How to enable Night Mode on Twitter app?

Written by B Johnson September 06, 2016
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For the past couple of years, Twitter app has been improving a lot especially compared to its oldest versions. It is now much faster in gathering tweets and it also now has a lot of cool features that totally makes the experience of using Twitter more pleasing and enjoyable for most of its users.

One of the coolest features that recently has just been added to Twitter app is the one called ‘Night Mode’. Weirdly, this feature was added on the iOS version of Twitter app a few months after the Android version got it first.

So similar just like the ‘Night mode’ feature found on the latest Android Nougat OS, the ‘Night Mode’ on Twitter also behaves exactly the same. Basically, with this feature activated, the entire background color of your Twitter app will be reversed into dark gray color, while the texts will also turn into white so tweets can be readable by the users in dark background color.

However, not many users know about the existence of this feature or how to activate Night Mode on their Twitter app, which is a shame because 'Night Mode' is an awesome feature especially for the users who love reading tweets in low light before they go to sleep.

Okay then, below I’m going to show you how exactly to activate Night Mode on your Twitter app. Hope you like it!

#1. Open Google Play Store

Okay, if you’re really eager to try the ‘Night mode’ on your Twitter app, the first thing to do is open your Google Play Store app on your device.

#2. Find the Twitter app

After landing on Google Play Store, now find the Twitter app and go to the download page of this app. But if you haven’t installed Twitter app yet on your device, you can download it for free on Google Play Store.

Bear in mind that this app is pretty huge in size, weighing around 70MB of data. So I strongly recommend you to download it using Wifi connection in order to save your mobile data.

#3. Update your Twitter app

On the other hand, if you already have Twitter app on your device, you can just press the UPDATE button to download the latest software updates for your Twitter app.

It probably only weighs around 15MB of data or more, but it depends on how old the version of Twitter app you're using right now. I mean, if you’re currently using the oldest version of Twitter app, then the updates relatively will be huge in size.

#4. Restart your device

Okay, after your device finishes updating your Twitter app, now close your Google Play Store app and then reboot your device. This is really important to do because in order for the ‘Night mode’ feature to appear on your Twitter app, the app along with the device must be rebooted manually. And this feature will not appear until you reboot your device.

#5. Open Twitter app

If your device has rebooted and entered to the homescreen, now open your Twitter app.

#6. Press the menu option

After opening your Twitter app, now open the menu option on the left. You can open this menu open by sliding the screen from left corner to the right. But you can also do it by pressing the avatar logo of your Twitter profile, right on the TOP LEFT CORNER, beside the word ‘Home’.

Once you open the menu option, as you can see, the new feature of ‘Night Mode’ can be found there in the list.

#7. Turn on the ‘Night Mode’ toggle

If you want to activate the ‘Night Mode’ on your Twitter app, it’s really simple to do that. You only need to turn on the toggle of ‘Night Mode’ and when you do that, the white background color of your Twitter app will be reversed into dark gray color.

Meanwhile, all the texts, including links will also be changed into light colors so they will be readable in dark gray background.

#8. How to turn off ‘Night Mode’ on Twitter?

Anyway, if you are not in the mood to use ‘Night Mode’ on your Twitter app or you're bored of using this feature, you can deactivate it by turning off the toggle ‘Night Mode’ on the menu option. The basic white background color will be brought back to the screen.


Well, there you have it guys, my guide for you if you want to activate ‘Night Mode’ on your Twitter app. This feature actually came first on Android version of Twitter app, before it was finally added on the iOS version around a few days ago.

Anyway guys, besides Twitter app, this ‘Night Mode’ feature is actually also available on other apps like Firefox web browser. In fact, I just wrote about this in my other post. So if you happen to use Firefox app as your daily driver for browsing the web, then you might want to check out my post about how to activate the ‘Night Mode’ feature on Firefox.
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