How to add 'Block JavaScript' button on Mozilla Firefox app on Android?

Written by B Johnson August 04, 2016
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I personally love downloading videos on YouTube using Mozilla Firefox app. In fact, it is one of my favorite things to do on my smartphone. All thanks to a Firefox add-on called “YouTube Downloader 4K Download” which allows me to download YouTube video on many kinds of formats.

However, everytime I want to download videos on YouTube using my smartphone, there’s something that is a bit annoying here. That is the AUTOPLAY feature on YouTube website.

And I don’t like this and even hate it because everytime this autoplay feature kicks in, the YouTube video will be played automatically, which really consumes my mobile internet data a lot, especially when I have fast 4G internet connection on my smartphone.

Thankfully, there is an add-on called “Toggle JavaScript Enabled” which will block the JavaScript on any websites entirely, including YouTube.

So everytime I want to download video on YouTube using Mozilla Firefox app, I can just activate this add-on and the YouTube video will not be loaded because all the JavaScript codes on YouTube website will be blocked entirely. So the video page of YouTube will only appear as a blank page.

But the good thing is, the “YouTube Downloader 4K Download” add-on can still work here so I can just download the video right away. And this totally saves my internet data a lot.

Toggle JavaScript Enabled can also be useful for you if you want to block the JavaScript codes from being loaded on any websites you’re visiting. So you can still read the content or article on any heavy website without loading all of its heavy elements.

It’s worth mentioning that not all websites can be loaded perfectly if you activate this add-on. So similar just like YouTube website, most of them usually will only appear as blank pages.

But even so, I think this add-on is a pretty useful because everytime I want to download the video on YouTube, I can just use it to block the autoplay feature on YouTube, so I can just download the video right away.

Anyway, below I'm going to show how to download and use “Toggle JavaScript Enabled” on Mozilla Firefox app. Enjoy!

#1. Open Mozilla Firefox app

First things first, of course open the Mozilla Firefox app on your smartphone or tablet. But if you still don’t have one, you can download it for free on Google Play Store.

#2. Open the menu option

Okay, now open the menu option on Mozilla Firefox by tapping the menu on the TOP RIGHT CORNER (with Ξ logo on it).

#3. Go to Firefox add-ons website

After opening the menu option, now select Tools > and then choose Add-ons to open the add-ons screen. As you see on this page, there is the option “Browse all Firefox add-ons” on the bottom. Now press it so you will be directed to Firefox add-ons website.

#4. Find the add-on called “Toggle JavaScript Enabled”

Once you land on the website, now search an add-on named “Toggle JavaScript Enabled” in the search box and then press “Add to Firefox” to download it to your Firefox app. But DO NOT press any button here and wait until the downloading process is complete.

Once it finishes downloading the add-oon, the installation window will pop up on the screen. Now press Install.

#5. Try the add-on and visit any website for experiment

After the installation process is complete, now try it out by visiting any website that you usually visit. But in order to activate this add-on, you must firstly press the yellow square box inside the address bar on the top.

Once this yellow box is crossed with red mark, the JavaScript on any websites will be blocked from being loaded. But if you want to enable the JavaScript again on the website, you can then press again this yellow box to make the red mark disappear.


Well, there you have it guys, a great add-on called “Toggle JavaScript Enabled”, which I think is pretty useful for me if I want to download videos on YouTube.

I know that this add-on probably doesn’t serve as much benefits as other add-ons, but for me personally, I think Toggle JavaScript Enabled has been really helpful for me especially to cut off my internet data usage a lot.

I really hope this can also be useful for you especially if you love visiting heavy websites using Mozilla Firefox app on your smartphone.

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