How to download videos from Twitter using Video GIF Download?

Written by B Johnson September 06, 2016
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Twitter has been one of the most popular social media apps for the past couple of years, alongside Facebook and Instagram. The good news is, besides for reading tweets and checking out photos, now Twitter also allows you to watch videos, which is similar just like on Instagram and Facebook apps.

However, watching videos on Twitter is not the same thing with viewing videos on Instagram because everytime you want to watch every video again, you'll need to stay connected to internet all the time. This is different on Instagram, where you can still watch the videos on your timeline offline without activating your internet connection, which of course saves your mobile data.

Anyway, earlier I’ve already showed you how exactly to download Instagram videos by using ‘Insta Saver’, which is free to download on Google Play Store. But today, I would like to show you how exactly to download videos on Twitter using an app called 'Video GIF Download for Twitter'.

Okay then, without ado, below I’m about to show you how to download videos on Twitter app. Hope this helps!

#1. Open Google Play Store

If you want to download videos on Twitter, you’re gonna need one app that its main feature is to download Twitter videos. Okay, now open Google Play Store app on your device.

#2. Download “Video Gif Download for Twitter”

After opening Google Play Store, now find an app called “Video GIF Download for Twitter”. And then download it to your smartphone or tablet.

For your information, there’s actually a plenty of other similar apps on Google Play Store. But “Video GIF Download for Twitter” is definitely my top recommendation here because it's simple and straight-forward, which is to download videos on Twitter. And it's been pretty great in my experience.

Anyway, the ‘Video Gif Download for Twitter’ app I’m talking about here is the one developed by Bhavyanshu Parasher. So don’t be mistaken with other apps.

#3. Copy the Twitter link of video

Okay, after you finish downloading and installing the app, the next thing you’re going to do is copy the URL address of a tweet that contains the video you would like to download.

It’s actually really easy to do that. You just need to open your Twitter app > go to the tweet that contains the video > press the menu option on the top right corner > and then select 'Copy link to tweet' in the options.

Later, you will use this tweet link to generate the Twitter video using the app you just downloaded earlier – ‘Video Gif Download for Twitter’.

Anyway, if you want to copy multiple URL addresses at the same time, then you can use an app called ‘Native Clipboard’.

This app allows you to copy multiple links at once so you don't need to copy and paste every link one by one. You can simply copy all the tweet links of the videos you would like to download, and once you finish doing that, you can start pasting them one by one on 'Video Gif Download for Twitter'.

I’ve actually already shared about ‘Native Clipboard’ and how to use it in my previous post. So if you want to learn more about that, then you can check out this page.

#4. Open the app

Once you have copied the link of ‘tweet’ that contains the video from your Twitter app, now open the app you just downloader earlier – ‘Video Gif Download for Twitter’.

#5. Paste the link

Right when you open the app, you can start using its main feature, which is to download videos from Twitter. As you can see on the screen, there is a text field/box on the bottom area that says “Paste link of tweet here...”. Well, that’s the main text box that can generate the videos from Twitter.

Okay, now paste the tweet link you just copied earlier into this box.

#6. Press the download icon

After that, press the arrow button on the right to start downloading the video to your smartphone or tablet. It actually only takes a couple of seconds for the downloading process to complete because Twitter videos are mostly short in duration.

Anyway, after the app finishes downloading the video, the video will appear on the top screen. You can then watch the video instantly through this app.

#7. Play the video

Usually, if you’re using a video player (app) like MX Player Pro, the video you just downloaded from the app will be scanned automatically and will appear on the list of videos to watch. However, if you want to copy or move that video, you’re gonna need a file explorer or file manager to do the job for you.

All the Twitter videos you’ve downloaded using ‘Video Gif Download for Twitter’ will be saved in the folder named ‘TMDownloads’ which you can find in the root directory of internal/external storage.


Well, there you have it guys, my secret trick for you to download Twitter videos using smartphone or tablet. What do you think about this app? Is it good? Or you happen to also have other cool apps to download Twitter videos?

Well, if you do, please don’t hesitate to share your recommended apps right on the comment section below.

Anyway, besides using ‘Video Gif Download for Twitter’ app, there’s actually another method that you can also apply to download videos from Twitter. And that’s by using Mozilla Firefox web browser. So if you're interested to learn more about that, you can check out this page.
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