7 best football or soccer games for your Android and iOS device

Written by B Johnson March 31, 2014
Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager
Football, or soccer if you would, has been in the hearts of many people out there for many many years. In fact, it is the most popular sport all over the world. And that's not shocking because everybody loves this sport. From adults, teenagers and even kids - they all love football.

Well, what's not to like from football? It's really fun and not really expensive to play compared to other sports like hockey or baseball. You just need a soccer ball and you're good to go.

Today, thanks to the advancements of technology, now people can enjoy playing football right away on their tablets or smartphones. There are many awesome and interesting soccer games available right now on Google Play Store or App Store.

Below, I've compiled some of the best football games and apps which you can play on your Android tablet or smartphone. Without further ado, enjoy!


Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the most popular football games on gaming consoles. As a matter of fact, this game has always been the definite choice for most of gamers out there who love playing football games.

The good news is, now this game is available as well on Android and iOS devices. And of course, it's still developed by the one and only - Konami itself.

This game is called PES Club Manager. But this game is actually pretty different with the regular version of Pro Evolution Soccer game.

So in PES Club Manager, you will be assigned as the club manager and your job is to manage/control the entire aspect of your chosen/favorite club - from strategy, team formation, player positions, transfers and everything in the field.

The other thing that makes this game different with the regular Pro Evolution Soccer is its gameplay. In this game, you won't be able to play the match because everything will be run by computer.

But you're allowed to control and manage your team formation and their strategy in the field.

The coolest thing is, unlike other football manager games out there, in PES Club Manager, this game allows you to see the actual match and gameplay in 3D graphics, just like in the regular PES version.

So this game is not just about managing a team, but you can also watch the actual match in gorgeous 3D graphics. Not to mention, this game also gives you a full control over team formation or strategy and any changes that you make will be applied in real time.

As stated by Konami, PES Club Manager uses the same exact game mechanics just like the console version. So the gameplay will be realistic and the 3D graphics are more advanced than the predecessor (PES 2012).

Well, what are you waiting for? If you like football and you’re also a huge fan of Pro Evolution Soccer series, then PES Club Manager is definitely the game you don't want to miss.

2. PES 2014 (PSP/PlayStation Portable)

Thanks to an Android app called ‘PPSPP’ (PSP emulator), now you can play any PSP games right away on your Android tablet or smartphone. And if you happen to be a huge football fan, the PSP version of PES 2014 can be a perfect choice to accommodate your hobby of playing football games.

One of the best things found on the PSP version of PES 2014 is definitely its gameplay. It’s more realistic and more challenging than the regular version on Android platform (PES 2012). It's also got better and more polished graphics than the Android version.

However, this game can become pretty frustrating to play on touchscreen device when your fingers get sweaty. The screen will become very slippery to touch and the response is pretty sluggish.

But even so, without a doubt PES 2014 (PSP) is one of the best football games on mobile devices.

3. LiveScore (Android/iOS)

Besides games, there are also many interesting apps related to football. One of them is an app called LiveScore. With this app, you can always stay updated about the latest scores of any football matches all over the world, even from small unpopular leagues.

The amazing thing about this app is, it’s actually not only about soccer. With LiveScore, you can also check out the latest scores of any kind of sports, from basketball, hokey, baseball and many more. So LiveScore is definitely one must-have app for you especially if you consider yourself as a huge fan of any kind of sports.

4. Betting Tips 100 (Android)

Another interesting football-related app is “Betting Tips 100” and it's available on Google Play Store. As its name suggests, yes, this app provides useful information and also great tips about betting football scores. However, this app is not the actual football betting app, so you cannot bet your real money on this app.

But if you’re really good at betting football scores and you’ve always been really precise with your score predictions, then you might want to join football betting websites like W88 because not only are you able to predict football scores, but you can also have a chance to win the real cash on this website.

Isn't that awesome, huh?

5. Real Football 2012 (Android/iOS)

Another great football game that is worth checking out on your Android device is the one called “Real Football 2012”. It is developed by Gameloft, which many of you know has been really popular with many of its awesome games like Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat 4, NOVA 3 and other more.

This game is currently free on Google Play Store, so if you love playing football game, then Real Football 2012 can be a fun game to play on your tablet or smartphone.

The great thing about this game is, besides offering great 3D graphics, Real Football 2012 can be really challenging to play because it’s not easy to score goals, especially in harder difficulty. So you're not going to be bored playing this game for hours.

6. PES 2012 (Android/iOS)

Back in 2012, Konami released PES 2012 on Android and iOS platforms. Overall, this game is really fun to play and it offers better gameplay than other football games available on mobile devices. And that’s true because PES 2012 indeed is one solid game for football fans out there.

However, if you happen to be a huge fan of Pro Evolution Soccer series, this game actually can be pretty boring to play over the time because it’s really easy and not as challenging as the console version. You can even score a lot of goals in every match once you have mastered the controls.

But this is still acceptable because PES 2012 is tailored with the on-screen virtual controls in order to make it more intuitive to play on touchscreen devices like tablets or smartphones.

7. FIFA Mobile Soccer (Android/iOS/Windows)

Besides Konami, a game developer named Electronic Arts has also been really consistent in delivering great football games through its FIFA franchise. The good news is, FIFA games can now be enjoyed on your Android or iOS device.

Currently, FIFA series already steps to the latest season of 2016. This game is called FIFA Mobile Soccer. So all the players, clubs and stadiums have been updated according to the real world, including player transfers. And FIFA Mobile Soccer is also really advanced when it comes to graphics, which is why it’s really heavy in size (around 1.5GB).

The gameplay of FIFA Mobile Soccer is also one of the strongest points found in this game. It’s more realistic and more challenging than ever. And this game is not going to be really boring to play over the time. So if you call yourself a huge football fan, then this game is a MUST.


Well, there you have it guys, some of the best football-related games and apps for your tablet or smartphone. Of course, there are still many other great soccer games and apps available on Google Play Store or App Store.

But I think the apps and games aforementioned above are still some of the best on the market right now and they are totally worth downloading on your mobile device.
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