Black Friday : Get Xbox One S console for only $249.99 now!

Written by B Johnson November 22, 2016
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Hey guys, if you're into video games and you've also been wanting to buy the Xbox One S since its first launch, then the Black Friday ahead is definitely your best time to finally buy this bad boy.

Not only can you snatch Xbox One S console at cheap, but you'll also get many interesting goodies inside the package.

Below, I've compiled some of the best Xbox One S deals that you surely don't want to miss this Black Friday of 2016. There are some retail stores like Best Buy, Target and many others that offer this next-gen console at discounted prices.

Okay then, without further ado, here they are!

Best Buy

Xbox One S console
At Best Buy, now you can snatch Xbox One S for only $299.99 this Black Friday, which is $114 cheaper than the normal price in regular basis.

Even better, you'll also get a lot of interesting goodies like Battlefield 1 video game along with Xbox Wireless controller. Not to mention this Xbox One S also comes with 1TB harddisc drive, so you can install a lot of games on this console.

All of these stuff can be yours for only $299.99.


Meanwhile, at Target, Xbox One S console equipped with 500GB HDD is sold for only $249.99, which is also $50 cheaper than the regular price. This console can be yours along with Battlefield 1 or Minecraft video game, plus $40 Gift Card from Target.

Unfortunately, unlike at Best Buy, there's no Xbox Wireless Controller offered in this deal, so you're gonna need to spend some extra cash if you want to get it. But at Best Buy, it actually will cost you $50 more. So no wonder why it's more expensive.


Interestingly, at Dell, with the same price of $249.99, not only can you get an Xbox ONE S with 500GB HDD, but you'll also have a Battlefield 1, Gears of Wars 4 as well as an extra controller. And this is $170 cheaper than the price in regular basis.


Besides Best Buy, Target and Dell, you can also look other Xbox One S deals elsewhere, like for example at Kohl's which asks you $249.99 if you want to get a 500GB-equipped Xbox One S along with Minecraft video game, as well as $75 Kohl's Cash.


But if you're more into First Person Shooting game, you might want to head over to Walmart instead because you can grab the latest-installment Battlefield 1 video game, as well as the Xbox One S console of course (500GB). This is $50 cheaper than the regular price at this retailer.

Microsoft Store

Another interesting Black Friday deal can also be found at Microsoft Store, which gives you $50 discount if you decide to buy a select Xbox One console. Not to mention, you'll also get some extra goodies in the package, like $25 Gift Code + select video game.


Well, there you go guys, some of the best deals related to Xbox One that you can find at many retail stores this Black Friday. Anyway, the festival will start after this Thanksgiving day on Thursday. So if you've been dreaming to get Xbox One S console, then this Black Friday is definitely your best shot.

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