MusixMatch: How to get lyrics quickly while we’re playing any song on music player?

Written by B Johnson December 02, 2017
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Everyone who owns a smartphone or tablet definitely loves to listen to music. As a matter of fact, listening to music is actually one of the most favorite things to do on mobile devices these days, besides playing games, browsing the web or watching videos.

But the problem is, everytime we want to sing along on a song that we really like, we usually need to find the lyric manually through Google. And that’s not really convenient to do, especially if we want to sing all the songs in one album.

The good news is, there’s actually a really cool music playing app called 'MusixMatch' on Google Play Store that has the feature that will instantly show you the lyric of every song you’re listening on your device.

So every time the song kicks in, this app will present you the exact lyric of that song in just 2 seconds.

Okay then, below I'm going to show you how MusixMatch works along with some of its best features. Enjoy

#1. Go to Google Play Store

Firstly, of course open your Google Play Store app because this is the only place where you can find MusixMatch.

#2. Search an app called “MusixMatch”

After opening Google Play Store on your device, now search an app called ‘MusixMatch’. This app is a really popular music player on Android and I believe it’s available as well on App Store.

#3. Download the app to your device

Now download this app to your device. But before pressing the download button on this page, make sure that your smartphone or tablet has sufficient amount of storage space because this app weighs in around 50MB in total, which is pretty huge for a music playing app.

And given its huge size, I suggest you to use WiFi connection when downloading this app in order to save your mobile internet data.

#4. Open any song on your device

After the downloading process is complete, now open the app. As you can see, right when you open MusixMatch, it will ask you to sign in/up first to this app. But you can just skip this process so you can jump right in to see all the songs on your device.

Okay, if you want to try and see how it works, now play any song on your device. I suggest you to pick one popular song so this app can easily identify and find the lyric in its database.

But make sure first that your internet connection is activated because this app requires you to always stay online all the time in order to see the lyric of the song that you’re currently listening.

As you can see, everytime you play the song, the lyric will automatically appear on the screen. And the lyric will be changed when the next song kicks in.

Synchronized Lyrics

The awesome thing about MusixMatch is, every line in the lyric has been synchronized with the song. So you don’t to scroll down the screen when you're reading the lyric. MusixMatch will do it for you.

Sing along the lyrics in offline

Don’t worry, this app won’t squeeze a lot of your internet data because when it’s searching and getting the lyric, it will probably take around a few KB, which is really small. But you can also turn off the data and then activate it again when the next song starts playing.

And it will also save the lyrics to your device automatically, even the entire album. So you can still see the lyrics offline whenever you listen to the same songs in the future.

Sign up to MusixMatch? Is it necessary?

The other great thing about this app is, after you sign up and log in to your account of MusixMatch, this app allows you to do things like: editing the lyrics, synchronizing the position of every line in the song, creating lyric cards and some other more. So you’ll definitely have a lot of fun when using this app.

Sound Equalizer

And there’s also the sound equalizer which you can configure according to your liking. However, in terms of sound quality (with headset/earphone), I think MusiXMatch is not as great as PowerAmp, especially with the bass level. In fact, the sound comes out really flat with average bass.

The good thing is, if you have rooted this device, this app can actually be paired with Dolby ATMOS equalizer so you can modify the bass level and get so much even better sound quality than the stock equalizer from MusiXMatch.

Anyway, to open the sound equalizer on MusixMatch, you just need to play any song > press the menu option > Equalizer.


Well, there you have it guys, a great music playing app which is not only capable to play your songs, but can also find their lyrics on the fly. Hopefully you’ll love this MusixMatch on your device.

Anyway, if you have any other great music players for Android devices, please don't hesitate to share your apps right on the comment section below. I'll be more than happier to hear more about your apps.

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