Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is an elegant clone of Apple Macbook Air that costs only $540

Written by B Johnson September 06, 2016
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air
In the past couple of years, Xiaomi has been doing really great in smartphone market. Many of its devices have sold like hotcakes in many countries.

More impressively, not only is this company really superior with its smartphone division, but Xiaomi has also managed to gain ground in tablet market through its widely popular Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9 tablet.

But apparently, all of these remarkable achievements are not enough for this company. Xiaomi still wants to expand its global reach especially in technology markets. And that’s shown by a brand new product that this company just unveiled recently at its official press event held a few days ago.

Mi Notebook Air

At its recent event, Xiaomi actually wanted to introduce a new Redmi Pro smartphone. But turned out, there was another product that managed to steal the thunder here.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is the affordable version of Macbook Air that costs only $540

So the new product of Xiaomi I’m referring here is a laptop. And it’s called ‘Mi Notebook Air’, which of course kind of reminds us with Apple's popular laptop. However, Xiaomi’s new laptop is not just a regular laptop. It’s more than that. It is a laptop that wants to give Apple run for its money.

And that might happen because this Xiaomi’s new laptop is not only mind blowing in terms of specs, but it’s also superior when it comes to design and build quality.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is the affordable version of Macbook Air that costs only $540

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is the affordable version of Macbook Air that costs only $540

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air has a thin and sleek design, covered with full metal body all over the place, something that has been the trademark of Apple laptops.

Anyway, if you haven’t known a lot about Xiaomi, so Xiaomi is a China-based company which is well known for its software (OS) and products that mostly bears a striking resemblance to Apple popular devices, like iPhone and iPad. As a matter of fact, even its software UI (called MIUI) on all Xiaomi devices also looks similar like iOS at the first glance.

So no wonder if Xiaomi’s new Mi Notebook Air looks a lot like Apple’s popular laptop, Macbook Air, either in design and even its name.

Mi Notebook Air is sold in 2 models: the one with 13.3-inch screen and the other one with smaller 12.5-inch display, both sporting the full-HD resolution. And they are running on the full-fledged Windows 10 operating system.

What's so great about Xiaomi Mi Notebook AIr?

As far as design goes, as I mentioned above already, Mi Notebook Air is on the same level with Macbook Air, in both design and build quality. All of its body is covered with full metal materials and its design is really thin, sleek, light in weight and really elegant.

There’s USB charging port type-C on this laptop, plus 2 other USB slots. Meanwhile, on the inside, its keyboard also looks similar with the one on Apple’s Macbook Air, which is full-sized keyboard with chiclet-styled keys that are individually backlit.

On the software side, there’s ‘Xiaomi Sync’ that will help user of this laptop pair their data from their Xiaomi smartphones.

The other interesting part about Mi Notebook Air is, if you happen to own Xiaomi Mi band, you can unlock this laptop using this wearable device, making it really simple and quick to access your laptop.

Okay, now we dive deeper into more serious stuff on this laptop. So under the hood, Mi Notebook Air cannot be underestimated here because it’s powered by an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB DDR4 RAM, which makes it a beast in terms of performance.

Meanwhile, its graphical department is handled by a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics card. So basically, you can throw any kind of PC games on this laptop and it will get the job done perfectly.

Storage capacity?

Well, you don’t need to worry anything because there is the 256GB PCIe SSD which will give you plenty of space to put many of your favorite media files or PC games. And if that’s not enough, the expandable SSD slot is already provided for you.

However, those are the specs of the flagship more expensive model with a 13.3-inch display.

Meanwhile, the smaller 12.5-inch model features a more humble Intel Core M3 processor coupled with integrated graphics card, as well as 4GB of RAM. Not to mention, its 128GB expandable SSD slot will add an extra space if the built-in 256GB storage is not enough for you.

How about the price?

The good thing is, unlike Apple Macbook Air that costs your arm and leg, you can get this Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air at the fractured cost of Apple’s laptop.

The one with 12.5-inch screen is only asking you around 3599 CNY or around $540 USD, while the flagship model with 13.3-inch screen is only priced at 4,999 CNY or around $750, which is the half price of Apple's laptop.

So it’s totally worth it if you decide to buy this Xiaomi laptop compared to other competitors in $700 mid-end laptop market. And if you just can’t afford Apple Macbook Air, then Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air can be the best replacement for you.

Anyway, something that is so interesting about Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is, according to the company, this laptop is 13% thinner than Apple Macbook Air. And it’s also 11% smaller than Apple’s laptop because it has thinner 5.56 mm bezel around the screen.

Mi Notebook Air will be available to buy on 2 August. Unfortunately, all of these bad boys are only available to buy in China at this point. So if you’re living in other countries, you probably won’t see these laptops arrive very soon in the markets.

Meanwhile the people in the US can’t just drool in front of their computers because Xiaomi still has no plan to jump to the US market just yet, especially with this Apple’s clone. So if you really want to have it, you're probably gonna need to import this laptop from other countries.
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