Alcatel Flash Plus not detected on computer and cannot activate USB tethering

Written by B Johnson September 15, 2016
Alcatel Flash Plus
Have you ever faced of a problem when your smartphone or tablet cannot be detected on your computer and used as a modem?

So every time you try to connect your device to your laptop with USB cable, your laptop keeps failing to install the modem drivers of your smartphone. As a result, your device cannot be used in 'USB tethering' mode.

Well, this actually also happened to me on my phablet, Alcatel Flash Plus, like a few months ago. But luckily, I have found the solution for this annoying problem.

So if you also happen to own Alcatel Flash Plus right now, and you’re also experiencing the same problem like me, below I’m going to show you how exactly to solve his problem.

The reason why this happens

Okay, in order to be able to connect your Alcatel Flash Plus with your laptop/PC and activate the ‘USB tethering’ mode, your laptop requires you to install 2 important drivers from your smartphone: ‘RNDIS’ and ‘Android UDB’.

But the reason why your laptop keeps failing to install these drivers is probably because your phone has been rooted.

The solution?

The only way to successfully install these 2 drivers on your laptop and enable the 'USB tethering' mode on your phone is by doing a factory reset on your Alcatel Flash Plus.

But of course, resetting your Alcatel Flash Plus will obviously remove everything on your smartphone, from the apps and games along with its saved data, web bookmarks and everything that you currently have on your phone.

This is the reason why I strongly recommend you to create a backup system of your phone using CWM recovery tool.

So once you have successfully connected your Alcatel Flash Plus with your laptop and activated the 'USB tethering' mode, you can then restore back your phone with the previous backup system, where all of your apps, games and data are still there on this device.

WARNING!! Do this at your own risk!! I will not be responsible for anything wrong that might happen on your phone!

#1. Backup the Android system using CWM

First of all, I want you to create the backup system of your Alcatel Flash Plus using either CWM recovery tool.

But if you haven’t installed this recovery tool yet, then you'll need to find the right compatible CWM image file (.img) from specific forums related to Alcatel Flash Plus.

But if you’re too lazy to find it around the net, you can download this recovery tool from this download link.

And then, you can follow the steps on these 2 pages, from:
- rooting your Alcatel Flash Plus with Kingroot
- installing CMW recovery tool
- creating backup system using CWM.

#2. Remove your microSD card

Okay, once you have finished creating the backup system of your Alcatel Flash Plus with CWM, now unmount/remove your microSD card from your smartphone. But don’t put your SD card back on again before you follow all the steps below correctly.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO DO because if you keep using your microSD card during the process factory reset, some of your files like photos or videos might be deleted randomly.

You can put your microSD card on again to your device once you have followed all the 15 steps on this page.

#3. Go to Setting

If you have removed your external SD card, now go to Setting.

#4. Select ‘Backup & Reset’

Select the option ‘Backup & Reset’.

#5. Press the button ‘Factory data reset’

Press the button that says ‘Factory data reset’.

#6. Tap ‘RESET’ to start the resetting process

If you’re ready to start the process of factory reset, you can press the button ‘RESET’.

#7. Wait until your phone reboots

After pressing the ‘RESET’ button, your Alcatel Flash Plus will start the process of factory reset. Your phone will then reboot itself and it usually takes a couple of minutes before your phone finally enters to the factory setting.

And if your phone has been successfully reset, DO NOT put your microSD card back on your Alcatel Flash Plus during this process. Just leave your phone without external microSD card.

#8. Plug in your phone to your computer

Now connect your Alcatel Flash Plus to your laptop using the USB cable that comes with the phone.

#9. Select ‘Media MTP’

Usually, when you try to connect your phone with your laptop, your Alcatel Flash Plus will be connected in ‘Charge only’ mode. Your laptop will not install any driver in this mode.

Okay, now unlock your phone and then, on the notification panel, open the USB setting of your smartphone. If it’s true your Alcatel Flash Plus is connected in ‘Charge only’ mode, now switch the mode to ‘Media MTP’.

#10. Install the MTP driver and follow the process

After switching from ‘Charge only’ to ‘Media MTP’ mode, your laptop will automatically install the MTP driver that comes with your smartphone in order to recognize its internal storage. The ‘Autoplay’ small window will then pop up on the screen after the installation process is complete.

#11. Turn on ‘USB tethering’ on your phone

Now unlock your smartphone again and then go to Setting > ‘More > ‘Tethering and Portable hotspot’. After that, turn on the toggle that says ‘USB tethering'.

By doing this, you’re about to connect your Alcatel Flash Plus with your laptop in 'USB tethering' mode. So you'll be able to use your phone as the modem.

#12. Let your computer install the driver

After turning on the toggle ‘USB tethering’, your laptop will try to install 2 important drivers: RNDIS and Android UDB.

#13. Wait until the installation process is complete

Now follow the process of installation on the screen and let your laptop install these 2 drivers correctly. It usually just takes a few seconds or 1 minute before your laptop has successfully installed all the drivers of your smartphone.

#14. Connect to the internet

Okay, after your laptop has successfully installed the ‘RNDIS’ and ‘Android UDB’ drivers, now turn on the internet connection on your device.

After that, try to open some websites on your computer using your favorite web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Opera. If you manage to browse the web using the internet connection of your Alcatel Flash Plus, then it means your laptop has been connected properly in 'USB tethering' mode.

#15. Restore back your backup system using TWRP

Okay, if your laptop has successfully recognized your smartphone and you can finally use it as the modem, now you might want to restore the system of your phone back to normal again using CWM recovery tool. You can do that by following the steps on this page below:

How to restore the backup system using CWM?


Well, there you go guys, my solution for you if you are facing a problem when trying to connect your Alcatel Flash Plus with your laptop in 'USB tethering' mode. It’s actually not a rocket science.

All you need to do is reset your phone back to factory setting and your laptop will be able to install the important drivers that can activate the 'USB tethering' mode of your smartphone.

However, if you haven’t rooted your Alcatel Flash Plus, I believe your phone can be connected easily with your laptop without any problem. So as long as you haven’t rooted your phone, you don’t need to create the backup system or install custom recovery tool. Alcatel Flash Plus: Device not detected, drivers can’t be installed properly. Why this happens?
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