These are 7 Great soccer games on Android Tablet and Smartphone

Written by B Johnson March 08, 2014
These are 7 Great Football/Soccer Apps for your Android Tablet and SmartphoneOkay, who doesn’t like football? Everyone loves this sport. From adults, teenagers and even little kids in your neighborhood; they all love playing football.

Well, what’s not to like from football?

We can play it everywhere, like in your school yard, at the beach and even in empty garage inside your house.

And it's also really cheap to play and it doesn’t require you to have some sort of expensive equipments like golf or hockey sticks.

So no wonder if football has become one of the most popular sports in all across the world. In fact, it is the most popular sport on this planet.

Anyway, besides playing football in the actual field, there’s actually one other great way to play this sport without getting all sweaty.

And that is by playing football games on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

There are tons of football-related games spreading out like crazy on Google Play Store, App Store and Windows MarketPlace.

Even though not many people are huge fans of football games, they still love to use apps that have something to do with football; for examples like the apps to get the latest scores of football matches, the apps to check out news about player transfers and many other apps that can give them information about their favorite teams.

So that’s the reason why today I would like to share to you some of the best football-related apps and games that you can find easily on Google Play Store or App Store.

But of course, I’m not going to share all of them in the following list below because there are too many of them to cover here (but probably in the future).

Okay then, without further ado, here are the football-related apps and games which I thought would be really awesome and worth downloading for your smartphones or tablets.

1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
Game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
Platform: Android
Developed by: Konami
Genre: Sport/football 3D game
The first time Konami made the mobile version of Pro Evolution Soccer game was actually not on smartphones or tablets, but on older-gen Java-based cell phones.

I remember playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on my cell phone a couple of years ago and it was really amazing football game.

I mean, despite being made for cell phones with simple 2D graphics and gameplay, Konami took it really seriously when developing this game. The gameplay set the bar really high on mobile phones and everything about this game was just really awesome.

But when the trend of smartphones and tablets began, Konami finally brought its A-game by releasing the 3D version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

Personally, I’ve already played this game on my phablet and it is one of the best football games I ever played on mobile devices. The graphics are impressive, the controls are really intuitive, the gameplay is so addictive, and everything about this game - I just love it.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is totally worth it to download for your smartphone or tablet, especially if you are a huge fan of football games.

2. Real Football 2015

Real Football 2015
Real Football 2015
Platform: Android
Developed by: Gameloft
Genre: Sport/football 3D game
Besides Konami, Gameloft has also been really aggressive to bring football games to mobile devices. But the first football game that Gameloft developed for mobile phones was “Real Football 2004”, released a couple of years ago for cell phones.

Fast forward to the present, now we have Real Football 2015 on our smartphones or tablets.

To be honest, I don’t play this game a lot on my phablet. I don’t know, I think the gameplay is too easy to play and not realistic, especially compared with the gameplay of PES 2012 from Konami.

I mean, the controls are really easy to master and scoring goals also doesn't require a lot of practices.

However, if you’re curious to try this game on your tablet, then go ahead, Real Football 2015 is still a pretty good football game with great 3D graphics and solid gameplay.

Even better, this game is not just a regular football game just like PES 2012. But it's more of a simulation football game.

So not only can you play every match in this game in 3D graphics, but you are also responsible for everything that is happening inside the club, like player transfers, finding sponsors, maintaining your stadium and many other things that football managers usually do.

But if you want to play football games with more realistic gameplay, then PES 2012 is probably the one you should consider here. You can also try FIFA 2015 Ultimate Team as it has great gameplay and graphics as well.

3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
Game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
Platform: PSP (using PSP emulator app called “PPSPP” on Google Play Store)
Developed by: Konami
Genre: Soccer/Football 3D game
Lately, I’ve been intensively playing one awesome football game from Konami, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, but the PSP version, not the regular Android.

And this game has amazing graphics and realistic gameplay similar just like you’re already familiar to see on consoles or PC.

I actually have tried the PSP version of PES 2012 using the PSP emulator called PPSPP (which can be downloaded on Google Play Store). And it’s also really awesome and the gameplay is more realistic than the Android version of PES 2012.

Anyway, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 brings a lot of new things like new improved gameplay, new graphics, new transfers, as well as new uniform for every team in this game.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is now more advanced (much harder and more realistic), the graphics are much improved, and everything about this game is just so much even better than any football games on mobile devices.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is a lot harder to play because the gameplay kind of follows the exact gameplay of the console versions.

And playing this game with on-screen virtual buttons is definitely a pain in the butt, especially if your fingers get sweaty during the game.

That’s why I recommend you to use a 3rd party controller, like MOGA or any gaming controller that you can pair with your Android device using Bluetooth connection.

But Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, in my opinion, is still one of the best soccer games that you can play on portable devices. In fact, it is the best football game I ever played on mobile platform.

4. FIFA 2015 Ultimate Team

FIFA 2015 Ultimate Team
Game: FIFA 2015 Ultimate Team
Platform: Android
Developed by: EA Mobile
Genre: 3D Soccer/football game
If Konami already shows its commitment on mobile platform by releasing its Pro Evolution Soccer series, then Electronic Arts (EA Mobile) is also really proud with the latest “FIFA 2015 Ultimate Team” on mobile devices.

