How to download Twitter videos using Mozilla Firefox?

Written by B Johnson September 06, 2016
How to download Twitter videos using Mozilla Firefox?If you've been on Twitter for a very long time, then you already know that Twitter now allows users not only to read tweets and see photos, but they can also watch many interesting videos through this app.

Unfortunately, every time you watch any video on Twitter, you’ll need to stay connected all the time to your internet connection in order to be able to watch the video again. And this can waste your mobile data especially if you keep watching the video over and over again.

Luckily, there is a workaround that will enable you to download videos on your Twitter app. And that’s by using Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Okay then, without further ado, below I’m about to show you how exactly to download videos on Twitter app by using Mozilla Firefox. Hope this helps!

#1. Open Mozilla Firefox app

If you want to download Twitter videos, first of all, of course you'll need to download Mozilla Firefox app on your device. But if you haven’t got it yet, you can download this web browser for free on Google Play Store.

I strongly recommend you to use your WiFi connection when downloading this app because it’s pretty huge in size, around 40MB if I’m not mistaken.

Okay, after finish downloading Mozilla Firefox your device, now open this app.

#2. Go to Firefox Add-on website

After you open the Firefox app, press the menu option on the top right corner > select 'Tools' > and then choose 'Add-ons' in the options.

After that, on the add-on configuration screen, tap on the link on the bottom that says “Browse all Firefox add-ons”. By doing so, you will be taken to Firefox add-on website. Alternatively, you can also type the URL address of Firefox add-on website inside the address bar (

#3. Download YouTube Downloader

Now on Firefox add-on website, find an add-on that has the feature to download videos on Twitter website. My top recommendation for you is the one called ‘YouTube Downloader – 4k Download”, which of course is a YouTube downloader you're already familiar with for a long time. .

But the great thing is, not only is it able to download videos on YouTube website, but this add-on also allows you to download videos on almost any websites on the net, including Twitter website.

There are actually plenty of other similar add-ons, but I think ‘YouTube Downloader – 4k Download’ has been pretty great in my experience especially for downloading videos on internet.

Now download this add-on by pressing the button ‘Add to Firefox’. But remember, after you press this download button, DO NOT PRESS anything on the screen during the downloading process!

This will take around 10 seconds or more until Firefox finally shows you the installation window on the screen. And when that shows up, select ‘Install’ to begin installing this add-on to your Firefox app.

#4. Restart Mozilla Firefox

After the installation process is complete, Firefox will then ask you to restart the app in order to activate the add-on.

Okay, now press the restart button that appears automatically on the top of the screen. Alternatively, you can also restart Firefox manually by closing the app entirely.

#5. Go to Twitter website

The next thing to do is go to Twitter website through Mozilla Firefox app. You can simply type the URL address '' and Firefox will direct you to Twitter website.

#6. Find the Twitter video and press the play button

After landing to your Twitter timeline, now find the tweet that contains the video that you would like to download on your device. And then, once you see the video, press the play button to start playing the video.

#7. Press the blue-arrow icon inside the address bar

As you can see on the screen, when you press the ‘play’ button and watch the video, there is a blue arrow icon appears on the top inside the address bar. If that happens, now press this icon. Firefox will then open up a new tab. This new tab is actually just a blank tab, but this tab contains the download link for the video.

#8. Press the download link

On the new blank tab, usually, there’s only one video format that is available to choose here, which is MP4. This is totally different if you try to download videos from YouTube website that provides you all the download links for any video formats; from a small-sized 3gp all the way up to 1080p video formats.

Okay, now press the download link that appears on the new blank tab. By doing so, Firefox will instantly download this Twitter video and save it on your smartphone or tablet. It actually only takes a couple of seconds because most of Twitter videos are short in terms of duration. So they will be small in size.

Anyway, this new Twitter video will be saved inside the folder ‘Download’ right in the root directory of internal/external storage. So if you want to watch this Twitter video, you can use file explorer or file manager to find it.

But I believe this video will automatically appear on any video player apps that you have on your device, such as: MX Player, etc. So you can watch it instantly once the downloading process is complete.


Well, there you have it guys, my secret trick to download Twitter videos using Mozilla Firefox web browser. I hope this trick also works perfectly on your device. I’ve actually already written a post about how to download Twitter videos by using one great app from Google Play Store. So if you’re interested to learn more how to do that, you can check that one out through this page.
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