How to install Android Marshmallow OS on your Alcatel Flash 2?

Written by B Johnson September 06, 2016
Alcatel Flash 2
If you happen to own Alcatel Flash 2, then you already know that this smartphone comes pre-installed with Android Lollipop OS out of the box. But the good news is, recently according to the official forum of this phone (, Alcatel Flash 2 can now be upgraded to Android Marshmallow OS.

Well, this news actually came at no surprise given that this phone was aggressively advertised by Alcatel in its first launch as one of the phones to receive Android Marshmallow OS. But the fruition of this promise definitely brings a lot of joys to its users who have been patiently waiting for a few months to finally taste Marshmallow OS on their phones.

Anyway, if you want to know how exactly to install Marshmallow OS on your Alcatel Flash 2 phone, below I’m going to give you the step-by-step guide to upgrade your device to Android Marshmallow OS. Hopefully this method works perfectly.

But before even proceeding to the first step, I need to warn you that, you’re doing this at your own risk. I’ll hold no responsibility if anything bad happens on your phone.

And if you have no experience whatsoever about upgrading the OS of Android device, I strongly suggest you to hand it over to other person who is well-experienced in this field.

WARNING!! Do this at your own risk!! I will not be responsible for anything wrong that might happen on your phone!

#1. Download the flash tool (SPFT)

First things first, you need to download the SP flash tool (SPFT) and save it to the desktop of your laptop. This is a really important tool especially for rooting and installing custom ROMs on Android devices.

But this tool can also be used to upgrade or even downgrade the Android version (OS) of your smartphone or tablet, like from Android Lollipop OS to Marshmallow (upgrade).or the other way around (downgrade).

Download link:

#2. Unzip the flash tool on your computer

After downloading the SP Flash Tool above, now extract it to your desktop. This is actually just an executable tool, so you don’t have to install it on your laptop. You only need to run it.

#3. Download Win32 or Win64 driver

Besides the flash tool (SPFT) above, you will also need to download the specific driver of Alcatel Flash 2 on your laptop. Later, this driver will help your laptop recognize your Alcatel Flash 2's system when it’s being powered/turned off.

Okay, now download any of these drivers according to the system configuration of your laptop.

Win32 driver:
Win64 driver:

#4. Install the driver to your computer

After downloading Win32 or Win64 driver above, now install any of these drivers to your laptop. Don’t install them both. You only need to install one of them based on the system configuration of your computer.

But if you have no clue about the system information of your laptop, you can check it out on the spec sheet of your laptop on Google.

#5. Download the Android Marshmallow file (900MB)

Once you have successfully installed Win32 or Win64 driver on your laptop, the next file you’re gonna need to download is the system file of Android Marshmallow OS that is compatible with your Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone.

Anyway, this file system is really huge by the way, around 970MB or 1GB in size. So I strongly recommend you to download it on your laptop using Wifi connection.

Download link:

#6. Unzip the Marsmallow file

After downloading the system file of Android Marshmallow OS, the next thing to do is extract this file system (rar) on your desktop. This will make it easier for you to locate the folder by using the SP flash tool (SPFT) which you're about to open in a minute.

#7. Backup your important data and apps

Okay, before even proceeding to the process of installing the new Android Marshmallow OS, I strongly recommend you to backup the important files on your device, such as: apps, games, saved data, bookmarks, etc.

If you have rooted your Alcatel Flash 2 with Kingroot, then you can download 'Titanium Backup' from Google Play Store and use this app to create the backup of your important apps and games along with their saved data.

But if you haven’t rooted your phone, you can use the file manager called ‘X-plore’ to backup the APK files of your apps and games. So once your Alcatel Flash 2 has been upgraded to Android Marshmallow OS, you can then install these games/aps APK files one by one manually.

Unfortunately, you cannot backup their saved data. So if you have reached the highest level in some games, you need to play them over again from the beginning.

But I'm going to show you how to backup the saved data of games manually in the near future. So you better stick around on this site!

