Black Friday for Amazon products: Fire HD 8 Tablet is only $59.99!

Written by B Johnson November 22, 2016
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Black Friday of 2016 is near ahead of us. It's actually a few hours away from getting started. Well, if you've been wanting to buy your favorite gadgets but you couldn't afford it before, this is definitely the best time to take your revenge. In Black Friday, almost any electronic products from PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones and even iTunes gift card get their prices slashed during the festival.

Anyway, if you're currently looking for some affordable tablet to accommodate your hobby of reading digital books or watch Netflix, then Amazon recent offerings are probably the ones you're looking for.

So in this Black Friday of 2016, there are many Amazon products that are offered in way more interesting prices than they are sold in regular basis. From Fire tablets, Kindle Paperwhite to Amazon Echo - all are getting aggressively offered in lower to even cheapest price tags.

Below, I have compiled some of Amazon's offerings that you probably don't want to miss during the Black Friday promotion.

Amazon Voice Assistants

Amazon Echo Dot
If you're on the street looking for great but cheap voice assistant device from Amazon, then you might want to check out the one called Amazon Echo Dot. So it's pretty similar just like Amazon Echo, but this one is the cheapest version.

So at Amazon, this Echo Dot is now offered for only $39.99. And this is $10 cheaper than the regular price it's sold in normal days. With this device, you can do things like asking for new recommended contents from Amazon, new books, new music and you can even ask almost anything.

But of course, compared to a more full-fledged Amazon Echo, there are gonna be some weaknesses found on Echo Dot, especially in terms of features.

Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap
Meanwhile, if you're looking for a great Bluetooth/WiFi speaker, then Amazon Tap is probably the one you want. This device will be offered for $89.99 in this Black Friday of 2016, which is $25 off from the regular price.

Anyway, with Amazon Tap, not only are you able to listen to music through your Amazon tablet, but you can also do other things like order food, ask direction, hear news, search information and many more. So this is going to be more powerful and better than Echo Dot aforementioned above.

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Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo
If Amazon Tap is awesome, then Amazon Echo is definitely way more awesome. If you are new to this device, so Amazon Echo is actually similar to Google own voice assistant device - Google Home.

With this Amazon Echo, you can ask information, order Uber, ask for weather, hear news, play music and many other things.

This voice assistant device will cost you only $139.99 this Black Friday. And this is $40 cheaper than Amazon is asking in regular basis.

Amazon Fire Tablets

In this Black Friday, of course there will be many Fire tablets that Amazon is offering to you in lower more interesting prices. For example is, Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet, which will be priced at $74.99 ($25 off).

So if you've been wandering around to find the suitable tablet for your kids, then this tablet is definitely the one you're looking for. However, don't expect it to be really powerful for gaming because it's not what it's intended for.

Amazon Fire Tablet
Besides that Amazon kids-oriented tablet, Amazon also slashes the prices of other Fire tablets. The Amazon Fire HD 8 will be offered for only $59.99 ($30 OFF). This, by the way, is a more reliable and pretty adequate device from Amazon as it comes with some pretty good specs.

It has an 8-inch IPS LC display sporting the HD resolution (800x1280 pixels), Fire OS 5 UI, Quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and the coolest thing is, this Amazon's tablet is also equipped with microSD card slot for up to 256GB. So you can definitely cram a lot of your favorite movies or music to this device.

But don't expect it to be a reliable gaming tablet because its performance is not that powerful to handle the latest heavy 3D games today. 

Amazon Kids Fire Tablet
But if you're looking for a cheaper tablet from Amazon, be sure to not miss Amazon Kindle, as it'll get its price slashed to only $49.99 ($30 off).

Meanwhile, Amazon Kindle for Kids Bundle can also be a great choice for you if you want to buy a new tablet for your children. It will cost $69.99 during this Black Friday ($30).

Amazon Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Voyage
If you're more of a book reader than movie freak, then you might want to focus your target on other Amazon's tablet offerings this Black Friday.

For example, you can check out the one called "Kindle Voyage", which will be sold at $169.99 ($30 OFF) this Black Friday. This is an e-Reader by the way, so if you're a huge fan of digital books, then Kindle Voyage can be an interesting purchase for you.

Amazon Paperwhite
However, if you a much cheaper e-Reader to read your favorite books, you can also go with Amazon Kindle Paperwhite as it'll cost you only $99.99 this Black Friday ($30).

It may not have other colors besides black and white on the screen, but it's actually more fun to read eBooks using this basic e-Reader.

Besides, it's Amazon's, so you can be sure that its quality will not disappoint you.


Well, there you go guys, all the interesting offerings that Amazon will be holding this Black Friday of 2016. If you're looking for great presents for your family and friends this holiday season, then all of Amazon's Black Friday Deals can be such great options for you.

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