These 4 awesome soccer apps will get you hooked all day on your Android tablet

Written by B Johnson April 01, 2014
Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager
Thanks to tablet and smartphone, now you can get updated about anything so quickly right at your fingertips, including football news. If you happen to be a huge football fan, now you no longer need to buy soccer magazine anymore because any information about football can be easily found through Android apps on your tablet.

There are many great football apps that you can find right now on Google Play Store, from the apps to check out the latest football scores, the apps to get the latest football news and many other useful football-related apps.

Not to mention football games like Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA or Real Football that surely can be really fun to play on your tablet.

Below, we have compiled some of the best football apps for your Android tablet. Enjoy!

#1. Livescore

Checking out the latest football scores has never been so easier thanks to an app called 'LiveScore'. With this app, now you can get yourself updated with the latest scores of any football matches all over the world.

The coolest thing about this app is, Livescore always keeps updating the football scores in real time. So this ensures that you won't be missing out on anything that is happening on the field. Every goal will always be updated every minute to you.

LiveScore is originally a website that provides the latest scores of any football matches. And it's now available on Android and iOS. But it's not limited to only football matches because any kinds of sports are also covered within the app.

LiveScore has been popularly used by many soccer fans out there especially when they are currently busy and not able to watch football matches on TV. They can check out the latest scores by using their mobile devices.

#2. Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager

Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager
Okay, who doesn't like to play football games on tablets? Almost every football fan out there loves to play soccer games on their Android device. It's really fun to play and you can do it everywhere at any place you want.

From many soccer games out there on Google Play Store, we believe Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager is undoubtedly one of the best on the market right now, alongside other popular football games like FIFA Mobile Soccer or Real Football.

In PES Club Manager, you'll be given a job as a manager of your chosen club and you'll be able to manage your team, select the formation, choose the best strategy, buy new players and many other things that you can do in football manager games.

The great thing about this game is, unlike other football manager games out there, in PES Club manager, you'll be able to watch the actual match in real-time gameplay with 3D graphics. And this is totally different with other similar games that only let you watch the match in 2D gameplay, not 3D, which is kind of boring for some people.

According to Konami, this game uses the same graphics engine used on the console version of Pro Evolution Soccer games. So we believe this game will totally look awesome when you play it on your Android tablet.

#3. Betting Tips 100

BettingTips100 logo
If you happen to be good at predicting football scores, then we believe you will find an app called 'Betting Tips 100' useful for you. Betting Tips 100 is an app that gives you information as well as great tips about sport betting.

Not only are you able to learn great tips through this app, but you can also sharpen your skill of betting football scores.

And when you feel that you are ready to compete against other opponents and win real money, you can then join the best sport betting websites all over the internet to see how good you are at betting football scores.

#4. MU Live - Manchester Utd News

MU Live - Manchester Utd News logo
Are you a huge fan of Manchester United? Well, if you call yourself a die hard fan of Manchester United, then the app called "MU Live - Manchester Utd News" is definitely a MUST HAVE APP for you.

This may not be the official app from Manchester United in England, but with all the features and stuff that it has to offer, we believe this app is more than enough to be a great companion app for you.

In 'MU Live - Manchester Utd News', you'll get almost everything about Manchester United, from the latest news, match reviews, the most updated lineups and you can even watch the latest highlight videos and photos of every match every week. Isn't that awesome, huh?


Well, those are 4 apps that we believe are some of the best football apps that you can get right now for your Android tablet. We know that there are many other great football apps and games that are also worth recommending to you on Google Play Store.

So if you got one, don't hesitate to tell us your favorite football app right on the comment section below. We would be more than happier to hear yours.
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