#8. Turn off your Alcatel Flash 2

Okay, if you have finished backing up all of your data along with apps, now turn off your phone. And remember, DO NOT TURN IT ON again until you have completed ALL the steps below.

#9. Remove your microSD card and SIM cards

After turning off your phone, now remove the external microSD card from your device. This is really important to do in order to prevent your device from deleting the important data and files on your microSD card.

And once your phone has been updated to Android Marshmallow OS, you will need to start fresh with your microSD card. I mean, you must format your sd card and remove all the files on it, so your sd card can be adjusted with the new system of the phone.

This is why I strongly recommend you to move your media files like videos, music, photos to your computer and put them back in AFTER your microSD card has been formatted through your phone (once it's been upgraded to Android Marshmallow OS).

#10. Plug in the USB cable to your computer, but NOT YOUR PHONE

Now plug in the USB cable to your laptop/PC, but DO NOT CONNECT to your phone yet. This step is just the preparation until your device is ready to be connected with your computer.

#11. Start the SP flash tool on your computer

Now open the flash tool that you just downloaded earlier. As mentioned above, this SP flash tool (SPFT) is only an executable software, so you don’t need to install it on your laptop/PC.

#12. Press ‘scatter loading’ to select Marshmalow file

After opening the SP flash tool, now press the button that says ‘scatter loading’ and locate the Android Marshmallow folder that you have extracted earlier. After that, select the file named ‘MT6753_Android _scatter.txt’ inside the folder.

How to install Android Marshmallow OS on your Alcatel Flash 2?

#13. Select ‘Firmware upgrade’ in the options

After selecting the file, now switch the mode in the options to ‘firmware upgrade’ because you’re about to upgrade the software of your Alcatel Flash 2 from Android Lollipop OS to Marshmallow.

#14. Click the green download button on the top

As you can see on the top, there is the green button that says ‘Download’. Now press it to start the installation of the new Marshmallow OS.

#15. Connect your phone when it’s still off

Okay, after pressing the green download button, while your Alcatel Flash 2 is still being turned OFF, now connect your phone to your laptop using the USB cable that you have plugged in to your laptop earlier.

#16. Let the downloading process start by itself

After your phone is connected to the laptop, the installation process will start automatically.

#17. Wait until the downloading process is complete

Now wait for a couple of minutes until the installation process is complete. Don’t press anything on your laptop or phone during this process. Just leave your phone there on the table.

#18. Disconnect the USB cable from the phone

After the flash tool finishes installing the new Android Marshmallow OS on your phone, and the green check mark icon pops up on the screen, it means, your Alcatel Flash 2 has been successfully installed with the new OS. Okay, now disconnect your phone from the USB cable.

#19. Turn on your Alcatel Flash 2

The next thing to do is turn on your Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone. This is the moment of truth.

#20. Wait for a few minutes until the phone enters to the system

After installing the new OS, it usually will take a few minutes for your smartphone to boot up to the homescreen. It’s actually really normal because your phone needs to adjust to the new system and software. And your device will also install a bunch of files and stock apps to the system before entering to the homescreen.

#21. Congrats, your Alcatel Flash 2 has been upgraded to Marshmallow

If your Alcatel Flash 2 has passed the process of booting up and it finally enters to the system, the system will prompt you some questions about your Google account, you configuration of time/date, your choice of language, etc.

If this happens, then it means your Alcatel Flash 2 has been successfully installed with Android Marshmallow OS. Congrats guys, now you can enjoy the newer Android experience on your smartphone.


Well, there you have it guys, my step-by-step guide for you if you want to upgrade your Alcatel Flash 2 with the new Android Marshmallow software (OS).

Unfortunately though, based on what I heard from the community forum of Alcatel Flash, the chance for this phone to receive the latest Android Nougat OS is really small and even impossible. And that’s mainly because the Mali-T720 GPU found inside this smartphone is not compatible to run on that latest Android Nougat OS.

But I really hope that many creative developers on will finally manage to create the custom ROM based on Android Nougat OS specifically for Alcatel Flash 2 in the future. Fingers’ crossed to that!
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