Black Friday : $240 for Google Pixel or XL smartphones, $99 for Google Home

Written by B Johnson November 22, 2016
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During the Black Friday promotion, everything gets their price slashed. Anything - from tablets, smartphones, PCs, laptops, HDTV to video games - all gets huge discounts from many retailers. The same goes to Google and other retailers that sell made-by-Google products this Black Friday 2016.

If you think that Google Pixel smartphone is too expensive to buy, in this Black Friday, you can finally have a great chance to snatch this Google-branded phone at more interesting price. However, as many of your probably know, both Google Pixel smartphones - Pixel and Pixel XL - are Verizon's exclusive.

The good thing is, you can also get any of these Pixel phones at Google Play Store. But the prices are still the same ones in regular days, meaning it's unlikely Google will slash their prices this Black Friday.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL at Verizon (exclusive)

Google Pixel smartphone
Anyway, at Verizon, Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones will be offered in lower prices than in regular basis.

So the 32GB model of Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphones can be yours for $240. Meanwhile, the biggest 128GB storage model of both phones will be priced at $360 during this Black Friday promotion.

However, those are not the total prices because you also need to pay $649.99 up front in order to be able to buy it with discounted price. But the difference that you'll need to pay will be deducted from your wireless bill month to month.

Anyway, if you're new to Google Pixel smartphone, this phone is made by Google itself. So it's not like the previous Google Nexus phones like Nexus 6 or Nexus 6P that are manufactured by Google's partners, Motorola and Huawei respectively. But Google was responsible for the software (Android OS it is).

Meanwhile, Google Pixel and Pixel XL, eventhough they are still manufactured by Google's partner - HTC -, these 2 phones are still made and designed by Google itself. It's similar like Foxconn that helps Apple built its iPhones and iPads for so many years in China.

FYI, Google actually already asked Huawei to build the Pixel phones, but they refused the offer because Google didn't want 'Huawei' logo to be placed on the phones - just 'Google'. So Google decided to hand over the job to HTC.

Compared to other high-end flagship smartphones like iPhone 7/7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, both of Google Pixel smartphones are actually amazing in a lot of ways. As a matter of fact, many tech reviews really complement the entire quality of Pixel phones.

It may not have the capability to swim inside the water like iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 does, but on many sectors, any of these Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones is really top notch.

Its cameras are sharp and reliable, its video recording is excellent, its performance is powerful and even the best on the market right now, its battery life lasts really long, it's got a nice looking design and build quality, its Quad HD (Pixel XL) and Full HD (Pixel) displays look insanely sharp and everything about it is just amazing.

So if you're looking for a top notch quality smartphone that has no Apple or Samsung logo on the back, then Google Pixel or Pixel XL is probably the smartphone you're looking for.

Google Home Voice Assistant

Anyway guys, besides Google Pixel smartphones, there are also other Google official products that will be offered with interesting discounts during this Black Friday of 2016.

For example is Amazon's rival - Google Home -, which is a voice assistant device that can help you order food or Uber car, ask information, hear news and other things in your living room.

Google Home can be yours for only $99 this Black Friday. And it's available either at Verizon or Best Buy for the same price - $99.99.

This definitely will go toe-to-toe with Amazon Echo that will be offered at $139.99 at Amazon during Black Friday promotion. But I strongly suggest you to pick one that suits you best.
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