EA Mobile actually already had FIFA games available even on older-gen cell phones since 2003, but they were not that great, both in graphics and especially gameplay, even horrible compared with the cell phone version of PES 2012 or Real Football 2004 from Gameloft.

Luckily, “FIFA 2015 Ultimate Team” from EA Mobile for tablets/smartphones now has way better graphics and much-improved more-realistic gameplay similar just like the gameplay of the console and PC versions.

So this game is not going to be really easy to play and it definitely requires gamers to do a lot of practices with the controls before even facing other teams in higher level of difficulty.

The great news is, FIFA 2015 Ultimate Team is FREE to download on Google Play Store. So if you consider yourself as the big fan of FIFA game franchise or you just love to play football games, then FIFA 2015 Ultimate Team is absolutely one awesome game you don’t want to miss.

But it’s worth mentioning that this game is really huge in size, which is around 1.4GB. So before you try to download and install this game on your tablet, make sure that your device already has sufficient amount of storage.

5. Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager

Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager
Game: Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager
Platform: Android
Developed by: Konami
Genre: Soccer/Football manager with 3D real-time gameplay
One of the things that makes me really impressed with Konami is, not only does this developer release Pro Evolution Soccer series on mobile devices, but this company apparently also makes the Manager Edition of Pro Evolution Soccer to mobile platforms.

So this game is called Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager.

If this is your first time knowing about this type of game, Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager actually is similar just like any other football manager games that you can find usually on PC.

So in this game, you are given a job and tasks to manage a team (of your choice), from signing new players through transfers, finding the right formation for your team, choosing the right position for every player, getting sponsors for your club and many other stuff that football managers usually do in real life.

Amazingly, despite being a football manager type game, Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager also uses the exact game engine from the console versions of PES 2015 and ports it straightly to the gameplay of this game.

So not only can you manage a team, but you can also watch the actual match in 3D real-time gameplay and see the end result by yourself.

And this is really awesome and can be really addictive to play, especially if you’ve already been a huge fan of football manager type games for very long time.

Anyway, Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager is now FREE to download on Google Play Store.

It’s pretty huge by the way, around 1.05GB of data. But with its awesome graphics and gameplay, Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager can be a great addition for your game collection on your tablet.

However, it’s also worth noting that this game is very depending with internet connection of your device. So if you want to play this game on your tablet, you must be willing to always stay online all the time during the game.

6. Livescore

App: Livescore
Platform: Android/iOS/Windows
Developed by: Livescore Ltd
Genre: Football live scores and matches
Getting the most up-to-date scores of football matches has never been so easier like today ever since smartphones and tablets came out.

Now everyone can get the fastest updates of their favorite football teams right way through the apps on their smartphones or tablets.

Livescore is one of the best apps that can give you all of that in one simple app.

One amazing thing about this app is, Livescore also provides you not only the soccer results from the famous leagues in the world, but also from the local leagues in your own country.

Livescore actually has been around in this business even before the first-gen iPhone came out. However, the service was only available back then on its website, Livescore.com.

Impressively, Livescore.com is still one of the best websites for getting sport results and schedules, even until today.

So if you happen to not have smartphone or tablet yet, you can still access Livescore.com website if you want to get the most up-to-date football results of your favorite teams.

Anyway, the Livescore app is FREE to download for your tablet or smartphone. It’s really small in size by the way, around 7MB of data. But this app is really useful for anyone of you soccer fans out there.

Other similar app called "Football Livescore – 365Scores" is also another great app. It’s actually similar just like Livescore app, but it offers more details and contents like videos, news, up-to-date lineup and other updates concerning your favorite football teams or even basketball teams.

7. BetMob Soccer Betting

BetMob Soccer Betting
App: BetMob Soccer Betting
Platform: Android
Developed by: NorApps AS
Genre: Soccer/football betting app
Okay, so you already have some great apps to check out the latest scores and match results of your favorite teams. And you also already know what football games that are worth playing on your tablet.

But there's actually another great football-related app which lets you sharpen your skills of predicting scores of football matches.

The app is called “BetMob Soccer Betting”, which you can download for FREE on Google Play Store.

So BetMob Soccer Betting is an app that lets you predict scores of football matches with anyone that you want to compete with (like your friends or even other people in other countries).

And if you win, you can collect some money that latter will be added to your balance on this app.

However, it’s worth mentioning that, despite using real cash in its in-app purchases to buy some virtual stuff in this game, the balance in this game is not using the real money.

So even if you have a lot of cash in your balance, you cannot withdraw it with the real life money.

But "BetMob Soccer Betting" actually can be a great app to learn more and sharpen your skills of betting soccer matches.

Who knows, after gaining a lot experiences through this app, you can finally take your skills to the next level and make some real money from some betting websites like M88.

According to M88, this website is currently one of the top online betting sites in Asia, with more than 150 dedicated players in its system.

So if you think you're good enough at betting football matches, then M88 can be a great destination for you.


Well, those are 7 great football-related apps which I thought would be really awesome and useful to use on your smartphone or tablet.

There are actually tons of other apps and games on Google Play Store that are also as great and useful as the apps aforementioned above, especially if you are a huge fan of football. But I probably will share some of them in my next articles in the future.

So if you don’t want to miss any of that, be sure to always stick around on this website!
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