How to surf on any websites that are being blocked in your country using smartphone or tablet?

Written by B Johnson August 04, 2016
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Surfing the web has been one of the most favorite things to do on smartphone and tablet, besides playing games. Not only can we be entertained and educated by many contents on the web, but we can also stay updated with the latest news and information from all over the world.

Unfortunately, in some countries in the world, there are certain websites on the net that are being blocked by the authorities, which means you can't visit them, let alone view the contents inside these websites.

Luckily, there’s a workaround for that problem. And one of them is by using an app called ‘Hola’. So basically, with this useful Android app, now you can visit any websites that are currently being blocked in your country.

How to surf on any websites that are being blocked in your country using smartphone or tablet?

Okay then, below I'm going to show you how exactly to visit these blocked websites using 'Hola' and your Android smartphone or tablet. Hope this helps!

#1. Go to Google Play Store

If you want to get the app, first now open your Google Play Store because that’s where you can get Hola. Don’t worry, it’s free so you don’t have to spend any money on it. And it also doesn’t require root access, so if your device hasn’t been rooted, it’s okay, you can still use this app right away.

#2. Search an called “Hula”

On Google Play Store, now search “Hola”. This app is actually pretty small in size, around 10MB, but first make sure that your device has sufficient amount of storage before you download this app.

#3. Download the app

Okay, the next thing to do is of course download it. It only takes a couple of seconds until the downloading and installation process is complete. So be patient for a bit.

#4. Open Hula app

After your device has successfully installed ‘Hola’, now open this app.

#5. Pick which web browser

As you can see on the screen, a bunch of apps on your device will be shown here. Later, you can pair these apps with Hola so if you log in to any of these apps, Hola will disguise your position/country according to your configuration.

Okay, now press the ‘More’ button to generate all of the apps that you have on your device.

In order to be able to visit websites that are being blocked in your country, of course you’re going to need a web browser because this is the only app that can surf the web, right?

Okay, now open the web browser that you usually use on your device to surf the web, like Chrome, FIrefox, Opera mini or any other web browsers.

I strongly suggest you to use Mozilla Firefox app because I personally use it on my own device and I’ve never had any problem when visiting some blocked websites through Firefox. So I believe you’ll have no problem as well.

#6. Set up the anonymous country

After choosing the web browser, now you will be taken to the setting page of this app. So on this page, you can configure the Firefox app before using it to browse the web. Okay, now first, select the country that you’d like to use as the disguise when visiting these blocked websites.

I usually choose United State and it always works great all the time. So if you select United State as the anonymous country of your device, any blocked websites you’re visiting will believe that you are living in the US.

#7. Press ‘Open’

After setting the country, the next thing to do is of course open the web browser. Now press the 'Open' button to start Firefox. Firefox will then start and Hola is also activated in the background while you're opening Firefox.

#8. Try to surf blocked website now

Now on Firefox, type the URL address of a website that is being blocked in your country. As you can see, if this app works properly, you can finally visit this blocked website.


Well, there you have it guys, the app called Hola which I’ve been using on my device and it’s actually been my favorite app everytime I want to visit some websites that are being blocked in my country.

Anyway, how about you? Do you have any other similar app just like ‘Hola’ that allows you to bypass some blocked websites in your country? If you do, don’t hesitate to share your apps on the comment section below. I’ll be more than happier to hear yours.

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