5 Best High-end Gaming Tablets that You Might Want to Check Out This Holiday

Written by B Johnson December 02, 2017
5 Best High-end Gaming Tablets that You Might Want to Check Out This HolidayOne of the best things of being tablet shoppers is that you’ll get plenty options of great tablets that you can choose in this holiday season. I think it’s just amazing to see how tablets are spreading out like crazy across the market these days.

It will definitely help customers a lot in deciding what kind of tablet that will perfectly suit with their needs and budget as well.

And the good thing is, most of today’s tablets are great quality tablets, even though most of them are priced in low-end market.

This really contradicts with what happened in the past, where iPad was still the absolute choice of great tablet on the market.

I remembered with those old days when most of Android tablets had poor quality in many sectors, like User Interface, performance, design, build quality and resale value. On the other hand, iPad used to be the best choice for customers that were looking for a solid built tablet around the market.

Luckily, most of Android tablets manufacturers today have improved the overall quality of their homemade tablets.

Now, besides iPad, you can also have other choices that I think are much better options than Apple tablets.

Take Samsung GALAXY Note 10 as an example.

If you compare this Samsung’s tablet with iPad, then you can see how GALAXY Note 10 is far more superior than iPad in many aspects, like user interface, customization, features, S-Pen stylus, experience and many more, while iPad users keep getting the same boring experience of iOS just like in the past.

And if you’re still looking for a great tablet that can improve your productivity by miles, you can aim your target at Microsoft’s Surface 2 Pro tablet or other Windows tablets.

For me personally, it’s really mind blowing to see how these Windows tablets do really have the capability just like laptops or PCs where users are still able to run many legacy software from their Windows laptops or PCs right away on those Windows tablets.

I just think that Microsoft has much broader and advanced vision than Apple when it comes to seeing the future of tablet industry, especially when Jobs wasn’t not in charge anymore in that tech giant.

5 Best High-end Gaming Tablets that You Might Want to Check Out This Holiday

Anyway, today in this blog post, I want to share to you some of my recommendations of great high-end tablets that maybe can be a great choice for you, especially if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on some random tablets without getting to know with what that tablet can offer to you.

However, in the list below, I’ll only include some high-end tablets with high price tags.

I actually already made the other post about top 8 great tablets in any price range, where i’ve listed all powerful tablets with high-end specs like Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HDX, iPad Air and many more, which all of them have some powerful high-end specs.

Not to mention, I've also made the other post about 3 top gaming tablets at low cost, where you can choose 3 solid gaming tablet at really cheap price tag.

Okay then, without further ado, here they are, the top 5 list of best high-end tablets to date:

1. iPad Air

Who doesn’t know iPad?. If you ask people who are not really tech savvy, I can bet that most of them know what iPad really is.

As a matter of fact, I think it’s quite funny to hear most people call any tablet, even Android or Windows tablet, as iPad.

That’s not surprising given that iPad is the pioneer in tablet market that manages to make this used-to-be niche market really huge in the speed of light.

Since the first time iPad debuted a few years ago, to be exact, in 2007, Apple kept upgrading its pride tablet with the newer models and improving the whole aspect of iPad.

And going back to the present, recently Apple just launched its latest iPad Air to the market.

As expected by many people in this industry, the new iPad is much thinner, lighter and more powerful than the predecessors.

iPad Air comes with some great specs that will surely make its owners super happy in the long period.

To name of few, there are a 1536x2048 pixel Retina Display, 64-bit A7 processor, 1GB of RAM, PowerVR G6430 GPU, iOS 7 and many other new improvements, especially in battery life.

What makes this iPad so amazing is because it has really great display, powerful graphic processing power, long lasting battery life, new much-improved software and it is light in weight.

I think that’s already enough to make me recommend you this iPad Air as the best tablet choice on the market to date.

If you really love watching movies or TV series, they will all look outstanding given its Full HD display.

If you happen to be a hardcore tablet gamer, then you’re in good hands as iPad Air, with its A7 processor bundled with PowerVR G6430 GPU, is extremely powerful and more than capable to run any high-performance 3D games across App Store perfectly and smoothly with no lag whatsoever.

And if you like reading new contents like books, magazines or even newspapers, you will be a happy reader as iTunes has a huge database for those contents, even the latest ones, which you can purchase them directly from this iPad Air.

The other great thing that makes iPad Air a no-brainer choice of tablet is definitely its battery life. Again, I’m really impressed with Apple’s achievement on that sector.

I mean, iPad Air is so freakin’ thin and it’s just so light in your hands that feels like holding a thin book.

And Apple still manages to make the battery life of iPad Air long lasting in more than 1 day.

I actually heard several times from many reviewers that the battery life of iPad Air is so powerful and it’s even hard to kill its battery life, even in hardcore usage.

Most of people experience that in heavy usage, iPad Air could last about 2 days or more.

And that’s so amazing given that these users use that tablet for heavy things like gaming in hours, browsing the net in hours and even watching movies in marathon.

