How to change the default lockscreen to pattern code on your Android device?

Written by B Johnson August 04, 2016
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The safest way to protect your smartphone or tablet from being used by anyone you barely know is definitely by using password or PIN codes. So everyone who doesn’t know your password will not be able to unlock and see the contents on your device.

However, besides using password or PIN codes, there’s actually another great way to lock your device more securely. And that is by using the pattern codes. And I think this method is much quicker and easier than using password or PIN codes because you can unlock your device so easily with one single drag on the lockscreen.

Okay then, below I’m about to show you how to activate the pattern lockscreen on your Android device.

#1. Go to Setting

Okay, if you want to replace the swiping lockscreen of your smartphone or tablet to other lockscreen methods, now first go to Setting because this is where you’ll be able to configure almost anything on your device.

#2. Go to Security

After opening the Setting app, now scroll down to the middle of the app and then select ‘Security’. I assume that right now your device is running on KitKat, Lollipop OS or higher because the setting page on older-gen Android OS is probably a bit different than the newest Android versions.

#3. Open the lockscreen setting

As you can see on the top of the section ‘Screen Security’, there is the option ‘Screen lock’ which gives you a bunch of lockscreen methods that you can apply on your device.

In default or when you just bought your device for the very first time, the lockscreen is usually set as ‘Swipe’ which will lock your smartphone or tablet with the swipe of the screen. But of course, you can replace it with other lockscreen methods.

#4. Choose pattern as the default lockscreen

Okay, now to change the default lockscreen method, tap on the ‘Swipe’ to open the other lockscreen options that are available on your device, such as: Swipe, Pattern, PIN and Password.

Now select 'Pattern' in the option because you want to set the lockscreen of your device with pattern code. So anyone who doesn’t know the pattern code, the will never be able to unlock and open your device.

#5. Enter the pattern code for the lockscreen

After choosing ‘Pattern’ as the new lockscreen method of your device, now enter the pattern code that you would like to use to lock the screen. I strongly suggest you to use easy pattern code that you can easily memorize.

This is really important because if you use some complicated pattern code, you might not be able to unlock your device in the future if you forgot the pattern code (It happened to me a lot). But you can also write down the pattern code on a paper so if you forgot the code, you could still look it up again on that paper.

Okay, if you have decided what pattern code to use to lock your device, now enter it by dragging the pointer from one point to another point on the screen. If you have finished with the pattern code, you can release your finger from the screen.

#6. Confirm the pattern code

After entering the pattern code, the device will ask you again to confirm the code again to avoid mistakes. Now enter again the same pattern code to confirm the code.

#7. Save the setting

When you finish entering the pattern code, your device will save it automatically. Now exit the Setting and then lock your device.

#8. Try the new pattern lockscreen

To unlock your device, first press the power button and then swipe the screen to open the lockscreen. As you can see, the pattern lockscreen will be shown to you.

If you want to unlock the screen, now enter the pattern code that you have set up earlier. If the pattern code you’re entering is correct, your screen will bring you to the homescreen. However, if you enter the wrong pattern code, it will ask you to enter it again.


Well, there you have it guys, my tips for you if you want to change the lockscreen on your Android device to pattern lockscreen. You can actually use other lockscreen methods like PIN or Password methods as the way to unlock your device. But I think it all comes down to your personal liking.

For me personally I like pattern lockscreen because it’s simpler and quicker to unlock my device. I mean, I can just enter the pattern code single-handedly with one single drag. And I don’t even have to look at the screen while entering the pattern code.

Anyway, what about you? What lockscreen method that you’re currently using on your device all the time? Is it PIN lockscreen? Password lockscreen? Or you don’t use any lockscreen method to unlock your device?

Well, if you have something to say regarding this matter, then don't hesitate to share your opinion here on the comment section below.

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