if you love playing serious games on your smartphone or tablet, especially if you're already bored to play Android games.

Max Payne (Android)
Max Payne (Android)
The other amazing game that is still there on my Alcatel Flash 2 is Max Payne. This game actually has been really popular either on PC and consoles for the past couple of years.

So in this game, you play as Max, a guy who wants to start a new life with his wife. But then, some bad guys in his past found where he lives right now and killed Max’s wife. And so this is when his journey starts.

This game is an action shooting game with 3rd person perspective, it’s kind of free roam type of game, but the environments are limited in some locations, not as huge as Grand Theft Auto of course.

But of course, in Mad Max, you cannot drive any cars here. So you can only walk and shoot people with the weapons at your disposal.

This game is developed by Rockstars Games by the way, which is also the one that makes GTA series. So I believe you're gonna love this game, especially if you're already a huge fan of GTA series.

GTA III (Android)
GTA III (Android)
I actually like GTA Vice City better than GTA III, but sadly my Alcatel Flash 2 phone doesn’t hold up to its performance when running Vice City. In fact, it closes itself after entering to the game. So I’m basically stuck in the menu.

But anyway, GTA III is actually still a pretty darn good game, especially for those of you who love GTA series.

However, one thing that I don’t really like from this game is, its controls are not really responsive, especially compared to GTA Vice City that plays nicely with quick responsive controls. So for example, when I’m driving a car in GTA III, it’s really hard to control the wheel and most of the times, my car goes out of the control and always hits other cars or objects.

So if your smartphone or tablet is well spec’d, I strongly recommend you to play GTA Vice City or GTA san Andreas, or even GTA Liberty City Stories because all of these games are available on Google Play Store.

Rayman Jungle Run (Android)
Rayman Jungle Run (Android)
It’s actually pretty weird why this game is still on my phone, but even so, Rayman Jungle Run is pretty awesome to play. It actually kind of reminds me with Sonic game where you must run really fast and collect all the coins that you meet along the way.

So this Rayman Jungle Run game is totally different with the regular Rayman series which is a 3D platform adventure game.

The beginning levels of this game is really easy to play, but its difficulty gets more serious when you advance to higher levels, which can be pretty hard to play.

The cool thing about this game is, you can retry the same level in order collect the remaining coins that you haven’t collected before.

Worms 2: Armageddon (Android)
Worms 2: Armageddon (Android)
I’ve been a huge fan of Worms series ever since I had an old-gen cell phone in the past. So in this game, as its name implies, you indeed play as a worm in a group and you must defeat the other group of worms in order to finish and win the game.

This game actually is similar with an old online game that used to be so popular around 14 years ago, which I forgot its name (Run Bound if I'm not mistaken).

So you will be able to equip your worm with a bunch of weapons, like rocket launcher, bazooka, shotgun and you can even do the teleport thing to move to other area in the game. And you must fight other group of worms by using the weapons at your disposal.

But there is the time limit, so if you don’t kill all your opponents, the winner will be decided by how much damage that the group has taken. So if you lose many worms, while the opponents still have a few worms left, then they are the winner here. And the other way around.

Worms 2: Armageddon is definitely a really fun game to play, probably better than Angry Birds. But of course it all comes down to your favor of game genre. So if you like playing game where you can shoot at opponents using a varied different weapons, then Worms 2: Armageddon is probably the one you don’t want to miss.


Well, there you have it guys, 6 awesome games that I still have on my Alcatel Flash Plus 2 smartphone until today.

Anyway, what about you? What your favorite games that you still have on your smartphone or tablet until right now? Do you still intensively play any of them everyday? Or you’re just like me, you get bored easily with Android games?

Well, if you have something to say regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to leave your opinion right on the comment section below.
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