That’s why, if you’re still confused with which tablet that is suitable for you and can give you almost everything that you want for a media and entertainment tablet, then you’ll make no mistake if you buy iPad Air as your choice.

It may be an expensive tablet, but it’s actually not as expensive compared to Samsung GALAXY Note 10.

2. Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 (LTE edition)

The second tablet that I believe is a really great tablet in high-end market is definitely Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1, the LTE version.

This model comes with a 10.1-inch Full HD display with the resolution of 2560x1600 pixels, Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.3GHz per core, gigantic 3GB of RAM, Adreno 330, dedicated S-Pen stylus and many other high-end specs.

Actually, there are some other tablets, even low-priced tablets, that already come with those specs. However, what makes this tablet superior is absolutely its display, stylus and its software.

Compared to other powerful tablets out there, like Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HDX and even iPad Air, this Samsung’s tablet offers many things that just can’t be found on those rivals.

For example is the software of GALAXY Note 10.1.

Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 comes pre-installed with Samsung’s homemade Android version called TouchWiz UI.

What separates this software than other stock Android OS are the look and the features.

The Android version on GALAXY Note 10.1 offers many things that Android versions on other tablets simply can’t.

For example is the multi-window mode where you can open 2 windows of apps, movie player or browser at the same time on the screen, similar like multi-window on PC or laptop.

I think this feature can be really useful for many users, especially given that this tablet has a really wide 10.1-inch screen, which gives a wide screen real estate to the owners.

The other thing that makes Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 so special than any other tablets even the iPad is its dedicated S-Pen stylus.

I know, you can also use a third-party stylus for other tablets.

However, what is being offered by S-Pen stylus on Note 10.1 is so much even better than those 3rd party styluses.

It has more features tailed with GALAXY Note software, more functions and the most importantly, this stylus has a dedicated hole on the back of the tablet where you can insert this stylus if you don’t use it.

I think this should be followed by many tablet manufacturers that are making Note-alike tablets in the future.

On the performance sector, I believe it doesn’t need to be questioned anymore as Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 (LTE model) is armed with the latest beast from Qualcomm, a Snapdragon 800, bundled with a behemoth 3GB of RAM and a super powerful GPU, Adreno 330.

With all of these 3 goodies, as the owner, you’ll be guaranteed a super fast performance and an extremely powerful graphics processing power from this tablet.

Playing any high-performance even console-quality Android games on this device will be a pleasing experience you’ll never forget.

Watching movies? no problem.

Browsing the net? you got it.

Everything will run perfectly and smoothly on this tablet with no lag whatsoever.

So if you’re currently looking for a great tablet that you can use to write memoir, sharpen your painting skill, read magazines, create design projects, watch movies or even play games, then you’ll be a smart customer if you choose to buy this Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 LTE.

However, given that the LTE model of this GALAXY Note 10.1 comes with a Snapdragon 800 processor, unlike the WiFi model that is equipped with Samsung’s Exynos processor, then I strongly recommend you to get the LTE model of this tablet, not the WiFi model.

It’s because the LTE model of Note 10 proved to be so much even faster and smoother in performance by miles than the WiFi model.

If earlier I said that iPad Air was a really great choice for those people that are looking for a media and entertainment tablet, then Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 is absolutely a much better choice not only for consuming media and entertainment contents, but also an amazing productivity tablet that will enhance your life.

With that being said, then the price of this tablet will definitely be higher than even the iPad Air.

3. iPad mini 2

If the iPad Air is already a great choice for people that are looking for a solid built tablet for consuming media and entertainment contents, then its younger brother, iPad mini 2 Retina display, is no different.

In fact, iPad mini 2 could be a much even better choice for tablet shoppers than the iPad Air.

There are many reasons to back up that argument.

One of them is definitely its size. As we all know already, iPad mini 2 is the smaller model of regular iPad Air.

However, despite being the mini version of iPad, the iPad mini 2 actually shares the same internal hardware specs just like the iPad Air.

First of all, both devices sport the same Full HD retina display and the resolution of 1536x2048 pixels.

Both iPads also use the same exact internals, like the same 64-bit A7 chipset, the same PowerVR G6430 GPU, the same UI, the same iOS 7 features, the same 1GB RAM and pretty much every thing, of course with the exception of their screen size.

But if you ask customers which iPad that they are going to buy this holiday season, most of them will probably pick the smaller version iPad mini 2.

I think it’s not so surprising because mini tablets with around 7-inch to 8-inch screens are just way more popular and compact than those bigger 10-inch tablets.

That’s why in the past few months, we heard many news about the sales of iPad mini that has been eating the sales of regular iPad 4.

So there is a huge chance that the same thing could happen again in the near future, especially this holiday season.

However, which one do you choose, both tablets are just great.

No argue to that.

Great, in terms of build quality, experience, elegance, well-optimized apps, display, performance and the most importantly, battery life.

Yup, don’t be surprised by that. That’s true. Despite having smaller battery capacity than predecessors, surprisingly Apple manages to make both iPads long lasting in that sector pretty well.

This actually kind of reminds me with the same achievement that Google has over its new Nexus 7, which has a great battery life, despite a smaller battery capacity than last year’s Nexus 7.

So again, if you’re looking for a great media and entertainment tablet than iPad Air, then iPad mini 2 is absolutely the one you may want to buy. So this will depend on you.

If you’re comfortable with a bigger sized iPad (but still light in weight), then aim for the iPad Air.

And if you want to get a smaller sized iPad, then iPad mini 2 Retina Display is your best shot.

4. Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Around the tablet market, Sony Xperia Tablet Z may not be as popular as iPad, Google Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HDX.

However, with this tablet, Sony Mobile manages to capture some great amount of loyal followers since it was debuted a couple of months ago.

It’s proved by how satisfied the owners of Sony Xperia Tablet Z with the whole aspect and experience of this tablet.

To be honest, I’m not really shocked to see how great this tablet in the eyes of its owners.

The first thing that makes Sony Xperia Tablet Z a great purchase for tablet shoppers is its design. iPad may be known very well for its elegant design.

But Sony’s tablet is no exception.

This tablet just looks great with its dark black color and distinctive design than other rivals across the market.

What makes this tablet impressive is definitely its spec sheet. Sony Xperia Tablet Z comes with a Full HD 10-inch 1920x1200 pixels screen, Qualcomm’s second beast Snapdragon 600 CPU, Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 8.1MP camera, 6000mAh battery and many more.

Okay, I know, these specs may not be on par with the likes of Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 or surprisingly the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX, which both sport the same internal hardware, from the Snapdragon 800, Adreno 330, 2GB of RAM (3GB RAM on Note 10.1) and even the same HD 2560x1600 display.

However, despite having the “second best” hardware and display specs than rivals, Sony Xperia Tablet Z is still an outstanding tablet though.

I even think that Sony’s tablet is so much even better choice than Kindle Fire HDX because Sony Xperia Tablet Z is more superior in many aspects than Amazon’s homemade tablet.

Kindle Fire HDX may win in hardware war and price tag, given that it has more powerful specs yet it’s still priced cheaper than Sony’s tablet.

However, overall, Sony Xperia Tablet Z could be so much even better option for tablet shoppers out there, especially for those looking for a high-end tablet that doesn’t suck.

The reasons to back up that argument are Sony Xperia Tablet Z has a much better UI, better experience, better looking design, better build quality, better battery life, better features, better Android version, better media and entertainment features and better storage support with microSD card slot.

So if you happen to own some big budget that you will spend for a tablet, then instead of aiming the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX that costs you $379, you can add some extra cash to your budget in order to snatch Sony’s tablet, which I think is around $400 or more.

5. Microsoft Surface 2 Pro

Compared to other tablets out there, I think Microsoft Surface 2 Pro is a more serious tablet than its rivals, even for the iPads.

The main reason to believe that is definitely because this Microsoft’s tablet is packing a real Microsoft Windows 8.1 OS, just like the one that comes pre-installed on many laptops or PCs out there.

I believe this is probably the main selling point of Surface Pro 2, of course besides its super powerful hardware specs.

On the performance sector, then Microsoft’s Surface 2 Pro has raised the bar really really high for other competing tablets across the market.

It’s packing some really hardcore specs on it, from a 10.6-inch 1920x1200 pixel display, an Intel Core i5 Haswell processor clocked at 1.6GHz, Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU, 4GB of RAM and many other jaw-dropping specs on it.

With all of these incredible goodies, then you must pay more in order to snatch this serious tablet.

However, if you want to get a much cheaper model, then you should definitely steer your target to the last year’s Microsoft Surface Pro, which also packs some great serious laptop specs on it, but at cheaper price point.

I believe it’s around $300 or $400 according to Microsoft.

It’s also great though as a productivity tablet. It may not have the same hardcore specs that Surface 2 Pro has, but last year’s model is still one of the most powerful laptop-tablet on the market to date.

As a matter of fact, when compared to this year’s model, older Surface Pro tablet comes with slightly as powerful specs as Surface Pro 2, like the Intel Core i5 processor, Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU and many more.

So you’ll make no mistake when purchasing one of these Microsoft tablets.


Well, there you go, my 5 recommendations of great high-end expensive tablets on the market to date.

They all have some powerful internal hardware going on in their machine, so you’ll find no issue about performance when using any of these tablets.

The question now is about which is one of these tablets that manages to attract you as customer?

Is it the iPad Air, Note 10.1, Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 or the mini version of iPad, iPad mini 2? Well, the decision is yours now.

Are you only looking for a media entertainment tablet, or otherwise, are you looking for a great media-consuming tablet that also can help improve your productivity?

My advice is, make a list of pros and cons of each tablet, and then pick one of them that suits with your needs and budget.
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